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In a significant development, China and Thailand have come to a mutual agreement to waive visa requirements for citizens of both countries permanently, effective from March onwards.Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin made the announcement on Tuesday, highlighting that this arrangement would serve to strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two nations.Previously, Embassy in Thailand had waived entry requirements for Chinese tourists until February of the current year, permitting them t

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4 of the World´s Top Roller Coasters

If you're an amusement park geek, you've probably mused at some point about what makes one
roller coaster better than others. You've tried to answer this question logically with various rankings and lists, but they just don't gel, because roller coasters are very subjective. Two coaster enthusiasts could experience the same ride and come away with entirely different opinions on its quality. So how do we really know what the best roller coaster in the world is?


Steel Dragon 2000 - Nagashima Sp

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Known as one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in China, Huangshan is situated in Huizhou region of the country's southeast-central province of Anhui. Millions of visitors make a trip each year to catch a sight of theses magnificent granite peaks cradled by beds of clouds and frequently depicted in traditional Chinese paintings. And named after the mountain, the area around Huangshan City (pop. 1.5 million, a 4½-hour drive west of Shanghai) is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: th

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If you would like to stay in China, negotiate a bonus at the close of the year in case you don't need to fly home immediately. If you're in China with children and searching for the fast supply of entertainment, new food might be the answer. Visiting China is really a special experience and one which will leave you with unforgettable memories. It uses a lot of polished granite outdoors and I slipped a few times. As one of the biggest nations on the planet, it has a wide range of climates. Becaus

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Hetaoping Wolong Panda Center

Wolong National Nature Reserve is located in the boundaries of Wenchuan County, Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, by the left bank of upper reach of Minjiang River and the east slope of Gonglai Mountain, and 145 kilometers away from the capital city Chengdu.

In 1981, the China Research & Conservation Center for the Giant Panda, at the Wolong Nature Reserve, Sichuan Province, China was established. The Wolong Nature Reserve is a large protected reserve, similar to a National par

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Wanglang Nature Reserve

Wanglang nature reserve is situated in Pingwu county, the north of Mianyang city. The reserve covers an area of 32 hectares, it is 5.4% of the whole Pingwu. Before its establishment, there is a pastureland with abundant nature resources. That time was expressed by local people “the natural resources is so enough that you can beat river deer with sticks and catch fish with wooden dippers.” In 1963, it was established by the Sichuan Forestry Bureau, is located in the Minshan Mountains in some of C

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9008782690?profile=originalThe Shaolin Temple is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in China and the home of the famous Kung Fu practicing monks. The style of Buddhism developed here centered on martial arts training and meditation. The tradition was carried on through the years from master to student. Today, Shaolin is still the focal point for Kung Fu in China and a great place for visitors to experience this ancient art form.

Located on Shaoshi Mountain just outside of Luoyang, the temple offers many different opportuni

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Beijing is the capital city of China, in downtown Beijing has a strong exterior surrounding city known as theForbidden City.Here was the  emperor residence. It was built in 1406 and completed in 1420. In the past, it was used as the imperial residence for 24 emperors from Ming and Qing Dynasties. there is city moat about 50metres wild ,4 parts city wall corner towers ,Night and day he shielded by royal family and the royal family members. This huge city to extend a few kilometres.why was called

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20100131-beijing2.jpgMy recent article on Matador Travel gives six offbeat adventures in Beijing, after you've visited the Imperial Palace and Tiananmen Square. For example:Ride a Tandem Bike around Houhai LakeHouhai Lake is one of the hippest spots in Beijing. It’s also known as the “back lake” and is surrounded by restaurants, bars, coffee houses, and boutiques set along cobblestone lanes.To save on rickshaw fees, hit up one of the bicycle rental stands, which rent by the hour and day, and pedal yourself around th
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5 of My Favorite Gorgeous Places to Visit


Our planet is a beautiful place, and one lifetime is barely enough to experience it. Count yourself lucky if you can visit at least three of these five places chosen by Edward Granlund, travel enthusiast, which are some of the most breathtaking and gorgeous places on Earth.


Kauai, Hawaii

One might call this a paradise, and you wouldn't be wrong in doing so. It's also one of the rainiest places on Earth, so prepare your raincoats because it's raining cats and dogs here. Palm trees

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8 Extraordinary 'Water Towns' Near Shanghai

L2F-May-17-China-Shanghai-water-towns-tourist-photo-session-640x518.jpg?width=640             David Paul Appell

’s largest city is unquestionably an amazing, fun, and fascinating place to visit – a mix of ancient and cutting-edge culture/architecture, along with fabulous dining, shopping, and entertainment. But on weekends, many Shanghainese love nothing more than to ditch the Big Wonton and head out west into the countryside to reconnect with traditional Chinese culture and history in a handful of charming, historic towns, whose islands and canals make them feel like

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8 Top Musts of Macau


Formerly a colony of Portugal until it was handed back to China in 1999, this city spread against a backdrop of green hills over several islands, with a population of just over 705,000, is a Chinese special administrative on the Pearl River, just 60 kilometres from Hong Kong (making it an easy day trip, by the way). One of world’s more densely populated areas, Macau is best known and is known as Asia´s biggest gambling mecca. Besides the casinos which dominate the skyline (top), it´s is also k

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