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The History of the Bikini



“a bikini is a two-piece bathing suit which reveals everything about a girl except for her mother’s maiden name.” – Reárd [one of the pioneers of the bikini]

The history of the bikini is not a recent story. Although in modern times, the bikini only reached wide spread popularity in the 1960s, origins date back to the B.C. era. Not only acting as a fashion statement, the women’s swimsuit reveals much about the world’s political, cultural and social sub-context. Bromelia Swim

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Topless Bathing Wars in Italy

From NMT Images
Topless Bathing Wars in Italy

It didn’t take long.

In fact it took two minutes for a judge in Rome, Italy, to throw out of court a complaint by a mother, that a 26-year old bathing beauty was “committing obscene acts in a public place.”

The mother claimed the busty bathing beauty’s bare breasts “troubled” her two sons, ages 12 and 14, especially when the topless bather was in the act of rubbing suntan lotion on her bosoms.

The reported that a row between the two wome
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