Columbus, OH


January 1

Are you connected to the tourism/travel/hospitality industries or travel media in any way? If so, please specify how (kindly include any relevant company names/Web sites!).

I am a writer and traveler, I wrote many contents on "triphippies" as my name this is a website of information and education. for those, who want to start traveling and want some information about travel or the best destination around the world. In the second words, you can say that I write content for this website for a good purpose.

On which destinations & travel topics can you advise members especially well?

Mostly I suggest members for the destinations and places. I give them right information about tourism. I give them some adive and tips that I experienced in my journey.

What destinations are you most interested in learning about?

I'm interested in learning about destinations that are off the beaten path, but still accessible by plane. I love the idea of getting to know a place that's not overrun with tourists and travelers, where I can really get a feel for what it's like to live there.

Other travel / language expertise?

Yes! I have traveled to nearly all of the countries on the continent of Africa, and speak Swahili fluently.