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Marmaris Castle

Marmaris Castle is one of these important places to visit in Marmaris because it takes people back into the golden pages of history. It is estimated that the castle is in Marmaris dates back to 3000 B.C. but was rebuilt by Ottoman Sultan Suleyman in 1522 for his conquest to Rhodes which he won comprehensively and since then, it is a historical place for the tourists to visit. It is the only historical place to visit in a modern holiday town of Marmaris. There is a small museum included as well i

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In efforts to save the tigers, the Corbett National Park in India is one of the first national wildlife parks by the tiger reserve project. Situated in the Shivalik ranges of the great Himalayas, the Corbett National Park has three major rivers that flow through it. This park provides conserved natural surroundings for diverse wildlife including the Bengal Tiger. The Corbett National Park offers its visitors a range of deluxe, luxury, economy and standard resorts.

The Wild Crest Resort in Corbett

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Greece's Island of Leros


Some Greek islands suffer from the effects of ‘kalimari and chips’ mass tourism. But, sometimes, you only need to take a short trip in a ferry or a kaiki to enter a different world altogether.

Let’s look at one of the lesser-known islands, Leros. There are jails and mental institutions here, and the name is similar to the Greek word for a rogue or a rascal. This put a lot of people off visiting, for all the wrong reasons, because really, it’s quite a laid-back, pleasant place.

I suspect the averag

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Castles are quite a rare architectural feature for Russia. There are plenty of churches, fortified hermitages, well-preserved military fortresses and ancient manors of the nobility, but the castles are the great wonder (really yet to seek).

Here you can see three castles, but can you really guess which one is located in Russia?


The trip was postponed several times during the two long years, and who knows, maybe the arrived mellow autumn gave us a shove to go finally. Here it is – the château in th

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The Jim Corbett National Park India is established by the tiger reserve project in efforts to save the tigers. It is located on the Shivalik ranges of Himalaya's with three major rivers flowing through the park as its life line. The park is a natural and conserved habitat not only for the tigers but also for the diverse wildlife that thrives here. One of the most luxurious and visited resort is the Solluna Resort.

Solluna Resort is situated in the spectacular Merchula valley, on the banks of the

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From Bohinj ( Slovenia ) to Gorizia ( Italia )

From Bohinj (Bohinjska Bistrica) with the train  through
Bohinj tunnel (6327m) and then in the
valley of river Bača and Soča till Nova Gorica.

Town Nova Gorica originated after the demarcation
in 1947 and the slovenian - Italian border is only 38 m
from railway station in Nova Gorica.

After 2004 there is by railway station new common square with mosaic
of Nova Gorica and Gorizia (Gorica) - So this is
two towns and one square.

In Gorizia you can see the castle , church of s. Ignazio on
Vittoria square ,
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Trips from Bohinj (Julian Alps), Slovenia

Trips from Bohinj ( Julian Alps ) - Slovenia :

From Bohinj you can go through  valley of river Sava Bohinjka
to Bled ( castle ) , drive past Lesce to Radovljica
( museum of beekeeping ) or you can go
through  valley of river Sava Dolinka till  Planica ( ski jump )
by Kranjska Gora.  Between Kranj and medieval town
Kamnik is the airport.  This is all in Upper Carniola.
Ljubljna - the capital of Slovenia. In  Inner Carniola
is an interesting intermittent Lake C

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