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Renowned as one of the United State's most signature historic destinations, America's Historic Triangle (Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown Virginia) is packed with opportunities for gaining a more informed insight into how the American Revolution unfolded, shaping the world's great democratic experiment. The Historic Triangle is also becoming increasingly known as a mecca for craft food and beverages with historical tie ins as well as making history of their own.


Where to Begin


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CAR_¿No conoces la refrescante michelada

The michelada
 became popular in Mexico during the 1940s, when people started to mix beer and spicy hot sauces. There are two versions to explain the origin of its name: one attributes it to Michel Ésper, who was said to have invented the drink at the bar of a sports club in San Luis Potosí; time went by and the invention became known as michelada as a tribute to its creator. The second, more simple version says that the name is just a contraction of the phrase “Mi cerveza helada” (my ice-cold b

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While planning a recent visit to the Pocono Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania, I was on the hunt for a unique, super casual, and customer-approved restaurant where the fam could grab a tasty dinner.

After some searching, I found Barley Creek Brewery in Tannersville, within spitting distance of where we were planning to set up base.  My wife Sue, who appreciates a well-executed brew, would definitely be in the mood for a tall, frosty one after our scheduled day of water parking in the July heat.  

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After living in Australia more than 20 years, I can say that there are still aspect of Australian cuisine that I find worth exploring and learning about. What defines food of the country I now call home? Traditionally a lot of meat, but since the whole continent is surrounded by the sea/ocean there is an abundance of seafood. That is what I loved about Australia: fresh, healthy variety of the seafood platter. Add some original brands of wine and good beer and you have a recipe for success in eve

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Bohemian Rhapsodies Outside Prague


It’s true that Prague, with its ravishing Old Town, bangin' nightlife, and other allures, is enough to hold any visitor spellbound for an entire vacation and then some. But much of the essence of the Czech Republic flows from the cities, towns, and countryside outside the capital. Many visitors don’t make it out here, but there are some marvelous rewards easily reachable in day trips or overnights (in some cases you can even fit two spots in a single day, since they’re fairly close together).

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The 'Brown Bars' of the Netherlands & Belgium


 ‘Our ceilings are a fetching shade of old gold as a result of the millions of cigarettes which have been smoked on the premises since they were last painted white, and there is something homely and almost comforting about the smell of stale smoke …’

George East A Year Behind Bars.


I’m probably the worst kind of non-smoker … the ‘crusading ex-smoker’. That’s the kind of guy who, having successfully forsworn the Evil Weed, tries to persuade those around him to do the same. So, I’m probably the las

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In nearly every corner of the world, you can find a local, traditional beverage that’s worth to taste. In many of those destinations you could easily arrange an organized beverage trail, but very often it’s best to simply head to the nearest pub and enjoy a drink with the locals – a perfect chance to get a bot of taste of the culture! Here are 5 must-try beverages to get you started.

1. Guinness, Ireland


The first pint of dark-bodied stout with roasted barley and caramel flavour, comes from the br

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9008624258?profile=originalI can tell you from experience that the good folks of Finland sure do like their olut (beer). And come summer its capital’s denizens delight in soaking up both sun and suds at outdoor cafés and on their cute little archipelago islands. So I daresay you shan’t be shocked that Helsinki’s home to the world’s only streetcar-pub. And it’s actually a streetcar named, uh, SpåraKOFF (Koff being a popular Finnish brand of suds).

Whatever. In any case, you won’t have a drop of trouble spotting it: Most ot

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Connecticut's Mohegan Sun Brewfest Debut


Autumn is harvest season and that means tons of festivals across the world marking the occasion. Food, wine, and of course beer are all fair game. I was extremely psyched to attend Mohegan Sun’s First Annual Brewfest and have my pick of sampling over 100 different brands. I quickly discovered that not only a ton of local breweries were spreading good cheer but some established giants offered up some obscure seasonal offerings as well. Here are some I’ll be hunting down and looking forward to tas

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Time For a Beer Run, Italian Style!

There’s much abuzz about Italian beer –it seems that interest in this tasty, budget-friendly beverage is only growing. In fact, more and more people want to make the discovery of Italian beer – both microbrews and commercial brands – a part of their trip to Italy.  In recent years Italian beer culture has been experiencing its own Renaissance and deserves to be acknowledged not only within Italy’s borders, but also by the rest of the world. So next time you find yourself in a bar or restaurant i

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Oktoberfest: O’zapft Is!

Pandemonium has been reigning over Munich for the last two weeks. Hordes of people wandered the cramped streets of the capital of Bavaria in hopes of finding a seat on a wooden bench under one of 14 tents. What kind of madness is this? Answer: The kind of madness you would be lucky to be part of.

okto3.jpgYes, it’s Oktoberfest.

Sixteen days filled with würstl, dirndls dresses, oompah music and more “Maß” (one-liter mugs) than you can count. 
Every year during  mid-to-late September, the fairgrounds of Ther
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October fest's fun!

Thies week is great for everyone who loves beer...Yeah, the October fest has started! So, I'd like to mention some interesting facts about October fest's home land: Germany -


There are over 82 million people in Germany. It is the most densely populated country in the world. The Germans have kept 31% of the country covered with forests and woodlands. There is the feeling of wilderness all around you. That is what makes Germany such a beautiful country.

There is cheese

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Why is Munich's famous Oktoberfest called Oktoberfest if it's mostly in September?

The first Oktoberfest was held in 1810 to honor the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig's marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The festivities began on October 12, 1810 and ended after five days with a horse race. During the years, the celebrations were repeated and, later, the festival was extended and moved forward into September, for better chances of good weather. September nights are warmer and vi

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Marquis de Sade, Prague, Czech RepublicDespite its provocative name — from, as you’ll recall, one of history’s more notorious sex fiends — the Marquis de Sade, once the largest brothel in the Czech Republic’s capital, is a den of no more iniquity and kink than the average student hangout. Is the Marquis de Sade the best watering hole in town? Maybe not, but this Prague bar may well be the one where you feel most comfortable.

Rough, ready and relentlessly bohemian, the Marquis de Sade’s charms include high ceilings, capacious

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Munich Oktoberfest celebrates 200th anniversary in 2010

Germany is justifiably famous for its great beer and wine festivals, which start in late summer or early fall and focus on regional wines, beers, and culinary specialties. The most famous is the Munich Oktoberfest, the world’s oldest and largest beer festival , which celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2010. Festival dates this year are September 18 to October 4.

The Munich Oktoberfest turns the city into party central. Dozens of huge tents s

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I am referring to Bocas Del Toro, Panama. While barely within the single digit latitudes,(9.80 degrees north) made famous by Jimmy Buffet, Bocas is also an easy destination to reach. Bocas is on the Caribbean side of Panama, as far west as you can go without getting to Costa Rica. That is right, west. Panama runs east-west, not north-south.

Transportation to Bocas is by air, or water. It is after all an archipelago of Islands. The town referred to as Bocas is on Isla Colon, but many people move

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21st Amendment Brewery's Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer...Genuine Refreshment!

21st Amendment Brewery's Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer...Genuine Refreshment!

First, an explanation about where 21st Amendment Brewery gets its name. The turn of the 20th century witnessed thousands of small breweries operating across America. Just in San Francisco alone there were about 40 breweries within the city limits. By comparison, today there are eight with a population more than double what it was in 1900. These breweries not only served great tasting beers but also captured the ess

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