Soldotna AK


May 19

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Welcome to Bear Viewing in Alaska, your best choice for Alaskan bear watching adventures. If you've dreamt of seeing majestic Alaskan brown bears up close, then this is your starting point.

Led by our captain, Mel Erickson, with over 33 years of experience, we offer top-tier Alaskan brown bear tours. These tours provide a safe way for guests to witness these magnificent animals in their wild homes. Every bear viewing trip in Alaska with us is unforgettable, full of learning, and loaded with astonishing wildlife moments.

Mel Erickson and our team excel at conducting bear viewing from boats in Alaska, giving us the flexibility to reach hidden bear spots across the state. Many of our bear tours also feature a special trip to Chinitna Bay, a place teeming with brown bears.

Our tours are not solely about bears. Bird watchers, photographers, and general wildlife lovers will also find our trips deeply satisfying. But the sight of Alaskan grizzly bears in their natural environment truly steals the show.

We do more than just facilitate bear watching in Alaska. We also offer valuable information about bear behaviors, conservation efforts, and local ecosystems. We take pride in giving our guests more than just a tour – it's a comprehensive learning experience.

Start your extraordinary journey with Bear Viewing in Alaska. Experience the captivating wilderness through the lens of Alaskan brown bear viewing. Visit our website today to find out more about our tours, schedules, and availability. Explore the wild like never before and create lifelong memories.

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