How many times have you seen a movie or TV show and said "I'd love to go there!" or "Hey, cool, I was there!"? Movies can both inspire travel dreams and bring back memories. What are your favorites - old and new?


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Fort Worth's Coyote Drive-In in 'Nostalgia Front & Center in Some U.S. Museums & Eateries'

Louis Kaplan is channeling his childhood.  While a youngster, he collected baseball cards which he stored in boxes and treasured as souvenirs of the USA's favorite pastime.  Decades later, he’s reliving that time while visiting the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, upstate New York.  Opportunities to recapture memories from the past are of course not limited to baseball, nor to New York. From Coca-Cola to cars, movies to museums, chapters of times gone by await…

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4 Movies to Watch Before Visiting South Korea

Hi All! I am a great fan of South Korean culture, people, movies and TV series. That's why I am planning a trip to visit this beautiful country in September with my family and few friends. Because I have only a few weeks to spend there, that's why I want to explore its finest places. I found few movies worth watching before the journey to South Korea, but it would be beneficial if you also share your suggestions and experiences. Seoul Searching: It is the best movie to watch if you want to…

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More than a half century after 'Jaws,' Martha's Vineyard is still quite a catch

 Vidu Gunaratna Some time ago I happened to run across that toothy old classic Jaws online, and as I watched, the impossibly picturesque maritime settings and endless beaches awakened in me a nostalgia for the light, colours, sounds, and tastes of summertime holidays. It was then I discovered that the film's fictional Amity Island is actually ritzy Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, a 45-minute to hourlong ferry ride from Cape Cod. Come summer, one of the USA's most exclusive (and expensive)…

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  • Reading about Kevin Costner leaving "Yellowstone" and came across this WaPo piece about how the show - now filming its last season in Montana - has been driving lots of tourism to the park and all of Paradise Valley:
    The Duttons are fake, but the ‘Yellowstone’ tourism boom is very real
    Fans are coming to Montana to live their best cowboy life. That comes with positive economic effects, but misconceptions, too.
  • I´m more of an ¨armchair adventurer¨ these days but I do enjoy the topic of movies/TV and travel, and thought I´d share this:
    From Montana to Sicily, 5 Adventurous TV Show Locations You Can Visit
    The beautiful scenery in popular TV series like ‘Yellowstone’ and ‘The White Lotus’ has sparked a tourism trend. Here are our five favorite locations…
  • I'm definitely not a fan of 'Emily in Paris," but for those who are, the media has been all over the locations for the show, such as this piece from Time Out:
    All the filming locations from ‘Emily in Paris’ season 3
    From Paris to Provence.
  • Living in Spain, I regularly read the country's premier daily, El País, in both Spanish and English, and several weeks ago came across this in the latter:
    When movie and TV locations become hot travel destinations
    People once looked to paintings and books for vacation ideas, but now tourism offices are capitalizing on the popularity of major film and television…
  • "White Lotus" is one of the hits of 2022, and the Washington Post recently came out with a look at its locations in Sicily:
    Advice | Your ultimate ‘White Lotus’ itinerary for Sicily
    Plan a trip to the real hotel and locations from HBO’s ‘White Lotus’ season two.
  • The world's newest theme park has opened east of Nagoya City, Japan - by train, less than two hours north of Tokyo and less than an hour from Osaka and Kyoto. But Ghibli Park is fairly narrow in its focus on the animated movies and series of Ghibli Studios, and it has no rides, but is rather a 17½-acre indoor indoor "town" filled with streets, exhibits and famous scenes from Studio Ghibli's films including Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, and Castle in the Sky.
    Japan's long-awaited Ghibli Park is now open
    Japan's new Ghibli Park features scenes from the popular animation studio's famous productions, including 'Totoro" and "Spirited Away." Here's a firs…
  • Now that "House of the Dragon" is underway on HBO Max, destinations where it was shot in England, Spain, and Portugal, are expecting an influx of visitors - and even others like Northern Ireland are expecting more, thanks to renewed interest interest in Westeros and the world of "Game of Thrones":
    ‘I’ve seen the trailers’: film locations brace for House of the Dragon tourists | House of the Drag…
    Release of Game of Thrones prequel expected to boost visitor numbers in parts of Cornwall, Peak District, Spain and Portugal
  • Ha - here's a twist on travel horror stories, though fictional: MSN's ranking of the all-time top travel horror movies! Tourist traps indeed lol.
    8 Travel-Horror Movies That Will Make You Want to Stay Home
    Maybe cancel that leaf-peeping trip.
  • New York City is possibly the all-time most popular backdrop for movies of all kinds, and several local tour operators have taken advantage of this. Here's one with a tour of locations for romantic comedies:
    NYC Rom-Com Tour Visits Filming Locations of Classic Manhattan Love Stories | Frommer's
    A new tour in New York City visits the filming locations of classic love stories shot in the city. | Frommer's
  • Just saw "Uncharted" last night - silly but quite a ride (not surprising, since it was adapted from a video game) - but one of the things I especially liked about it was seeing locations in Barcelona - the Sagrada Familia, Montjuich, the Barri Gòtic, Santa Maria del Pi, and so forth! Here's the trailer:
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