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Come November, I realized I needed to go for another journey in the Himalayas. Among the choices that I considered, Chandrakhani Trek stood apart for different reasons. October end onwards and explicitly in November, high height passes begin getting their first episode of snowfall. However, there were numerous records online where travelers have crossed this go in December and even in January absent a lot of trouble or gear. A smidgen of due ingenuity helped me in focusing in on the Chandrakhani

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Hampta pass trek a Himalayan experience-India

The Hampta Pass journey is ideal for first-time travelers as it packs in everything from dull pine woodlands, open knolls, icy valleys and a trip of a lifetime.


Here is my Hampta Pass Trek blog: The last time I read about them was in bleak course books in school, not exactly appropriately evaluating the sheer monstrosity of their quality. It was as of late that everything fell into viewpoint.


So off we went, into the wild of one of the most scary yet quieting mountain scopes ever, to observe for

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The name Pin Parvati Pass is inferred after the connecting of Parvati valley in Kullu to the Pin valley in Spiti. The best season for the pin valley journey is the period of July to September. The journey begins from the lovely Kullu valley which is known for its lavish green scenes, friendly individuals, welcoming glades, apple plantations and rich culture. From here, a requesting 5 days walk takes you actually large and in charge where you stroll on colossal snow fields to arrive at the Pin Pa

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3 Reasons to Visit Paris In October


When planning a holiday in Paris, you should consider visiting in October. In this period, the summer has just ended. It means most Parisians are relaxed, since most tourists are gone. Furthermore, the weather now is ideal for exploring outdoor cafes plus markets. You will love the breathtaking different colours in the parks and gardens. It will be worth every penny to consider visiting Paris in October.

Enjoy amazing discounts in the off season

At this moment, the airfares to Paris are ver

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