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by Sarah Brown

Though most famous for Carnival, golden beaches, and world-famous landmarks, the real heart of Rio de Janeiro, for those in the know, lies in its downtown, most notably in SaúdeGamboa, and the surrounding neighbourhoods hard by the port. For it’s this area that’s steeped in a complex history that dates back half a millennium to the Portuguese colonisers’ founding of Rio and the centuries of brutal slavery which followed.

A good place to start is Praça Mauá, a o

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Brazil: South America's Rising Star Wine Producer


From a country that exports the most star soccer players and sets the bar for lavish Carnival celebrations the world over, it's easy to overlook Brazil as a major wine producer.

Encompassing nearly 2,500 miles along Brazil’s eastern border, six main wine regions contain nearly 24,800 acres of 150 well established wineries as well as 1,100 small farm wineries, each averaging five vineyard acres.



Now the fifth largest in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the fastest growing markets in the world, B

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The History of the Bikini



“a bikini is a two-piece bathing suit which reveals everything about a girl except for her mother’s maiden name.” – Reárd [one of the pioneers of the bikini]

The history of the bikini is not a recent story. Although in modern times, the bikini only reached wide spread popularity in the 1960s, origins date back to the B.C. era. Not only acting as a fashion statement, the women’s swimsuit reveals much about the world’s political, cultural and social sub-context. Bromelia Swim

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6 Important Tips for Travelers to Brazil


While Brazil is a major metropolitan city, its infrastructure is not necessarily user friendly - as many discovered during the recent Summer Olympics. However, this does not mean your trip needs to be stressful. With a little pre-planning, you never have to stray from that vacation feeling. 


Obtain a Tourist Visa

To enter the country, citizens of a number of countries (including the USA) must get tourist visas affixed to their passports - and they're not

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With São Paulo hosting the world's largest gay pride, it's no surprise that there is a large and very proud gay community in Brazil. However, the dialogue surrounding the acceptance of this integral facet of society has been slow to change. According to a survey conducted by the University of São Paulo, almost 10 percent of Brazilian males identify as gay or bisexual, with lesbians & bisexual women comprising 6 percent of the population. And with over 60,000 gay couples in all of Brazil, the str

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The Art of Learning a New Language


Sitting on the beach in a Brazilian bikini with the vocabulary of an infant, I could not help but feel like the epitome of a contradiction. At the age of 33, I was not thrilled to feel like a toddler again.

I loved to fantasize about myself at a fabulous Rio rooftop bar, making a charming joke about a local cultural nuance. But the agony of the years that stood between me and this image was overwhelming. This was definitely not the first time that I was trying to manifest the magazine image in

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A Guide to Rio de Janeiro's Ipanema Beach

9009140486?profile=originalA visit to Ipanema Beach is number one on every visitor's to-do list

When visitors to Rio ask me at Bromelia Rio Travel what I recommend, the reply is always the same… go to the beach. Ipanema might not have the calmest waters nor the most turquoise, but it is by far the most incredible beach I have ever been to. It is tantalizing to the senses! All you have to do is show up and the magical world of Rio will come to you. The best part is it all unfolds in a very relaxed fashion. You won’t find i

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Dining Out in Búzios, Brazil

9008597068?profile=originalOceanside Dining at Ferradura Beach, Buzios, Brazil



By Roy Heale


With over twenty fabulous beaches, great nightlife, and the best gourmet dining in Brazil it is little wonder that Buzios has developed a reputation for fun, relaxing gay vacations. Located only 120 miles north east from Rio de Janeiro, the small peninsula of Armacao de Buzios is becoming renowned as the up and coming gay-friendly resort destination in Brazil. The gay-owned accommodations and resorts of Chez Wadi and Our House pro

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Eco-Friendly Florianopolis, Brazil


The Beach at Pantano do Sul, Florianopolis, Brazil



By Roy Heale


On my second visit to Florianopolis I was fortunate enough to be hosted by local experts Marta Dalla Chiesa and Lesley Cushing, the co-owners of Brazil Eco Journeys, who are the only LGBT tour operators in Southern Brazil. Although it was my second visit to this wonderful, natural paradise island they managed to show me places and attractions that I had not discovered before. They have lived in Florianopolis---affectionately known

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Manaus, Brazil's Paris of the Amazon


by María José Cortés Llamas

Carved out of the Amazonian rain forest, Manaus (pop. 1.8 million) has been little known by the outside world, the capital of Amazonas state is filled with contrasts and intrigue, and previously lived through a golden age due to the rubber boom in the 19th century. The results can be seen in the architecture, which exude majesty and the inspiration of Belle-Époque Paris. The Amazon Theatre is the foremost example; inaugurated in 1896, it’s

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