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7 of Europe's Cheapest Cities to Visit



Europe is of course filled with amazing scenic and cultural sights and experiences, but it's also known as by and large an expensive place to visit. Yet it doesn't have to be! There are still a number of European cities and countries where you won't bust your wallet on lodging, dining, entertainment, and touring, and here are seven of them - many, but not all, in Eastern Europe (and of course don't forget that in budget travel, a good part of your savings occurs at the beginning and end of yo

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9008765691?profile=originalFirst you have to realize that Puerto Lobos is not your typical Mexican coastal beach town, with palapas and cabanas, mar y sol, margaritas, mojitos and chicas in bikinis.  Oh sure, there’s a beach… miles of it, in fact.  And there are plenty of structures there, too.  Some people actually live there; others visit on holidays from the big city.  And there are even a few chicas playing there, also, most of them under six years old.  After that age they hav

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How to Do Nice, France on a Budget

The French Riviera is a great tourist attraction and Nice is the biggest resort here. It can be quite expensive vacationing here but that doesn’t mean you can’t do Nice on a strict budget.


Mmm, Food.


Nice has an abundance of Michelin star rated restaurants, but there are a few places you can get delicious food without breaking the bank. Brasserie de Monaco brews their own beer in house and has delicious offerings such as a focaccia with tomatoes, olives and fried onions. There’s also Marc de Café

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10 Spots in Dubai To Enjoy for Free

As we all know, Dubai is quite an expensive city, especially if we compare it to the other magnificent megapolises. At first it may even seem that there’s nothing to do in Dubai without a great stack of money, but not so. Every city, no matter which, has amazing places which you can enjoy absolutely for free.

Here's a list of my top choices in Dubai (in many cases, you'll need a rental car to reach them). 

1. The Dubai Fountain

Enjoy an incredible show, when thousands of water jets soar up into

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London on a Budget? Yes, It's Possible!


It’s hardly a shocker that in a recent Tripadvisor survey of the world’s most expensive cities for travellers, London came in the top 10 (number 7, to be precise); it has been thus for some years now. But of course there’s no way you can let that keep you away from this magnificent metropolis on the Thames.  Over the years I’ve done travel to London both rich and poor, and while rich is certainly better, there are definitely ways to stretch your pound in a variety of areas. Getting around is q

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Freda's Top 5 Tips to Save on Caribbean Travel

9008878680?profile=originalIt's that time of the year when you a planning your vacation or weekend,getaway,

And that does not come cheap. With airlines raising the cost of tickets thanks to

the return of business flyers and more people now taking vacations who waited

due to the economic downturn, the cost of travel is now on the rise. However, 

there are still some great deals to find.

Listed below are 5 of my favorite ways I have used to save on travel cost:

1. Plan in advance

Some of the best deals I have come across came when

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by Denise Pulis


9008643097?profile=originalBeautiful ZurichSwitzerland always ranks high in Mercer’s cost-of-living surveys, but does it really have to be one of Europe’s most expensive cities for the visitor? Not necessarily, if you follow my insider’s tips to Zurich on a budget.


Hotels that Are Always Good Deals

 Finding inexpensive accommodations in  Zurich is no easy feat, but it can be done. For rock-bottom prices, consider camping at Camping Seebucht (July to early October), just  miles (4 km) from downtown,

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The capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi has just been named the cheapest city in Asia and the second cheapest city in the world!
Hanoi, Vietnam
The respected TripAdvisor TripIndex for Summer 2013 compares costs across 49 cities in Europe, Americas, Africa, Oceania and Asia. In the comparison are a 4 star hotel, taxi trip, cocktails and dinner, all based on two travellers.
Overall Hanoi has the cheapest dinner for two people out of all 49 cities at 36.71 USD, thanks to a fantastic array of local restaura
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Chicago on a Budget

Prioritizing while planning a trip helps in determining a budget. This list is even more relevant if the location you are going to has numerous options, like Chicago. Knowing what's most important helps decide where to trim spending in order to have money for deal breakers. If food is not the high priority, but a live theater performance is an absolute must, checking out the eatery menus online can determine where to eat for less in order to have the must-haves.

If shopping is your dream, then st
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9008763671?profile=original        I stop. “Wha’dya’ got?  Is it good?”

        “Is it good?  Hell, yes, it’s good.  D’you think I’m gonna’ get you some Mexican carnicero to snake the drain that’s gotta’ process all those hamburguesas, man?  It’s the real thing, hombre…

        “Cuanto cuesta?”

        “Are you a gringo?

        “Claro que no, soy chilango, nada mas vivo al otro lado para ganarme plata.”

        “Entonces, I can get you a special price, only seiscientos dolares, mas o menos.  You got any complications?


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How To Pay For Travel If You're Poor

I know a lot of financial experts say to skip travel if you're poor.I totally disagree with that.Travel can open the door to business ideas and jobs.It also acts as a strong motivation to make more money.The very planning and saving for trips can lead to different opportunities.If you have kids,travel opens their eyes to careers they haven't thought of and colleges they might like to attend in the future. On top of all that, planning of trips brings happiness and of course travel is educational

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Budget Holiday Tips

So you are searching for cheap holiday accommodations to chill out this summer, right? Well, great. And now what’s next? Exactly, it is finding the best possible holiday deals. Holiday packages are not necessarily to be expensive always. Here we will give you the hints to find the best holiday accommodations without breaking your bank balance. Summer is the season where most of the people tend to migrate from their hometowns to chiller places to escape from the harmful rays of hot sun.

Often holi

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9008561660?profile=originalVacation getaways that are both appealing and off-the-grid are an endangered species to begin with. But even in this rarefied company, the San Blas Archipelago, stretching across the lower half of Panama Caribbean coast, is in a class by itself. Eighty-percent uninhabited, these more than 350 islands, reachable by puddle-jumper flights from Panama City, are as pristine a paradise as you'll find anywhere in the world these days, with occasional lodges, inns, and villages of thatched huts.

What m

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Free is good and in Annapolis the free things are great.  Check out eCruiser. Historic Annapolis is a walking city but when you don’t want to walk call the eCruiser. The fun, hip, and cool 100% Electric Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) are tourist and eco-friendly. Drivers work on “tips only.”  There is also the free Annapolis Circulator that will take people to a variety of locations in the city.


And, there are more cool things to do for free. Visit the Annapolis Museum near the City Dock and see the

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Tips For Travelling On A Budget


Back before the industrial revolution, travelling was a perk that only the elite could afford, a luxury denied to most of the population, who even if they could afford the journey itself - which they couldn't - couldn't afford to stay away from work for that long. Nowadays, travel is relatively easy, but it still never hurts to find ways to cut the costs of our holidays - so we can start saving for next year, if nothing else ;) Here are some tips to help reduce your travel expenses.

1. Travel off

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Our children grow up eventually and they want to do all sorts of things we don't want them to do however we remember being their age and we remember what we did and we have a hard time saying NO.

There comes a time, whether in their late teens or early twenties when sons and daughters alike want to go out and discover the world. This sometimes comes as a shock and a great stage of fear ensues; we find ourselves wishing we were still taking them to Disney to meet Donald Duck.

However they want to

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Verb, -eled, -el·ing or (especially British) -elled, -el·ling

Noun, adjective verb (used without object)

  1. To go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane, or ship; take a trip, journey--to travel for pleasure.
  2. To move or go from one place or point to another
  3. To proceed or advance in any way
  4. To go from place to place as a representative of a business firm
  5. To associate or consort: He travels in a wealthy crowd

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about traveling. Not sure why, but suspect it

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Westminster Abbey, Jewel of London

The most amazing  and beautiful building in all of London, Westminster Abbey!

An absolutely beautiful building with an astonishing history.

If you ever go to London, do the Abbey. Even if you are  just there for a day, do the Abbey. Photos are not allowed inside, but most of you have probably seen pictures of the recent Royal Wedding. That is OK because. no camera, no photographer can capture the whole scene inside, let alone the grandeur, the history, the splendor.

One word of warning, if you have

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This is the city that has everything: shopping, culture, sports, entertainment and good food. And the best part is that most attractions in London is gathered in the center. The best way to get to know the city is to walk, since there are an awful lot to see. You may want to take a neighborhood per day, preferably Leicester Square, Soho, Westminster and the City of London.

If you have a lot of activities planned in different parts of the center, the subway, or the “tube”, is the best way to trave

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A Guide to Being a Good Guide

I AM NOT AN EXPERT. Yet. There's a couple dudes better than me (Arthur Frommer & Rick Stevens to name a few). I'm trying. I'm learning. So here's a couple tips to be a better guide.
1. Don't hide all your money in one place. Cause if someone gets it, that's it. Have a couple spots for some emergency money.
2.Don't you dare wear a fanny pack. DON'T YOU DARE. 
3. Make several copies of your passport. I know its a pain. I know. Just do it.
4. Guidebooks. Here's my thoughts. The DK series is really my g
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