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When booking flights, most of us look to save as much money as we can. But if you're looking to book cheap air tickets, you need to understand the various factors that influence the cost of fares. 

Flight Distance

The logical rule of thumb is that the greater the distance, the higher the ticket prices. Thus we conclude airplane ticket prices are directly proportional to the distance covered. But though distance is an essential factor, it's not the only one - the relative popul

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6 Hacks for Maximum Airplane Seat Comfort


Flying long haul (especially overnight) and worried about airplane seat comfort? After all, nobody wants to land at their destination feeling fatigued and uncomfrtable. But if you're traveling coach, low humidity along with narrow seats with minimal reclinability and legroom all add up to what can be a pretty unpleasant six to 18-plus hours.

Pick a Window Seat

You're far from alone if you find sleeping upright hard during a flight. You can certainly try a neck pillow or similar kind

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Having a vacation after a busy moment is seemingly exciting. You can look forward to great beaches and activities that will make your getaway worthwhile. One excellent option to go on a beach these days is to visit Marco Island near Naples. There are so many amenities and fun activities that you can surely love. One of the most exciting trips you can do around the Island is to go on a boat tour. Sanddollarshelling gives you the top option you might like when it comes to having a fun-filled islan

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7 Key Travel Rules for Itchy Feet


There is no doubt that many people love travelling. It gives them an opportunity to develop a new vision and perception about the world. Most importantly, it is the only golden chance to meet your inner self and talk to your own soul. Bored with our monotonous lives, we start feeling an intense desire to take a break and travel. However, as life has several rules, travelling too has its own rules. If you follow them, you will be able to get the most out of it.     

Let us dive into the world of t

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Travel writing can be fulfilling

Successful writing takes time to nurture, irrespective of the class of writing. Students have to master this skill, as it affects their overall academic performance. Cause and effect essays are among the many types of writing they must undertake. It doesn’t matter how good of a writer you are; you'll still need to learn new tricks and tips that will make you an even better writer. We have identified 5 such tips that will guide any student write their traveling cau

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Taj Mahal is undoubtedly one of the most famous monuments in India which has its popularity not only to its country but also worldwide. If you have been fed up with lots of work pressure and want to enjoy your life but have time issues then this Taj Mahal Tour From Delhi will be one of the great options for you.

We understand that in today's busy world is very difficult to take out time that's why we are providing the complete Agra trip in a single day so that you can save your time and also enjo

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The United States is one of the highly visited places and attracts millions of visitors every year. Whether you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy your family getaway, a place to run your business or go to school, the USA has a chance for everyone. If you are planning to visit the USA, however, there are things that you should have in your checklist. Let's have a look at some of the things that you should have before traveling to the USA.

Visa and ESTA

Be sure to check if you have a Visa o

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Preparing Your Home for Long-Term Travel


Are you planning an extended vacation or business trip? If your travels are going to take you out of town for weeks to months at a time, it's crucial to make sure your house is properly prepared for your long absence. Here are some guidelines to ensure that your home is protected against plumbing issues, appliance malfunctions and more while you are away.

Set Your Thermostat

If your long-term travel is planned for next winter, you'll need to make sure that your thermostat is set to at least 55 de

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Want to travel with your baby? Getting infant to rest easily away from home isn't easy, so it's no big surprise if arranging an up and coming trek makes them feel somewhat anxious with regards to ensuring your child gets a decent night's rest. Choosing the right travel crib could turn out to be a lifesaver.

I've discovered travel crib can be a lifeline for brisk overnights to Grandma's home, traveling to another goal, or in the event that you are sufficiently valiant, even a late spring traversin

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10 Mistakes You Should Never Do While Travelling

You always see lists dedicated to the best things to do while traveling today I want to share with you something else. I want you to get ready to avoid common mistakes to help you realize your best trip yet. I made a lot of errors and I want you to prevent doing yours so here it is my list made up of the 10 things not to do while traveling. Let’s get started.

9009238899?profile=original1) Do not forget to bring your boarding pass

Even if you have it in a digital version on your smart phone, remember always to download and k

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Guide to Choosing a Hotel Room

When booking your flight, it is far much easier to decide on the preferred seat, of course in consideration of availability. But when it comes to hotel booking, everything tends to depend on the aspect of luck. However, is determined to change that. This site is geared towards not only guiding you to the best hotels but also to the best rooms that suite your needs.

The following are some ways to be guaranteed of the perfect hotel room.


Know what you pref

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Mari and I in Morro de São Paulo

My friend Mari and me in Morro de São Paulo

I came to Brazil for the first time alone in 2014. I love to learn languages and I had made several attempts at Spanish that never furnished the skills I had hoped for. So, I filled a backpack and headed to South America for a six-month trip. I had a rough idea of where I wanted to go, but the overall idea was to be alone so that I could be immersed in Spanish and return home with the capability of being charming at a dinner party in Mexico City (if tha

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A Guide to Rio de Janeiro's Ipanema Beach

9009140486?profile=originalA visit to Ipanema Beach is number one on every visitor's to-do list

When visitors to Rio ask me at Bromelia Rio Travel what I recommend, the reply is always the same… go to the beach. Ipanema might not have the calmest waters nor the most turquoise, but it is by far the most incredible beach I have ever been to. It is tantalizing to the senses! All you have to do is show up and the magical world of Rio will come to you. The best part is it all unfolds in a very relaxed fashion. You won’t find i

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