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Spiti Valley is a high altitude desert mountain valley situated in the Himalayas in the northeastern part of the Indian province of Himachal Pradesh. "Spiti" delineates "The Middle Land", which was where the two incredible customs of India and Tibet diffused in the trans-Himalayan area.


The subdivisional home office or capital of this valley is Kaza, which is arranged close to the Spiti River at a rise of around 3,800 meters. There are two courses by which one can reach  Manali to Kaza  through

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Bhrigu Lake, High in the Indian Himalayas

This is my journey experience to the Bhrigu lake trek situated in the higher Himalayas near the touristy mountain town of Manali in India.

Manali – Chauda Mod


On the fourth of August, I reach Chandigarh. "At regular intervals you will get a transport a Manali, don't stress" said the most sure taxi wala I have ever observed. I asked him once more "Bhai, Will I get an AC transport". He said "Don't stress, obviously you will". With the desire for a fair transport ride up the slopes I arrived at the

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Hampta pass trek a Himalayan experience-India

The Hampta Pass journey is ideal for first-time travelers as it packs in everything from dull pine woodlands, open knolls, icy valleys and a trip of a lifetime.


Here is my Hampta Pass Trek blog: The last time I read about them was in bleak course books in school, not exactly appropriately evaluating the sheer monstrosity of their quality. It was as of late that everything fell into viewpoint.


So off we went, into the wild of one of the most scary yet quieting mountain scopes ever, to observe for

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