Politics notwithstanding (still in the grips of the Daniel Ortega dictatorship), Central America's largest country is on its way to becoming one of the next hot eco-tourism destinations, with unspoiled coffee country, beaches, volcanoes, colonial cities like Granada and León, and friendly people.

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Bluefields/Corn Island cited in '12 Top Destinations for African-Diaspora Travel'

  Welcome to February! Since 1970, it's also been Black History Month in the USA, and since 1995 in Canada, as well (whereas it's observed in October in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands). And though the reason for the African diaspora was tragic and horrific - the brutal, centuries-long trafficking of human slaves - it has also enriched many parts of the world, and indeed, world culture as a whole. So what better way to kick BHM off than with a look at a dozen of the most…

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Why capital Managua is very much worth a visit

             In recent years, Central America has become a major destination for adventure and ecotourism, beaches, and culture, and lately the star of its largest country Nicaragua, has been on the rise - the bad old days of post-earthquake trauma (1970s) and civil war (1980s) long behind it. These days stable and in fact considered by many the region's safest country, it offers a mostly tropical climate and extraordinary (not to mention wallet-friendly) menu of options appealing to a wide…

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Granada/León cited in '4 Excellent Easter Spots in Latin America'

 Unlike as is increasingly the case with Christmas, in Ibero-America Semana Santa (Holy Week, aka Easter week and the last week of Lent), going on right now, is still an almost exclusively religious observance, largely sans the Anglo-Saxon-style Easter-egg rolls, el conejito de Pascua(the Easter bunny), and such (except perhaps for some supermarket promotions). But it is still very much an occasion for ostentatious pomp and spectacle in practically every Latin country, just as it is in many…

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6 awesome volcanoes of Nicaragua

Volcanoes – there’s something just incredibly compelling about them and the primal forces they represent, isn’t there? The western side of Central America‘s most volcanic country is lined with some 18, both extinct and active – in fact, one of Nicaragua‘s nicknames is “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”. Several of these make great hikes (and in a couple of cases, you can practically drive right up to them). I’ve been privileged have spent years exploring them as well as running a tour…

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  • I was wondering how all the recent civil unrest and the Ortega régime's crackdown has affected the visitor experience and safety. Here's the recent take of the Bali-based team of TheBrokeBackpacker.com: https://www.thebrokebackpacker.com/is-nicaragua-safe/
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  • Gracias Leon! I definitely plan to explore Leon and Nicaragua sometime--soon I hope! Please keep in touch. Saludos desde Taos, Nuevo Mexico EEUU.
  • Anyone planning a visit to Nicaragua, please drop me a line. Specifically the Department of Leon. I can point you in the right direction as far as places to visit, places to eat and tours that you'll really enjoy.
  • We all love San Juan del Sur! I'll ask around for a suggestion for January and February.
  • Looking for a reasonable winter rental

    We are looking for place to spend Jan.-Feb. Expat community or typically local environment. Ideally, a property we can take care of in exchange for reduced rent, but all offers welcome.
  • Catch "Survivor" fever Nicaragua-style with Tripatini's David Paul Appell in San Juan del Sur!
  • You can contact INTUR or visit their web site at:http://www.intur.gob.ni/ and this is their contact form: http://www.intur.gob.ni/contactos.php
    I could not find the english forms though!
    Have fun in Nicaragua and if you have a chance, visit us at Hacienda Puerta del Cielo Eco Spa
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    I have a nice eco lodge in Rio San Juan, Nicaragua and like to invite every one to visit us at our web site or at our lodge, we offer tarpon fishing, kayak, canoes, horses, trail, history, birding, we operate with the all inclusive sistem.
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  • Please CLICK HERE to help a Tripatino looking for a certain kind of hotel in Nicaragua. Thanks!
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