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Conquering Israel´s Masada

L2F-Jul-16-pic-Israel-Masada-far-aerial-shot-Itamar-Grinberg-for-the-Israeli-Ministry-of-Tourism-Flickr.jpg?profile=RESIZE_930xItamar Grinberg/Israeli Ministry of Tourism

Israel is truly a land of exceptional sights – and sites – from top to bottom. But roughly two hours south of Jerusalem, one of its most evocative (and popular) high points, so to speak, looms in the Judea desert some 396 metres (1,300 feet) above the shores of the Dead Sea. Masada (Hebrew for fortress) is an imposing UNESCO World Heritage Site, and after Jerusalem the most visited spot in the country. At this rugged fortress complex, excavated in th

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When was the Philae temple in Aswan built?

In the same place as the current Philae temple, King Nakht-Nepf in the fourth century BC built a huge temple, and after him in the same place, king Ptolemy Philadelphia in the third century BC built his great temple. As he wanted the Egyptian people to love him like in the Egyptian pharaonic civilization, so he showed them that he believes in their great gods. As many kings made the same and pretend to be the son of the Ancient Egyptian gods as Ancient

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Petra, the Jewel of Jordan

Petra, a mysterious ancient city of Jordan

Petra, is the Crown Jewel of attractions and sites in Jordan, Petra, certainly is the jewel of Jordan. It is a mysterious ancient city that was hidden throughout modern history until being rediscovered by John Lewis Burckhardt back in 1812.

Interesting facts about Petra

The city was lost for so many years because the Bedouins kept it a secret from them. They saw the city as a place to live during the winter and stayed until 1984. In the s

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Known as one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in China, Huangshan is situated in Huizhou region of the country's southeast-central province of Anhui. Millions of visitors make a trip each year to catch a sight of theses magnificent granite peaks cradled by beds of clouds and frequently depicted in traditional Chinese paintings. And named after the mountain, the area around Huangshan City (pop. 1.5 million, a 4½-hour drive west of Shanghai) is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: th

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The Caral ruins were once a planned city in ancient Peru. Ruth Shady, a Peruvian archaeologist from San Marcos University, discovered Caral in 1994, and was stunned by its size and complexity.

When it comes to the pre-Columbian past of Peru, most of us automatically and understandably think of the Incas. But there were many other cultures and civilizations in these lands, some of them much older than the Incas. Several of these elder civilizations originate in what is now desert regions up and down the country's coast north and south of its present-day capital, Lima. One example you've heard about is the Nazca people, because of their now famous artifacts, the Nazca Lines. But you

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Choosing seven wonders of the world seems like a very difficult task. Just like choosing seven wonders in a single country. The year 2008 saw the foundation of an internet movement to select the seven wonders of Brazil. The result of this selection is not very clear, so, here, we propose something more substantive and real in the country: a visit to the locations declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Christ the Redeemer (1938), Rio de Janeiro

This 38-meter-tall image of Jesus of Nazareth

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Tashichho Dzong Monastery a Must-See in Bhutan

9008782490?profile=originalThe Kingdom of Bhutan is a beautiful small country in South Asia at the eastern ends of the great Himalayas. It is extremely popular among tourists because of its natural beauty, scenic landscapes, cultural features and architecturally beautiful monuments especially Buddhist temples, monasteries and Dzongs. You will see several architectural monuments including monasteries, Dzongs, fortresses, temples, chortens, gateways, etc through out the entire Bhutan. One of the One of the most prominent an

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The lands which were to become the United States and Canada were largely settled by the English, but not everyone is aware that the continental USA’s oldest continuously occupied city, St. Augustine in northeast Florida, was founded by explorers from Spain 450 years ago this month. And in returning to attend the big birthday bash it's been throwing for itself (above), I was smitten once again with what is one of this country's most fascinating historic visits (with great St. Augustine beaches 

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9008775656?profile=originalIf it were 25 years ago, you wouldn’t want to go to San Lucas Island. The small, forested island in the middle of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Gulf was the roughest jail in the country. Being sent to San Lucas Island was a terrible prospect; prisoners’ lives were short and often spent in torture.

Thankfully, today, the prisoners are gone and San Lucas Island has been transformed into a national wildlife refuge to protect the island’s ecosystem, its wildlife, the historic buildings of the penal colony, and

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The most sought-after tourist attraction in India after Taj Mahal, the Khajuraho group of temples is located in the Madhya Pradesh state of India, only about 620 km from the capital city of Delhi. It's a UNESCO World heritage site best known for its erotic art and sculptures, but the truth is that these only account for about 10% of the temple sculptures. Khajuraho is much more than just showcasing of erotica and art of lovemaking. These group of Hindu and Jain temples were originally 80 in num

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This summer, you don't need to seek something exotic and adventurous abroad. The U.S. has plenty of adventures close at hand, from the storied Boston Harbor to a historic village in Ohio to the bridges of Yosemite Valley.

Just as with the places we recommended for spring break travel, the sites we’ve selected for your summer travel pleasure tell a unique story about our American history. Unfortunately, these places are also threatened by neglect, insufficient funds, inappropriate development or i

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Recently tthis month, even as we head toward the end of the year marking the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, I found myself visiting America's oldest continuously occupied city, St. Augustine, for the first time since a long-ago trip with my family as a kid. I expected to find some of the same things - the massive old Castillo San Marcos fort and the historic downtown, of course, plus a whole raft of new amenities and attractions. And that I certainly did. But I also found something

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by Rusty Rae and Sheila Hunter

There is another “Greatest Generation,” although mostly long forgotten — the 300,000 men, women, and children who made the 2,200 mile trek from Independence, MO to Oregon’s Willamette Valley and beyond between 1846 to 1869. You can experience the trials and tribulations of these Americans by visiting the Oregon Trail Interpretative Center five miles east of Baker City, Oregon, off I-84 in the state's northeast corner.

Located in the middle of scrub desert on a hill j

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Located in Ranakpur village in the Rajasthan district of Pali, Ranakpur Jain Temple Complex is one of the seven wonders of India, very famous among people of Jain communities and architecture lovers. Dedicated to Adinatha (also known as Rishabha, the founder of Jainism and the first of the 24 tirthankara. Considered to be the most spectacular of the Jain temples, because of its architectural brilliance the temple is extremely popular with tourists. The architectural beauty of the temple never f

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Positively Charleston!

From the Low Country of South Carolina we traveled up to the city of Charleston to spend a couple of days. I have to say Charleston is one of the most walkable cities I’ve ever been to. Our bed and breakfast was located just half a block off King  Street (a shopaholic’s dream) - in a large old house with a charming courtyard in the back – and a porch that was perfect for breakfast and afternoon tea.  

City Market
We walked King  Street, walked to the old city Market, to historic houses, to restaur
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Lincoln Highway display at the Joliet Historical Museum

If you live anywhere along the Lincoln Highway  you probably are aware that this year marks its 100th anniversary. It was the first paved coast to coast highway, an idea conceived by a man named Carl G. Fisher, an automobile and racing enthusiast who built the Indianapolis Speedway.

CCCA Grand Classics on Tour

East of the Mississippi River the terrain was relatively easy to traverse and roads were in decent shape, but ou
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Nepal's Top 5 Spiritual Places


Nepal is an astonishing country with a diverse landscape. Surrounded by the great Himalayas and dotted with gently-flowing rivers and serene lakes, 
Nepal travel truly mesmerizes its visitors. It is not only a great adventure destination but also a place with much spiritual significance. The birthplace of Lord Buddha, Nepal is filled with numerous gompas and ancient Hindu temples. Many Buddhist and Hindu devotees come to Nepal on pilgrimage tours to seek blessings and pray for salvation. Mention

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