The once great Indochinese kingdom that's home to glorious Angkor Wat & the proud Khmer civilization has seen a tourism boom in recent years, now welcoming nearly 2 million visitors yearly to capital Phnom Penh & the cultural & ecological riches beyond.

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Kratié/Mekong River one of '5 of the World's Best Spots for Stand-up Paddleboarding'

The mighty Mekong is home to as many as 1,000 Irrawaddy dolphins, unique among cetaceans because their heads are rounded, and their beaks are short. Only 92 are left in a small section of the river between the town of Kratié (pop. just over 38,000) with its French-colonia-era architecture and the border with Laos. Most visitors take boat excursions, but stand-up paddleboarding is a wonderful way to spot this where you can spot this critically endangered species; explore remote river beaches and…

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11 frequently asked questions about travel to Cambodia

Situated between Vietnam and Thailand, Cambodia also shares a border with Laos in the north. It covers 181,035 square kilometers of land and has a population of 15 million (with a density of 82 people per square kilometer). Many people may have heard of its most famous attraction, the ancient complex of Angkor Wat (top), but there are also a lot of misconceptions out there about travel in the Land of the Khmer. read post

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10 terrific tropical resorts in Cambodia & Vietnam

I once read a quote that "time wasted at the beach is time well spent." Tranquil and serene, beaches have that magic, that makes you forget the outside world, and time spent here is the time he/she gives to him/herself, sitting for hours gazing at the azure tides and listening to the rhythm of water. At the same time, some can also offer adventurous water sports, to get your adrenaline flowing. And Vietnam and Cambodia offer all of the above, along with some fabulous luxury resorts at which to…

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Cambodia's fascinating best hits

Majority-Buddhist Cambodia is a small, semi-authoritarian constitutional monarchy between Vietnam and Thailand with a rich history dating back to the founding of the Khmer Empire in 802. It suffered greatly during the Vietnam War era and especially in its aftermath, when the radical Khmer Rouge régime unleashed a genocide between 1975 and 1979 that shocked the world and killed more than two million. But the historical legacy of centuries still lives on to be enjoyed, as well as marvelous…

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  • Angkor Wat is of course Cambodia's prime bucket-list classic. But for glorious ancient Khmer ruins without the crowds, check out Banteay Chhmar up near the border with Thailand and recently featured by CNN Travel as one of its dozen and a half great Asian destinations that are under the radar:
    18 of Asia's most underrated places
    Leshan, China; Nikko, Japan; Isaan, Thailand and other under-the-radar destinations around Asia.
  • Microsoft Travel recently published a look at some of Phnom Penh's must-sees - if you're interested in Cambodia, it's a must read!
    The 13 most amazing attractions in Phnom Penh
    The 13 most amazing attractions in Phnom Penh
  • Another reason why Angkor Wat is mindblowing: its vast and intricate water/hydraulic system, as I recently learned in this BBC Travel piece:
  • Cambodia Travel Guide

    Cambodia or Kampuchea is small gorgeous home to be explored in Southeast Asia, geographically situates in the tropical monsoon, between Vietnam and Thailand while the northern east shares border with Laos. Cambodia dramatically suffered from the tragic genocide between 1975-1979 which widely shocked the world and sadly processed more than 2 millions of lives in the country.
    Cambodia is one of the best destinations in Asia, the fascinating Siem Reap is famed for its marvelous Angkor Wat, the unrivaled masterpieces & the finest architectures that makes Siem Rea become a pearl city of wonder. Distinctively, from Angkor archaeology to the modern capital city of Phnom Penh where precious Royal Palace stands, Cambodia's southern coasts & natural islands offer the perfect relaxation of beach break, unlikely northern hidden Cambodia’s specialty. Read more...
    Cambodia Tailor Made Holidays & Luxury Tours
    Guiding Cambodia is the fast growing tour operator in Siem Reap, expert designing private tailor-made tours, Cambodia luxury holiday, romantic honeym…
  • Beng Mealea Temple near Siem Reap.

    Have you been fond of climbing at the forsaken houses or new buildings back in the boyhood? When you walk through the future or former rooms, flats, corridors or balustrades, drawing pictures in your mind… It was so interesting, although slightly creepy sometimes.

    Now, how do you feel about the house, left 900 years ago?! The abandoned temple Beng Mealea

  • Dear Cambodia PR executive and/or luxury hotelier,

    My wife and I are travelling around the world on a 500-day honeymoon. In each region we pick one luxury boutique hotel to partner with exclusively for said region. We post two articles per resort on as well as numerous social media posts across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare, Instagram, YouTube, etc..and most importantly each partner becomes the exclusive resort in their respective region on - If anyone in this group represents a luxury hotelier/resort in Cambodia, we would love to talk more. Please drop us a line ( and we can answer any questions and forward over our formal proposal for your review.

    Mike & Anne

  • Hello, all! A fellow Tripatini member has a question about tours to Angkor Wat from Thailand as opposed to Cambodia. To help, please reply not here butat this link to our Ask A Travel Pro forum. Thanks!!

  • Tripatini now has a group devoted to Koh Rong and neighboring islands off the Sihanoukville coast!  Click here to check it out.
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