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Jerusalem cited in '13 of the World's Most Spiritual & Sacred Places'

“There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.”                          ― U.S. novelist, poet, essayist, environmental activist, & cultural critic Wendell Berry If you’re a "seeker," who travels in part to deepen your religious and spiritual life, you'll want to read this post to learn more about the 13 most spiritual and sacred places that you can visit once travel starts opening up again. These pilgrimage spots are not merely examples of extraordinary…

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Tel Aviv is terrific

In Tel Aviv, east is united with west, the traditional with trendy, and landscape with the sea in a marvelous way. It is one of those cities that, once you visit it, you do not want to leave. This city on the Mediterranean coast combines the old with the new in a way that leaves the feeling of many different worlds at the same time. The Israeli capital may be Jerusalem, but no region in the country has Tel Aviv's global recognition and radiation.Its name in Hebrew means "spring hill," and if a…

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Israel's top 10 historic sites

When you’re planning your trip to Israel, it is important to decide in advance what you want to see. Israel is rich with historical places, ancient cities, and archaeological sites that date back many centuries. In fact, it is said that the entire Land of Israel is made of historical landmarks. Here is a list of must-see historical sites in Israel. read post

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  • Remember the concept of Israel's fabled socialist kibbutz? Recent visitors can tell you they sure have changed!
    How Israeli kibbutzim are no longer all about pooled salaries and working the land
    Inspired by socialist principles, Israel’s first kibbutz – Hebrew for 'collective' – was founded in the early 1900s by pioneers who worked the land
  • A couple of months ago, Travel+Leisure published a listicle of 10 of the world's most prominent "healing spots," and Israel's Dead Sea shore tops the list!
    10 Healing Spots Around the World, From Hot Springs to Salt Flats
    Salve-cation awaits.

  • 10 places to visit at night in Jerusalem

    The article says they are free -- and they are, to a point. Many of them are designed to tempt you to spend money. (You may need to copy/paste the URL)

    10 free places to visit at night in Jerusalem
    From the Chord Bridge to the Western Wall, this city yields new perspectives after dark
  • Ancient historic site in Israel just designated a UNESCO World Heritage site:

    Amazing place!
  • Rare Jewish Coins from 1st Century Discovered

    An archaeological excavation along the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway revealed a previously unknown settlement from the Late Second Temple period -- including a rare hoard of coins that was found in one of its houses. The hoard, which was kept in a ceramic money box, included 114 bronze coins dating to the Year Four of the Great Revolt against the Romans. This revolt led to the destruction of the Temple on Tisha B’Av (the ninth day of the month of Av) c. 2,000 years ago. 

    According to excavation directors, “The hoard, which appears to have been buried several months prior to the fall of Jerusalem, provides us with a glimpse into the lives of Jews living on the outskirts of Jerusalem at the end of the rebellion. Evidently someone here feared the end was approaching and hid his property, perhaps in the hope of collecting it later when calm was restored to the region”. All of the coins are stamped on one side with a chalice and the Hebrew inscription “To the Redemption of Zion” and on the other side with a motif that includes a bundle of lulav between two etrogs. Around this is the Hebrew inscription “Year Four”, that is, the fourth year of the Great Revolt of the Jews against the Romans (69/70 CE). 

  • Seeking hotel PR reps in Israel.

    Guidebook author traveling to Israel next week would like to hear from reps of hotels interested in coverage.



  • Unlike many travel operators dealing with holidays to Meteora, we are here in Meteora! All the members of our team have an intimate knowledge of this region and can share their first hand knowledge and experience with you. We are also local and contactable when you arrive here and can sort out any unforeseen issues you may have.

    Visit Meteora, Greece!

  • Thanks. This is what I might end up doing, dunno if I'd fly into Eilat. Looking into some land tour operators. 

  • Going to Petra via AMM is not recommended. A domestic flight to Eilat would be the way to go; and although I am not necessarily a fan of organized tours, it might be worth checking into in this case. 

  • Buzzy,

    Thanks !

    Yes, I am indeed going in the shoulder season. I noticed that TLV-AMM  has to be the most expensive $/seat-mile at a whopping $4.26/mile.

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