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6 of Virginia's Top Destinations


"Virginia is for lovers," the tourism slogan goes and that´s especially true for lovers of history and nature. Here you'll see colonial settlements as well as Civil War battlefields and presidential residences (eight presidents have hailed from here, mostly early in the USA´s history). Its cities are a mix of historic architecture and cutting-edge modern culture and amenities including great dining; its relatively modest coastline is nonetheless packed with appealing beaches; and its

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12304959688?profile=RESIZE_930xMountain Lake Lodge, AKA Kellerman’s Resort: Where Dirty Dancing Comes to Life. Photo courtesy of Mountain Lake Lodge

Is there anyone who doesn’t know you don’t put Baby in a corner? Or who doesn’t automatically hum along to The Time of My Life? Imagine revisiting Dirty Dancing at its original locale – and visiting the site where Baby and Johnny practiced “the lift” – possibly the most famous dance routine ending ever? Welcome to Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, Virginia channeling the Catskills

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“You want me to go where?” I shouted in my mind as I barreled down a harrowingly steep embankment leading into a wall of mud -- and gravel-encased woods. I was driving – or more accurately surviving – an ATV excursion at the Primland Resort in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. near the North Carolina border and an hour and a half south of the city of Roanoke.

On the hourlong ride, when I was willing to unclutch the steering wheel long enough to wave at an occasional wild turkey, pheasant, or d

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Renowned as one of the United State's most signature historic destinations, America's Historic Triangle (Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown Virginia) is packed with opportunities for gaining a more informed insight into how the American Revolution unfolded, shaping the world's great democratic experiment. The Historic Triangle is also becoming increasingly known as a mecca for craft food and beverages with historical tie ins as well as making history of their own.


Where to Begin


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William Byrd III was a man of great stature in colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. His vast estate included mills, warehouses and ships, and he owned hundreds of slaves.  However due to his lavish lifestyle and gambling addiction, he could not live within his income, lost his wealth and died - it’s believed by suicide - in 1760.

Christiana Campbell operated one of Williamsburg’s most successful taverns, where she hosted the likes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

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3 Places You Shouldn't Miss In Virginia



One of the 13 original states of hte USA, Virginia is a beautiful and picturesque destination that has sandy beaches, historical attractions and many other places to delight your senses. The Blue Ridge Mountains is one of the main sites that allow you to see an extensive range of birds and animals. The state invites you to have a vacation that is filled with fun and enjoyment. In this write-up, we wanted to cover some of the top things that you must explore while spending time in Virginia.

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