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Annually since 1985, the cultural poobahs of the European Union have desginated one or more of the continent's cities (and as of 2022 it's three), as Capitals of Culture, focusing on their cultural offerings, allowing them to organize a series of cultural events (many with a strong pan-European dimension); bring in considerable additional revenue; foster urban renewal; and raise their international profiles and images. Since the first one, Athens, most

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9008892894?profile=originalWith my penchant for museums, I was enchanted to visit the Hunt Museum in Limerick. Has nothing to do with hunting but everything with one of the greatest private collections of art and antiques in Ireland, right up to the the 20th century.

John and Gertrude Hunt were antique dealers and art historians and started, well, collecting and keeping those items they most liked for themselves. This went on for a good long time and suddenly they had more than 2,000 items on their hands. The next proble

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Flamenco, the Soul of Andalusia


The centuries-old traditional music and dance form of flamenco is deeply rooted throughout the culture of southern Spain, and still popular in both public and private celebrations. An inheritance passed down rally through the ages and only more recently via recordings and videos, today it has also become a cultural industry, an economic driver, a subject for study, and a tourist attraction. It is the present, the past, and the future, tradition and avant-garde, and one of world's richest cultura

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Why Philadelphia Is For Art Lovers


The 72 steps leading up to the Philadelphia Art Museum are called the “Rocky Steps” after Rocky’s run up the flight in the movie of the same name. It became symbolic of the ability of an underdog to triumph. Today some tourists run up the steps in Rocky fashion.  Others walk.  The view at the top is great. A 10-foot tall bronze Rocky statue was originally at the top of the steps and then moved to the bottom of the steps where it became a popular attraction.  However, it was considered a movie p

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The Magnificent Museums of Madrid


In 2014, Spain's capital marked another cultural high point when the National Archaeological Museum reopened after a six-year, €65-million renovation. It’s still housed in the same handsome 19th-century neoclassical building on Calle Serrano in downtown Madrid, and still displays a wealth of world treasures including some unique to Spain such as a replica of the spectacular Altamira Caves prehistoric art and the iconic Celto-Iberian bust known as theLady of Elche (top). What’s different is a

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Navigating London’s 'Theatreland'

Even though many people who come to London take in a show, many more forget "Theatreland" is there. Don't believe me?

Those on a business trip to London don’t consider it, yet a night at the theatre is a great way to spend a spare evening on your own or entertaining a business customer that you may not know too well.

Newlyweds don't think about it, but what can be more romantic than seeing a top West End show with your beautiful new wife or handsome husband?

And budget travellers don't but surprisi

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According to's recent poll studying UK Theatregoers theatre-going preferences, family-friendly shows such as Wicked, Disney's The Lion King and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are what we most want to see in London's West End.

9008913497?profile=originalCharlie and the Chocolate Factory

You can see our colourful infographic at asked over 3200 UK theatregoers what shows they have enjoyed and what shows they think they would like to

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Hi all,

travelers to major cities want to take in excellent theater at bargain prices. If you're in NYC this weekend, you have got to check out this off-off Broadway piece at Astoria Performing Arts Center in Queens. Here's my review from The Queens Gazette newspaper:


A Hard Wall At High Speed: Powerful Play Hits Home 


A scene from A Hard Wall at High Speed at the Astoria Performing Arts Center. A scene from A Hard Wall at High Speed at the Astoria Performing Arts Center.


I don’t recall ever watching a play that had the audience glued to their seats

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9008819498?profile=originalIn the heart of San Jose, Costa Rica, the National Theatre (Teatro Nacional) remains one of the capital city’s most popular tourist attractions

The ornate Neo-Classical theatre is considered the finest historic building in San Jose, and is known for its exquisite interior decorated with lavish furnishings and beautiful murals.

9296583872?profile=originalOne of the theatre’s main ceiling murals, in fact, was just named one of “10 great ceilings around the world,” according to an article in USA Today. The famous painting is

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by Inka Piegsa-Quischotte

9008633055?profile=originalThree images are especially iconic when it comes to Turkey: the Blue Mosque of Istanbul, the library at Ephesus, and the whirling dervishes of Konya. But despite all the time I’ve spent in this country, until I visited the dervishes’ annual festival last December, I didn’t truly know what they were all about. “Konya offers a unique opportunity to learn about the Sufi philosophy and the significance of the dance in the place where it all originated,” my Turkish friend

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The exact origins of capoeira are uncertain, although most people recognize that it was created by the 16th-century African slaves who were shipped across the Atlantic. The movements contain unmistakable native Brazilian influences. What noone can deny is that capoeira has been around for almost 500 years and is now as powerful a cultural symbol of Brazil as it ever has been.

Capoeira – The Early Years

Practicing a form that's part dance, part martial art, a capoeira fighter is distinguished

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Vienna Travel: ‘I am trying to convince a group of friends to visit Vienna Austria. We are planning our annual city trip. My friends love the good things in life and like culture. Which tips would win them over for a Vienna city break?’, my ex boss recently asked an unusually simple question.

I can actually write a book about the answer. Here are my key winning arguments that will provide the final kick to any culture traveler for visiting my hometown.


Two UNESCO World Heritage sites



If you love

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Many of those who visit the Dominican Republic for its golden sandy beaches, tropical forests, and adventure in Jurassic Park-esque settings discover that it's also home to a world of rich culture, intriguing history and especially some world-class contemporary art.

One of the DR modern art scene's most famous figures was the late Cándido Bidó, whose work earned him international fame in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. His works were highly sought after by foreigner collectors s

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Visitors to Costa Rica’s northwest Guanacaste region probably don’t realize the area was once a thriving community for the indigenous Chorotega tribe. Indigenous history and traditions maintain a low profile in the Central American country, yet if you look closely they are all around you.

Spreading across Costa Rica’s entire northern Pacific zone, Guanacaste, for instance, is called the “Chorotega region” after its original inhabitants. The Nicoya Peninsula is named for a Chorotega chief who rule

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Return to Tallinn, Estonia

Europe Estonia Tallinn Raekojaplats
Though I’m (quite obviously) not Estonian, I must admit to a lump in the throat on a cool, overcast morning as the gargantuan green-and-orange Tallink ferry pulled into this tiny Baltic country’s capital after a two-hour sea crossing from Helsinki.

It was July 2009, and I was embarking on my introduction to the shiny new Tallinn, 17 years after my last visit and 27 years after my first — as a student studying Russian in Leningrad, then as a travel writer visiting shortly after Estonia‘s indepen

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I'm something of a language geek, and I'm particularly fascinated by the linguistic patchwork of Europe. I mean, many of us know about Spain's regional languages like Catalan, Basque, and Galician. But when it comes to, say, Germany, Italy, or France, I've found many people tend to assume everybody speaks only German, Italian, and French.

They forget , though (or maybe never knew), that such countries were formed from a, yes, patchwork of regions with sometimes quite distinct cultures and lan

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Peru's a Perfect Place to Ring in the New Year

Why is that? Well, Peru offers a New Year’s experience to appeal to virtually any and every type of traveler. It’s famously filled with the mystical and the historic. It also offers high culture, unsurpassed ecotourism, and adrenaline-pumping adventure. Add in a plethora of superb hotels, restaurants and spas, and it all adds up to a special occasion you’ll never, ever forget. Another year? Bring it on.

Top Peruvian New Year’s Traditions

To ensure a new year full of good luck and prosperity,

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Associated traditional stage arts with tourism

Mr. Le Tien Tho-Chairman of the Vietnam theater artist-says: To promote and preserve traditional stage arts need to build and determine which is the national target, it is the heritage chemical. In particular, must be associated traditional stage arts to tourism, there are exchange programs, introducing traditional art with international friends …

To do this, first of all, the performing arts have to innovate by improving infrastructure, building and program content appropriate time to perform wi

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Most tourists to Costa Rica never see San José. They are whisked off from the Juan Santamaria International Airport outside the city to the “pretty” sights of the country; or they fly into the northern Guanacaste international airport at Liberia and don’t go anywhere near the Central Valley. That’s too bad. San José has a lot to offer … from museums to art galleries, plazas, walking boulevards, shady green parks, hidden architectural gems and great restaurants … you just have to know where to lo

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Q: What has Shakespeare got to do with Gdansk?

A: The fact that the first Shakespeare theatre built in Gdansk, was during the dramatist's lifetime! . Professional English actors have been coming here each summer from 1600 to 1650, bringing with them his masterful plays. As the result in about 1611, a theatre was built along the lines of those in London. It was equipped with three gallery tiers for the audience (similar to the London's Globe), had an open stage and an open-air courtyard. The thea

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