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For more than a century, the Dubai Autodrome has hosted editions of the FIA GT Championships, European Rally Car Champions league, and the legendary Hankook 24 hrs Dubai Duration Races. The circuit is also proud to welcome local motorsport by hosting the NGK Grand Prix, the UAE Sport bike Series, the Racing Gulf Institute, and the FIA UAE F4 Premiership each year.

  • Desert Safari

Many individuals dream of visiting the desert at least once in their life. Some others even want it to be on their wish l

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The Celsus Ancient Library of Ephesus, Turkey

One of the most famous structures at Turkey's ancient ruins of Ephesus is the Celsus Library. It is often featured on picture postcards and has also been shown on the country’s notes of currency. While on a guided tour, free time is given at this sort to explore the architecture, plan and interior. You will definitely want to get your camera ready.


  • The library was built by Gaius Julius Aquila to honour his father Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus, who was a Roman senator.
  • Construction was c
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New York, The City That Never Sleeps

New York is known by many nicknames such as "Gotham", or "the Big Apple" which is probably the most popular but I always call it, The City That Never Sleeps. 

New York is divided into five boroughs namely, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, and of course my favorite Manhattan! Manhattan is where you can find the most popular attractions of the city, the Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, and Grand Central Terminal. If you are like Lara Jean in "To All The Boys I Love Befo

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Visiting Agra, India & its Taj Mahal


Trips are always considered the best alternative to feeling good in this busy world where we don't find time for ourselves or our loved ones. India is a beautiful country with a lot of tourist destinations. If you want to plan a short trip with your family or friends but don't have much time, then you can consider the Sunrise Taj Mahal tour from Delhi.

Agra is a beautiful busy city with one of the wonders of the world. If you want to spend some quality time with your family or friends, then Agra

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Top 10 Vienna Travel Planning Tips


With tourism booming in Austria's capital, independent travelers have started planning for their Vienna city break more thoroughly. They create their own paths of exploration, avoid queues and tourist pitfalls, discover insider gems and eventually share their distinct stories of Vienna with friends and family back home. Here are 10 tips any great trip planner, travel agent or travel consultant should bear in mind when doing Vienna travel planning.

Hotels, Apartments and B&B: Get Out

Unless you are

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Top Attractions of Mumbai (Bombay)


There is something about the air in Mumbai (better known to some as Bombay). With a population of around 18.4 million,this is a real megacity, with a certain vibe whose great energy embraces you within a few seconds - the bouncing sound of crashing of the wave, the bracing tang of the sea, the busy streets. Mumbai is also called as “city of dreams”, as home to Bollywood, along with splendid colonial-era architecture.

Also India's financial nerve centre, Mumbai is home to the Reserve Bank of India

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Mini Guide to Thailand’s Islands

When you decide to visit Thailand, you can get a bit overwhelmed by the number of things you can do here. From an absolutely stunning city night-life, through some of the most beautiful beaches and shorelines in the world, and all the way to the magical islands down south, Thailand really is an amazing place to see.

With so many unforgettable locations, most of the people
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Being the capital city, Hanoi has been always one of the most mesmerizing destinations in Vietnam. Therefore your Hanoi city tour will journey you to visit and discover some of the most iconic landmarks within a day.

You should begin the story of Hanoi by visiting Ho Chi Minh complex which includes the Mausoleum where his body is solemnly housed, the house on stilt where he lived for nearly a decade before he passed away. Listen to your guide’s narrating story to understand who he is, what he did

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Exploring Dubrovnik, Croatia's Gem

640px-Panorama_of_Dubrovnik.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x             Dudva

Sometimes you have to wonder if a destination you have heard about for years will live up to its reputation. This one definitely does - I have to tell you, Dubrovnik justly deserves its title "Pearl of the Adriatic."

I mean, where else can you find marble streets lined with baroque buildings all topped with red tile roofs? Add in that the whole pretty city is surrounded by intact city walls... and it's no wonder it's a favorite holiday destination for almost everyone who vi

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Tel Aviv Is Terrific

9009292866?profile=originalIsrael Tourism

In Tel Aviv, east is united with west, the traditional with trendy, and landscape with the sea in a marvelous way. It is one of those cities that, once you visit it, you do not want to leave. This city on the Mediterranean coast combines the old with the new in a way that leaves the feeling of many different worlds at the same time. The Israeli capital may be Jerusalem, but no region in the country has Tel Aviv's global recognition and radiation.

Its name in Hebrew means "spring

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Examples of Dubai Desert Safari Including Dinner


Traveling to the desert and exploring it is such an exhilarating experience to have and the tours that I am going to tell you about in this article are full of them. Dubai is rich in its beauty of the desert and the matchless landmarks around it made with efficient engineering. Dubai Desert Safari is one of the highly demanded tours in Dubai due to all the luxuries and exciting stuff that it provides you. Just by spending a few bucks and booking yourself a tour, you have so many lavish facilitie

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In addition to being the core of the Philippines' second metro area (pop.923,000, metro 2.8 million), Cebu City is the hub of the Visayas, the grouping of islands around the middle of the vast archipelago that makes up this country (it's a flight of an hour 15 minutes from Manila). Colourful, confident, and in a constant flurry of activity, underneath it still has a Zenlike composure. As the site of the first Spanish settlement in the archipelago (1565), it has a long history, i

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3 Reasons to Visit Paris In October


When planning a holiday in Paris, you should consider visiting in October. In this period, the summer has just ended. It means most Parisians are relaxed, since most tourists are gone. Furthermore, the weather now is ideal for exploring outdoor cafes plus markets. You will love the breathtaking different colours in the parks and gardens. It will be worth every penny to consider visiting Paris in October.

Enjoy amazing discounts in the off season

At this moment, the airfares to Paris are ver

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Ramoji Film City, it is an exotic place to host your events. Take a film city tour at the Ramoji Film City and experience the magnificence of this place on your own. Go on a Hyderabad one day tour and visit the famous Ramoji Film City. Ramoji Film City is the perfect place in Hyderabad to organize an extravagant event. You can organize all kinds of events here. Moreover, you can choose various themes like pirate theme, cowboy theme, space theme, etc. to add spice to your event.

You can carry out

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Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh and is known for its culture, literature, history, architecture, nawabs and kebabs. The best time to visit this royal Sheher is November and December because at this time Lucknow Mahoutsav is in its full fervor. Lucknow is famous not only for its delicious food, but for its magnificent buildings and chikankari embroidery, as well. Lucknow people give emphasis on the sophisticated lifestyle and demonstrate utmost manners, etiquette and known to be ver

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Mumbai Top five Attractions

Mumbai formerly known as Bombay in English is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the most populous city in India, and the fourth most populous city in the world, including the cities of Navi Mumbai and Thane, it is one of the most populous urban regions in the world.

Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment capital of India.

The city also enjoys close proximity to the holiday hot spot of Goa. Quite naturally, the destination continues to be a major draw for scores of travelers

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29 Must Visit Cities for 2011

Longing for some sunshine, want to explore a new culture, have a craving for new tastes or fancy a night out in town? City Breaks are an ideal and affordable weekend escape for you and your friends, your partner or the whole family. We have taken the most important factors: weather, cost, food, accessibility, culture and safety, and have rolled up a list of Must-Visit cities around the world. You just have to get up and go!


#29 Amsterdam


Did you know: Amsterdam has over 1 million bikes but only 7

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Some of the World's Best City Beaches

There are many summer holiday destinations, perfect for your dream vacations, whether it consists of spending a few pampered nights in a four-star resort, go scuba-diving or enjoy the buzzing nightlife. Here is a list of the best five summer cities scattered around the world, that would suit any taste!

#1. Barcelona, Spain

With layers of cutting-edge architecture, finger-licking good cuisine and vibrant nightlife, Barcelona is, undoubtedly, a world-class city and preferred destination amongst trav

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Beijing is the capital city of China, in downtown Beijing has a strong exterior surrounding city known as theForbidden City.Here was the  emperor residence. It was built in 1406 and completed in 1420. In the past, it was used as the imperial residence for 24 emperors from Ming and Qing Dynasties. there is city moat about 50metres wild ,4 parts city wall corner towers ,Night and day he shielded by royal family and the royal family members. This huge city to extend a few kilometres.why was called

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20100131-beijing2.jpgMy recent article on Matador Travel gives six offbeat adventures in Beijing, after you've visited the Imperial Palace and Tiananmen Square. For example:Ride a Tandem Bike around Houhai LakeHouhai Lake is one of the hippest spots in Beijing. It’s also known as the “back lake” and is surrounded by restaurants, bars, coffee houses, and boutiques set along cobblestone lanes.To save on rickshaw fees, hit up one of the bicycle rental stands, which rent by the hour and day, and pedal yourself around th
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