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Blue Mountains Tours from Sydney Australia

Sydney's majestic Blue Mountains, only 80 kilometres from the centre of Sydney City, provides a stark contrast. Whilst the city has its harbours and skyscrapers, the Blue Mountains is a picture perfect wilderness the size of a small country.

Many companies take tours to the Blue Mountain. However, one, Travel Ideology comes out on top when you are looking for a nature- and wildlife-based private tour of the Blue Mountains, including the most amazing views of the golden sandstone escarpments. 


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Dan and Mary Stroudt oooh and aaah at the multicolored scenery below the hot air balloon in which they’re riding. The journey is very different for Mark and Marylee Sutherland as they help to paddle a rubber raft along a stretch of whitewater in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Betsy Goodman and Tom Cross are traveling at a slower pace, strolling across a glass-bottom observation deck.

These disparate experiences may seem to have little in common, but they do. They provide opportun

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Sapa Best Highlights

Fansipan Mountains - 'Roof of Indochina'


 Fansipan Mountains - 'Roof of Indochina'

Fansipan peaks at the height of 3143m above sea level. Fansipan also offers some great choices for many levels of trekking starting from the easiest path can be done within a full days for those who are physically fit, not necessary experienced. Scenery along the way to the top is worth your effort with thick forest, magnificent landscape of Hoang Lien Son range, idyll tribal villages and the sight of wild Azalea ne

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Visit Asturias (Spain)

9009208054?profile=originalIf we focus on talking about tourist stays, we are excellent places in Spain, as in the case of Asturias . Splendid, varied tourist spots that will be able to please a wide variety of people, Asturias has become one of the most visited of the Iberian Peninsula and it is not very difficult tounderstand why places.

One of the most striking aspects when traveling to Asturias is the cuisine; in few places in Spain you'll get a variety so exquisite and striking as in this area. One of the favorite dis

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Mount Kailash (6714m), the famed holy peak in western Tibet has its own grandeur. Mt.Kailash is a very popular mountain peak of Tibet. It is also known by the name of Tise, kailash or Kang Rinpoche (Jewel of the Snows). Since time immemorial it has been celebrated in many eastern cosmologies as Mt. Meru. It is believed to have been formed 30 million years ago when Himalayan were in their early stage of formation.Mt. Kailash is one of the most revered mountains. Sprawling below Mount kailesh is t
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Itatiaia National Park is the first and so also the oldest National Park of Brazil. It was inaugurated in 1937 and covers almost 30.000 hectares of the
larger Environmental Protection Area of the Mantiqueira mountain range.

Getting there from Rio de Janeiro is a +/- 200 km drive via the BR116 (Rio – São Paulo). The distance from São Paulo is about 250 Km. I’m
lucky to live in Volta Redonda, which is only 80km from the park.



Veu da Noiva (bride's veil) waterfall in Itatiaia

How to get ther

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 is often associated with good food, romantic piazzas, Roman ruins and turquoise beaches – few know about the majestic mountains that run through Italy. From the Dolomites to the Apennines, the peaks of Italy boast dramatic heights and grandeur but are often overlooked by tourists and locals alike. Thanks to Reinhold Messner, one of the most famous mountaineers of all time, Italian peaks are slowly moving into the travel spotlight and getting the attention they deserve.

9296575675?profile=originalGreatest Climber of A

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Tahoe Donner - Cross-Country Skiing Redux

I never thought I’d go cross-country skiing again, but I went this morning. I tried cross-country skiing years ago, not out of desire but because it was a story assignment for a Tahoe weekly paper I worked on. If I recall, I spent most of my time that day in the snow. Not on it. And my take on the whole idea of cross-country skiing? Tougher than downhill skiing. Painful. Not worth it. Not by a long shot.

For a downhill skier, which is how I identified myself at the time, wobbling along on skinn

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Mt. Elgon climbing is a fascinating adventure. The second highest mountain in Kenya and one of the most spectacular mountains in Africa worth climbing is Mount Elgon. Due to the unpredictable rainy season, it can be wet any time of the year although the most reliable season [dry period] is between December and February. It is also reasonably high and it is advisable to prepare adequately.

From the Kenya side,the highest point is Koitoboss at 4,187m and it is accessed in 3 or 4 days depending on t

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Doing the Parikrama in Tibet

Destiny levels with you in ways neither strange nor unpredictable. Strange and unpredictable are the ways Fate tempts you. Living is what is caught in the line of these sparring two. And travel is the referee, drawing a line between the clash of the mind craving for head-on collisions with rare experiences and the body set to an assuring routine. The cruelties you come across will harden you, the wonders will humble you, the hardships will embolden you; nothing will leave you untouched. Travelli

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India mothers land of nature

What is India? Why is it one of the most chosen destinations of the globe? Well, here is the answer of this query; India is a land of rich culture and traditions where tourists get the chance to enjoy their each and every moment by exploring its attractive and picturesque beauty and attractions.

India is blessed with so many for every tourist as a number of tourism attractions that never fail to catch the attention of tourists from all over the world are situated in the map of India where touri
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Mendoza's Gay Vendimia (Wine Festival) in March

9008590854?profile=original                                                                         Mendoza Winery


Located in the Andes mountain range of Argentina, Mendoza is a year-round vacation destination. Renowned globally for being the capital of Argentina's wine making industry----especially the renowned Malbecs---Mendoza is also a center for skiing in the higher peaks during July, August, and September. The annual Vendimia wine festival in March is the highlight of the year with festivities for all ages and a spe

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Everest Is the Top of the World

Everest. One word, wow. It was a beautiful clear day. Our Buddha Air flight was on a 17 seat Beechcraft. This aircraft is a small tubular unit with one seat on each side of the aisle. A six foot tall person cannot stand erect in the aisle. My wife dislikes small planes and she was uncomfortable at first. Once we got to the mountains, her demeanor changed.

We flew out of the domestic airport. This is a major tourist attraction, and we found out why.

We left at 6:30 in the morning and were back in t

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Tour Packages and places to visit in india

People formal over the world come to India to enjoy the diversified beauty of this land. There are numerous places to visit in india of tourist attractions in India. The India Tour Package can give you everything from lofty mountains, the low lying plains, water bodies, wild life sanctuaries etc

The tours to North Indian leave its travelers awestruck as the shimmering lakes, evergreen forests, sparkling streams and grassy slopesjust offer beautiful view. Kashmir which lies in North India ispopula

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Great Outdoor Days in LA


Join me at my blog or on for Great Outdoor Days in L.A. Posting.

These are power packed days that cleanse the psyche, rejuvinate the body and inspire the soul.

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ADAIRSVILLE, GA— One of the few resorts in the country offering an onsite wing shooting, hunting and fly fishing program, Barnsley Gardens Resort reopens its sporting program and hunting plantation as The Shooting Grounds at Barnsley Gardens Resort this October. A full-service outfitter, The Shooting Grounds at Barnsley Gardens Resort includes a new Gun Club, horse-mounted hunts, a 17-station clay shooting course, 2,200-acre Springbank Plantation, fly fishing and corporate sporting packages.“We
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