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The name of Montreal's Golden Square Mile
(aka Le Mille Carré), a square mile of signature historic blocks at the heart of downtown at the foot of Mount Royal, traces its origins back to 1950s real estate developers promoting the area's prosperity. Today, "golden" more aptly describes the stellar array of attractions available within such a small radius.


In 1983, only 30 percent of the district's historic buildings survived the wrecking ball due to its convenient overlap with downtown but thanks

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From Bohinj ( Slovenia ) to Gorizia ( Italia )

From Bohinj (Bohinjska Bistrica) with the train  through
Bohinj tunnel (6327m) and then in the
valley of river Bača and Soča till Nova Gorica.

Town Nova Gorica originated after the demarcation
in 1947 and the slovenian - Italian border is only 38 m
from railway station in Nova Gorica.

After 2004 there is by railway station new common square with mosaic
of Nova Gorica and Gorizia (Gorica) - So this is
two towns and one square.

In Gorizia you can see the castle , church of s. Ignazio on
Vittoria square ,
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