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  • About Our City About Our City

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    Latest Activity: Feb 4

    Here we´re dedicated to giving folks the opportunity to connect with someone who lives in the city when they have questions.  Join us and represent your city!

  • UNESCO World Heritage UNESCO World Heritage

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    Latest Activity: Feb 18

    The world's most wondrous sights and sites, manmade and natural, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe! In other words, to paraphrase the bestseller, more than 900 places to see before you die (better get…

  • Theme Parks/Amusement Parks Theme Parks/Amusement Parks

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    Latest Activity: Dec 7, 2023

    Especially for families, amusement parks the world over are a big part of vacations. Cutting-edge and old-fashioned, corporate behemoths to modest mom-and-pops -- that's our focus here.…

  • Literature/Literary Travel Literature/Literary Travel

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    Latest Activity: May 4, 2023

    So much of our travels can be enjoyed through the prism of literature. Some writers are intrinsically connected to a destination--e.g., Gabriel García Márquez with northern Colombia; Thomas…

  • Cambodia Cambodia

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    Latest Activity: Nov 11, 2022

    The once great Indochinese kingdom that's home to glorious Angkor Wat & the proud Khmer civilization has seen a tourism boom in recent years, now welcoming nearly 2 million visitors yearly to capital Phnom Penh & the cultural &…

  • New Mexico New Mexico

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    Latest Activity: Apr 21, 2022

    This Southwestern state boasts great skiing, tourism superstars like Santa Fe & Taos, plus Indian reservations & parks that're cultural & natural gems, like Chaco, Carlsbad, & El Malpais. Then of course there's Roswell and Los…

  • Panama Panama

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    Latest Activity: Apr 28, 2023

    Another Central American eco-powerhouse, its rainforests, beaches, canal, and castaway islets are complemented by Panama City, the most dynamic urb in Central America, offering a UNESCO World Heritage colonial…

  • Nicaragua Nicaragua

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    Latest Activity: Jun 27, 2023

    Politics notwithstanding (still in the grips of the Daniel Ortega dictatorship), Central America's largest country is on its way to becoming one of the next hot eco-tourism destinations, with unspoiled coffee country, beaches,…

  • Bars/Clubs/Nightlife Bars/Clubs/Nightlife

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    Latest Activity: Jun 16, 2022

    Your picks of the hottest nightspots (or dayspots, for that matter) across the planet. Bottoms up!

  • Maine Maine

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    Latest Activity: Feb 24, 2023

    Vacationwise, America's easternmost state's about the great outdoors, especially the rugged coast's islands & postcard-perfect fishing villages. Highlights: Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor. Also urban perks in Bangor, Portland, Augusta,…

  • Sweden Sweden

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    Latest Activity: Jul 22, 2023

    Scandinavia's biggest country has had a long and influential history -- meaning lots of impressive architecture, historic sights, folklore, and culture. The Stockholm archipelago is breathtaking, as is much of the rest of the country. Svenska…

  • Insurance for Travel Insurance for Travel

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    Latest Activity: Oct 1, 2022

    An admittedly drier but potentially critical corner of travel...don't leave home without it!

  • Jewish Heritage Travel Jewish Heritage Travel

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    Latest Activity: Apr 24, 2023

    Jewish travelers find that visiting synagogues/communities adds an interesting dimension to trips. For all travelers, discovering Jewish historical "footprints" leads to greater understanding of cultural forces which have shaped our world. דֶרֶך…

  • Jamaica Jamaica

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    Latest Activity: Jul 24, 2023

    One of the Caribbean's largest islands famously has its problems, but also plenty of rewards, from the cliffs of Negril to the waterfalls near Ocho Rios and Port Antonio.

  • Ecuador Ecuador

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    Latest Activity: Jul 6, 2023

    History, eco-tourism, nature (including the iconic Galápagos Islands), urban scenes in Quito and Guayaquil -- and all a relative bargain!

  • Spanish Language/Hispanic Cultures - Idioma/Culturas Hispanos Spanish Language/Hispanic Cultures - Idioma/Culturas Hispanos

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    Latest Activity: Dec 20, 2022

    Different aspects of the culture that developed across the world in the wake of Christopher Columbus' voyages of exploration. And also para todos los que quieren practicar el español -- ¡la lengua de Cervantes y Shakira!…

  • Orlando Orlando

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    Latest Activity: Mar 7, 2023

    One of the most visited destination in the travel universe, greater Orlando in central Florida has the famous theme parks, of course, but also increasingly impressive dining, shopping, entertainment,and culture. Find out what you're missing!

  • Bahamas Bahamas

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    Latest Activity: Aug 11, 2023

    As a subtropical getaway, this sprawling archipelago includes some of the glitziest as well as the sleepiest offerings going. From Nassau, Freeport, and Paradise Island to the castaway Out Islands, you're sure to find your getaway here.
  • Student/Teacher/Educational Travel Student/Teacher/Educational Travel

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    Latest Activity: Aug 1, 2023

    This forum focuses on the vigorous sector of the travel industry that caters to educators & students at all levels, throughout the world.

  • Miami/Miami Beach Miami/Miami Beach

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    Latest Activity: Apr 15, 2023

    Between sizzling South Beach; tony Bal Harbor and Coral Gables; funky Coconut Grove; highrise downtown/Brickell; the Everglades way out west;…

  • Poland Poland

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    Latest Activity: Feb 5, 2022

    Outside cosmopolitan Warsaw, Eastern Europe's largest country is well worth the trip for its atmospheric, historic cities like Cracow; Europe's largest primeval forest; a fetching Baltic sea coast; and impressive mountains with good skiing.

  • Dominican Republic Dominican Republic

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    Latest Activity: May 30, 2023

    Stupendous beaches, rum, cigars, soft adventure, baseball, sensuous merengue music, and some of the oldest historic sites in the Americas.

  • North Carolina North Carolina

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    Latest Activity: Apr 5, 2023

    From the Smokies and Blue Ridge Mountains to the beaches of the Outer Banks, the Tar Heel State's got plenty to keep you busy. That includes history and culture in places like Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Asheville, and Greensboro.

  • Belize Belize

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    Latest Activity: Jan 30

    Central America's only totally English-speaking country offers bargains in eco-tourism; beaches of Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker & Placencia, Maya ruins like Altun Ha & Caracol; & of course kick-ass diving/snorkeling (home to the…