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I have just spent a couple of days in the fascinating colonial town of Diamantina which is on the diamond circuit of the gold route that runs from Diamantina to Ouro Preto and then on to Paraty and Rio de Janeiro. Set amongst rolling hills with lush vegetation and tropical flowers and plants, Diamantina is a fascinating city with plenty to do for a two or three day stay. Visiting the waterfalls and seeing the cave paintings en route to the hamlet of Biribiri which was one of the main producers o

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3 Places You Shouldn't Miss In Virginia



One of the 13 original states of hte USA, Virginia is a beautiful and picturesque destination that has sandy beaches, historical attractions and many other places to delight your senses. The Blue Ridge Mountains is one of the main sites that allow you to see an extensive range of birds and animals. The state invites you to have a vacation that is filled with fun and enjoyment. In this write-up, we wanted to cover some of the top things that you must explore while spending time in Virginia.

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