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  • Road Trip! Road Trip!

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    Latest Activity: Oct 11

    Round up the gang and start the ignition! Whether in your own backyard or halfway across the world, there are few better ways to see the sights than from behind the wheel. Here we can talk routes, roadside attractions, chow, RV's, and more.

  • Music & Travel Music & Travel

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    Latest Activity: May 15

    A place to share & learn about world music, concerts across the globe, music-related tours and tourism. All together, now...

  • Train Travel/Rail Buffs Train Travel/Rail Buffs

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    Latest Activity: Jun 30

    For travel in many parts of the world, choo-choos rock! Here we talk about train travel trips, great rail routes, antique trains, trainspotting... All aboard!

  • Switzerland Switzerland

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    Latest Activity: Dec 16, 2021

    Heidi-ho! The country that's practically synonymous with banking, skiing, and breathtaking mountains also has great food, history, and culture. Furthermore, it's like visiting four countries in one: French, German, Italian, and Romansch.

  • Alaska Alaska

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    Latest Activity: Nov 5, 2022

    "Seward's Folly" is today a travel treasure, thanks to some of America's most spectacular scenery. Highlights: Denali/Mt. McKinley, Glacier Bay National Park, native Alaskan culture in Ketchikan, Russian culture in Sitka, urban cool in…

  • Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

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    Latest Activity: Feb 7, 2022

    One of America's most historic states, it ranges from the urban flair (and grit) of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to the bucolic beauties of the Poconos, Dutch Country, and Bucks County. And for history, don't you dare miss Philly and…

  • Massachusetts Massachusetts

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    Latest Activity: Dec 24, 2022

    Historic, cosmopolitan Boston's the Big Kahuna in America's most historic state, of course. But don't forget the beachy charms of Cape Cod and the islands, plus all the wonderful small towns across the state, from Cape Ann to the Berkshires.

  • Arizona Arizona

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    Latest Activity: Feb 21

    The Grand Canyon, certainly. But also: sophisticated Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, and Tempe; fascinating Native American culture and ruins; golf; spas; rafting the Colorado River; houseboating Lake Powell and others; Sedona Red Rock country.

  • Singles Travel Singles Travel

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    Latest Activity: May 20, 2022

    For many, travel isn't just about sightseeing but also meeting the locals -- and for singles, who knows where/when Cupid's arrow might strike? Connect here with other singles, share tales of vacation romances, as well as great places to meet…

  • Morocco Morocco

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    Latest Activity: Sep 12

    Marhaba! Exotic yet not intimidating, this North African kingdom just knocks our socks off with its ancient, labyrinthine "imperial cities" such as Fez, Marrakesh, Rabat, and…

  • Products for Travel Products for Travel

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    Latest Activity: Mar 13, 2022

    What's the coolest and/or usefullest stuff out there to help you on your perambulations?


    Cover photo: …

  • Dubai/Abu Dhabi/United Arab Emirates Dubai/Abu Dhabi/United Arab Emirates

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    Latest Activity: Sep 22

    Yes, that Dubai, with all those Rolls-Royces, gilded malls, indoor ski area, seven-star hotels. Plus nearby, lower-key Abu Dhabi and Sharja. And of course adventurous 'safaris' out into the wild surrounding dunes. And you don't need to take out a…

  • Colorado Colorado

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    Latest Activity: Feb 21, 2022

    That Rocky Mountain high is still going strong in places like Denver, Aspen, Vail, Telluride, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. But there's also canyon/mesa country, plains, wine country, old frontier towns, and more.

  • Meetings/Incentives MICE Meetings/Incentives MICE

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    Latest Activity: May 28, 2022

    Welcome, all MICE pros & meeting/exhibition planners! Conventionally and exhibitionistically speaking, here's a forum for exchanging info, getting leads, & just plain networking. What more incentive do you need?

  • Israel Israel

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    Latest Activity: Aug 22

    This famous and ancient land is tiny but packed with history and compelling sites and experiences -- not to mention falafel. !מַזָּל נסיעה טובה

  • Russia Russia

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    Latest Activity: Mar 5, 2022

    Culturally and historically rich, this gargantuan country is home to a venerable culture and some of the world's most iconic sights and art treasures, despite being despotically ruled (as it has for nearly all its history).


  • Texas Texas

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    Latest Activity: Oct 27

    Once its own country, Texas is far from a one-trick pony. The cool city scenes in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio mix with wineries, beaches, Spanish missions, outdoor…

  • Festivals & Celebrations Festivals & Celebrations

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    Latest Activity: Aug 15

    There's something going on somehwhere on the planet every single day! And here are some of tjhe world's most fascinating festivals, celebrations, festivals, competitions, and other events. 

  • Movies/TV & Travel Movies/TV & Travel

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    Latest Activity: Mar 31

    How many times have you seen a movie or TV show and said "I'd love to go there!" or "Hey, cool, I was there!"? Movies can both inspire travel dreams and bring back memories. What are your favorites -- old and new?

  • Travel Safety/Security Travel Safety/Security

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    Latest Activity: May 2

    No matter where you go -- whether across the globe or across your state/province -- you need to keep eyes open & wits about you. We discuss destinations, measures, techniques -- anything that will help you get back home safe & sound!

  • Washington DC Washington DC

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    Latest Activity: Jun 14

    It's one of the world's most powerful capitals, with fabulous museums, historic sites, culture, dining, shopping, and nightlife. Yet for all its high octane - and in recent years, political rancor approaching violent - on a human level DC still…

  • Tanzania Tanzania

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    Latest Activity: May 11

    Its capital Dar es Salaam and language Swahili, East Africa's biggest country is known for its Serengeti grasslands; Mount Kilimanjaro, of course; the swell safari-ing found in and around its Ngorongoro Crater; and exotic/historic offshore…

  • Georgia (USA) Georgia (USA)

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    Latest Activity: Mar 26

    The Peachtree State has a lot of different personalities. There's the dynamic "New South" sophistication of Atlanta; the gorgeous antebellum elegance of Savannah; the beachy feel of Tybee,…

  • Portugal Portugal

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    Latest Activity: Jun 29

    Lisbon is one of the most atmospheric cities in Europe, but this small, highly historic country is far from done yet. There's the balmy resort region of Algarve, the green north, home of Port wine, including Porto, the Douro Valley, Coimbra, and…