This Southwestern state boasts great skiing, tourism superstars like Santa Fe & Taos, plus Indian reservations & parks that're cultural & natural gems, like Chaco, Carlsbad, & El Malpais. Then of course there's Roswell and Los Alamos!

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New Mexico experiences in 'Getting to Know the USA's Tribal Peoples'

As most of us know, today is Columbus Day in the United States and other countries, and Indigenous People's Day in much of Latin America, marking the 528th anniversary of the Christopher Columbus expedition's first landing in the Americas (actually 12 October), on the coast of Hispaniola, the Caribbean island home to the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Of course, many of the Amerindian tribes that were already living here when the Spaniards arrived are still part of the societies that evolved…

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The best Italian wines from New Mexico (and Italy itself)

Our Southern California Wine Review Council recently enjoyed wines made with Italian grapes from both Italy and New Mexico.  Reviewers were assigned wines and then tasked with creating food pairings to share with the group (we often find food pairings selected for one wine are paired as well or better with another wine). As wine reviewers, we discuss and decide which wine garners our most appreciation, although I think we’d all agree the true enjoyment is found in the gastronomic journey and…

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Chaco Canyon 1 of '10 Must-Visit National Parks of the USA'

Many if not most countries of the world, of course, set aside choice pieces of territory to protect and often showcase precious natural environments. But thanks to its size and a conservationist ethos dating back to the mid-19th century, few countries offer the number and diversity of natural parks – state and national – as the United States of America, from “sea to shining sea”, as its national anthem poetically puts it. And its 400 national parks are particularly spectacular for all sorts of…

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Have faith in Santa Fe for a terrific travel experience

The United States can claim a number of marvelous destinations that offer a unique sense of place, attractions, and traditions: Key West, South Miami Beach, New Orleans – and New Mexico’s petite capital, Santa Fe (pop. 68,000, metro 144,000). Founded by Spanish colonists in 1610 in an area settled by Pueblo tribes as early as the 11th century, La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asís (The Royal Town of the Holy Faith of Saint Francis of Assisi), was conquered by the USA in the…

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  • Some great ideas here for a New Mexico winter getaway:
    8 Unforgettable Places In New Mexico That Everyone Must Visit This Winter
    Explore the many winter activities available in the Land of Enchantment! Get ideas for your next New Mexico winter vacation right here.
  • New Mex has long been on my bucket list, and although we're not even halfway through 2022, I'm already thinking ahead to 2023, and that will finally be the year I get here. And watching this video about top ten musts, I must say, I can't wait!!
  • Since seven years Seven Directions|Cultural and Sustainable Tours has designed extraordinary itineraries through New Mexico and the Southwest. As a local, Seven Directions knows all the secret places and the amazing people that can tell the stories of their culture. We have new programs all the time.

  • We're celebrating the one year anniversary of by launching 9 drives in New Mexico! Discover a landscape steeped in Native American and Spanish history, art and culture. Explore cliff dwellings and pueblos, relive the Wild West and immerse yourself in the sheer beauty of New Mexico’s rugged diverse scenery of snow-capped mountains, dessert, hot springs, lava fields and gypsum white sand dunes.

  • You've heard about Santa Fe, and probably Taos, but what about Gallup, Las Vegas, Acoma Pueblo, and Ojo Caliente? Check out the blog this week for New Mexico towns that totally rock.
  • There are ghosts on the mesa! A classic trip to Mesa Verde National Park, now online at The World on Wheels: .
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