There's tango and gauchos, of course. But there's also mucho más, che! The big-sky country of Patagonia, Mendoza wine country, skiing at Bariloche. And of course there's Buenos Aires, one of the world's great metropoli.

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Argentina cited in 'South America's Iconic Vicuñas'

  Visitors to part of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru (where it's the national animal and is even on the country's coat of arms) may come across this quintessential South American mammal, a camelid related to guanacos, llamas, and alpacas (which are descended from vicuñas) The smallest of the camelids, vicuñas stand about three feet tall at the shoulder; weigh between 70 and 150 pounds; and have long necks and legs as well as relatively small heads with long pointed ears.  …

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At mighty Iguazu Falls, Argentina & Brazil share the glory

What’s it like to be in the presence of the world’s largest waterfalls system? Well, in three words: wet, wild, and wonderful. These wonders of nature formed as the Iguazú River hurtles off the Paraná Plateau in the form of hundreds of waterfalls, at a rate of 1,500 square metres (gallons) per second, mark the local border between Argentina’s Misiones state and Brazil’s Paraná state (with Paraguay’s Ciudad del Este right nearby, as well). And let me tell you, these pictures don’t even do them…

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Tango dancing/guest ranches cited in 'Romantic Valentine's Day Activities In/Near 26 Iberia Destinations'

Sure, going out for an intimate dinner à deux is pretty much everyone's default on this day for lovers. But to make Valentine's Day extra special, seek out an experience that will make it truly memorable for years to come. High and low, on land and water, laid-back and high-adrenaline; simple and elaborate; cheap and pricey - there's something here for every couple! read post

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  • A black-travel blog I follow called Travel Noire recently flagged Argentina as one of South America´s safest countries to visit:
    The 6 Safest Countries in South America To Visit - Travel Noire
    Traveling to South America has plenty of appeal to attract many types of tourists. The continent has at times had a questionable reputation, but...
  • Argentina already has a dozen cultural and natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but in the list of 43 new sites released several weeks ago, another grimmer one was added: the former Navy School of Mechanics in Buenos Aires, where opponents of the military régime of the 1970s were tortured and killed during the "dirty war":
    ESMA Museum and Site of Memory – Former Clandestine Center of Detention, Torture and Extermination
    This property is located within the complex of the Former Navy School of Mechanics in Buenos Aires, in the former Officers’ Quarters. This was the Ar…
  • You´ve heard of the aurora borealis (Northern Lights), of course, but what about the aurora australis? These are the also shimmering, mesmerizing ¨Southern Lights¨ of the opposite hemisphere, and in Argentina the best place to see them is the world´s southernmost city, Ushuaia, down in Tierra del Fuego:
  • The U.S. travel website takes a look at Argentina's recently instituted currency exchange regulations aimed at tourists:
  • This is a pretty thorough summing up of the best stuff to do in Buenos Aires, from the website of a couple - a U.S. woman an her Cubam husband living in Ecuador:
    31 Best Things To Do in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    In this ultimate guide, we share the BEST things to do in Buenos Aires, including attractions in Buenos Aires and off-the-beaten-path spots and tips.
  • Well here's an interesting twist: The Argentine government has implemented a new regulation allowing visitors using credit and debit cards to get more pesos than the official rate gives. Will it help?
    Country adds special exchange rate for tourists, almost doubling dollar's value
    The government has implemented a new regulation allowing visitors using credit and debit cards to get more pesos than the official rate gives.
  • Earlier this year, London-based travel-site recently came out with "The best cities in the world for art and culture in 2022", and Buenos Aires totally makes the list:

    In the quarter of San Telmo, in a Sunday afternoon, people dance in the square.
    Tango, the art of Argentina, is actual as ever. 

    Walking in Buenos Aires in a hot Sunday afternoon is a very different way to visit the Argentinian capital. Streets are deserted around Plaza de Mayo and the Casa Rosada, even along the main shopping street Avenida Florida only few tourists are wondering about. Where the locals went?

  • This Website is about Argentina best destinations:

    Hope you like it, comments are welcomed!

  • Just saw this image on the official Argentina tourism website. Looking past the hotness of the two models... wouldn't it be great to see more destinations doing this kind of outreach? The caption: "We shared our first vacation together in Argentina."


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