Though having an increasingly rough time thanks to Brexit, Britain is still a treasure trove of travel treats, from England and Cornwall to Wales and Scotland. And across to Northern Ireland, too, of course!


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The Great Orme Tramway is a vintage charmer in Wales

    At just 206 metres (680 feet) above sea level, the Great Orme (below) might be thought of as rather a slight hill. But it looks as imposing as a far greater eminence, as it overlooks the seaside resort of Llandudno, on the north Welsh coast about a 4½-hour drive or train ride from London and just over an hour's drive and two hours by rail from Liverpool. It’s a limestone headland about two miles long and a mile wide where, back in the Bronze Age, copper was mined (but they only…

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Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh: 400 years of buried history brought to life

  Photos courtesy of TheRealMaryKing' The year is 1645. The most virulent strain of the bubonic plague - the "Black Death" - has immobilized Edinburgh, Scotland, claiming the lives of more than half the city’s population. The area hardest hit: Mary King’s Close off High Street, a lively, busy thoroughfare of pubs, shops, and residences. Cries of suffering have replaced the friendly chatter, and the stench of death the aroma of tea and scones. The place, the time, the horror have…

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Top 3 Places in UK You Should Consider a Holiday Home

Howdy Folks! The United Kingdom has already been one of my favourite places to spend vacations, but I think it is better to have a vacation home there instead of paying rentals and fares to expensive hotels. Even after my retirement, I will live in a vacation home in the UK. Here are my favourite places to get a vacation home: Dorset: It is one of the most beautiful places in the Southwest of England. Especially its villages are worth living and visiting. It will be a great idea if you get a…

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The UK in '12 Top Destinations for African Diaspora Travel'

dmbaker   Although the reason for the African diaspora was tragic and horrific - the brutal, centuries-long trafficking of human slaves - it has also enriched many parts of the world, and indeed, world culture as a whole, and here I take a look at a dozen of the most fascinating destinations to experience the culture and contributions of the sons and daughters of Africa across the world, from the mother continent itself up to Europe and across to the Americas: read post

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  • Whisky aficionados will want to read this look at Scotland's isle of Islay:
    Best Distilleries and Things to Do in Islay, Scotland - Thrillist
    Islay, a small island in Scotland's Inner Hebrides, has more distilleries per capita than any other UK region. Here's how to plan your trip to this m…
  • Another shout-out for Liverpool, this time from CNN Travel
  • The UK's fourth largest city has seen something of a renaissance in recent years, and it's about to get another bump as the host in late May of Eurovision 2023. That's why this rundown from Time Out of Liverpool's top musts is very timely:
    15 attractions in Liverpool you shouldn’t miss
    From the Cavern Club to the Tate
  • Now that "House of the Dragon" is underway on HBO Max, destinations where it was shot in England - Cornwall and Peak District - are expecting an influx of visitors - and even others like Northern Ireland are expecting more, thanks to renewed interest interest in Westeros and the world of "Game of Thrones":
    ‘I’ve seen the trailers’: film locations brace for House of the Dragon tourists | House of the Drag…
    Release of Game of Thrones prequel expected to boost visitor numbers in parts of Cornwall, Peak District, Spain and Portugal
  • The BBC reports on today's opening of the Edinburgh Festival - the world's largest dedicated to the arts:
    Edinburgh Festival: Biggest arts festival in the world begins
    Thousands of performers from across the world descend on Edinburgh to put on more than 3,000 shows.
  • In observance of Pride, The Guardian just came out with a piece on Europe's ten best gay-friendly destinations - and in the UK, the choices weren't London or Bristol, but rather Glasgow and Birmingham - here's why:
    10 of Europe’s best destinations for LGBTQ+ travellers this Pride season | Gay and lesbian travel |…
    From Madrid to Mykonos our writer picks the most queer-friendly holiday spots in Europe
  • Earlier this year, the London-based travel-site recently came out with "The best cities in the world for art and culture in 2022", and of course London itself is high on the list - but Edinburgh also makes the cut:
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  • This week's new edition of Accessible Attactions at The World on Wheels takes us to London, a city that's just crammed full of stuff to see and do. Accessible Attractions: London, England.

    The World on Wheels
    An ongoing adventure of travel and living while using a wheelchair. Tim has been disabled from birth. Darryl is his father and caregiver who travel…
  • In the Tour Operator group Chef LeeZ  asked for some clarification of our TOPs program re pricing.

    We allow travel products and services to be added to our program at the same price that they are sold TO wholesalers or the 'outlet' or ' source' price....they DO NOT have to be further discounted....hope this helps...this allows the smallest of quality travel businesses to promote their services at no cost to our members....full info onsite.

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