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Hi guys, have you ever visited Vietnam? Or are you planning to visit Vietnam soon?

Then Halong Bay should be your ideal place to visit and enjoy your holidays on cruises.

However, I know the sinking feeling when you just realize you've accidentally left something critical, regardless of whether it's your smartphone in the auto or your wallet at the eatery you simply left. That inclination is much more awful when you're on a journey and find that you've overlooked something at home. While only one

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Also known as Gold country Alaska is an extraordinary location for a great family excursion. What makes Alaska more captivating is great Alaska cruise ships. Despite the way that Besides cruise ships there are many boat tours in Alaska that offer exclusive tours and excursion trips for couples and families. These boats are the best if you want to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Alaska. On these boats, you can sight lovely bears and other beautiful wildlife creatures that you can’t otherwise. 



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Alaska is jewel of arctic pressed with some of the best attractions and landscapes. Furthermorethe untamed life, glaciers, mountains, peaceful wild and history stuffed with accounts of Alaska Native and homesteader battles. Chinitna Bay is a popular destination for bear viewing. The Chinitna Bay Bear Tours are popular all over Alaska.


On the western shores of Cook Inlet in Chinitna Bay, opposite Kenai Peninsula, lies a far off yet open bear viewing destination called Great Alaska BearCamp. This i

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Alaska is a great destination for a pure family vacation and what makes this vacation more enchanting are the Alaska cruise ships. In spite of the fact that small ship cruise lines in Alaska don't staff their vessels with extraordinary instructors for youthful cruisers, the boats are no less family-inviting. These vessels can enter little narrows and gulfs where visitors can see untamed life on close-by woods shores. These ships are one of the best ways to enjoy the glimpse of Kachemak bay shore

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Contacting eye to eye with a huge, ambling dark colored bear is alarming without a doubt. In any case, it tends to be an extraordinary encounter when you get the opportunity to see the gathering of the wild grizzlies in their own environment doing precisely what they need. Book yourself on one of the profoundly mainstream Alaskan dark colored bear visits probably the Chinitna Bay Bear Tours and acquire information about the bears living in Alaska.


You don't need to pore over the books or start wa

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Exploring the Exciting Adventure Side of Montenegro


As a small country situated on the Adriatic Coast of the Balkans of southeast Europe, Montenegro is truly a wonderful pearl of the Mediterranean region. There is absolutely no way that you can find a small piece of Earth as beautiful as the one I am writing about right now. Natural surroundings, parks, lakes, and rivers create a breathtaking lobby to a sea entrance.

From the rugged terrains of beautiful and wild mountains averaging more than 2,000 meters in elevation up to long and bre

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Mini Guide to Thailand’s Islands

When you decide to visit Thailand, you can get a bit overwhelmed by the number of things you can do here. From an absolutely stunning city night-life, through some of the most beautiful beaches and shorelines in the world, and all the way to the magical islands down south, Thailand really is an amazing place to see.

With so many unforgettable locations, most of the people
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AZ Local Trip

AZ Local Trip

Az Local Trip is a Travel Assistant Company that caters to international travelers to Vietnam, such as Tours, Transports, Hotels and other related services, to help you get the most out of your trip. We connect travelers and other tourism companies, and help tourists directly to create a suitable itinerary

We support you in all cities and provinces in Vietnam.

Who we are Az Local Trip was set up in 2015 by Pham Van Khai and the group was formed to develop the Vietnamese tourism indust

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Sa Sung in Halong

There are many special foods in Ha Long Bay . Almost people will talk about Sa Sung firstly when talk about special food here.
 Sa sung (Vietnamese: Sá sùng) is a kind of sea worn. It is found in some sea areas in Vietnam such as: Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Con Dao… Its environment is sand. It lives on deep hole under sand. Length of Sa Sung is about 10 – 15cm with blow red. It looks like earth worm but it is bigger. In its bowler is full of sands. Early morning is the best time for local people to c
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Discovering Halong Bay by Kayaking

If you’re looking for a different and fun way to experience Halong Bay, I can assure you a kayak tour is the best way to go. Though notorious for being misty this time of the year, the scenery was incredibly dramatic as it created a mystical- almost magical type of environment with the limestone rock formations producing truly beautiful reflections on the water.
Seeing the other boats pass us with the rock formations in the background made for great photos ops and at times, it felt as if we were
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“Experience Vietnam at its best and discover its intriguing highlights by booking Vietnam tours with We give you better reasons to enjoy Vietnam this holiday season”


The fascinating itinerary takes you to the most popular tours in cities of Vietnam and helps you discover major highlights, local life, culture and mouth watering cuisines of the country.  Whether you are going with friends or family, we can provide a well planned itinerary as per your comfort. What more? You can a

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Must Visit Destinations on your Trip to Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most popular tour destinations with immense geographic & cultural diversity. From rock climbing to comfortable stay in luxury hotels & resorts, from a relaxing beach break to exotic river cruising, Vietnam has much more to explore.


If you have already planned a visit to Vietnam or planning one for the future but can’t decide what to see or do in Vietnam, browse the list of top tours to Vietnam and figure out what’s new, what’s popular in the country while reading this artic

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