Connecticut (2)


You have many opportunities for stepping back in time when exploring Connecticut's coastline. One stellar example is the Saybrook Point section of Old Saybrook Connecticut, situated at the confluence of the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound 100 miles equidistant from Boston and NYC. Before interstate highways and multi lane bridges dominated the transportation landscape, a railroad roundhouse marked the spot along with ferry docks that shuttled passengers across the river up until the 1920

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Dracula, Frankenstein and other heroes of the horrors will be on hand, while spooks and spiders, ghouls and goblins will abound in haunted graveyards. The Litchfield Hills of Northwestern Connecticut will be filled with unique ways to celebrate Halloween throughout the month of October. Families can choose from fearsome to friendly, with many chances for younger children to don their costumes and parade in happy small town celebrations.

Scary Scenarios

For chills, make haste to the Haunted Graveya
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