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11 Tips for Finding Affordable Rail Tickets

Are you planning your next adventure on the rails, and concerned about the potential costs? Here´s a comprehensive look on how to snag cheaper train tickets, from innovative booking strategies to secret deals. So all aboard!

Book Early: The Early Bird Gets the Worm!

Booking your tickets as far ahead as possible can lead to significant savings. Rail companies typically release their tickets 12 weeks in advance, and that's when you can grab the cheapest seats. The reason behind this is simple. The

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Booking Train Travel in India

Finding trains is not that hard in India. Every day, millions of people travel through trains inside India. Train is the topmost used mode of transportation inside a state and also between states. This article will talk in detail about how to find your trains easily.


IRCTC is the government-run railway website which has the database of all functioning trains with option for booking tickets in the present and also in near future. The only problem with this site is the traffic level. Eve

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Dalat - A Classic Train

For a long time tourists to Da Lat often toured the mountainous city by walking, biking, carriage riding or driving an old Vespa. Now they can take another means of transport - the classic train that will surely bring a wonderful experience. It is a really good chance for any visitor to behold the charming plateau city on the old train running slowly along mountain slopes, through flower farms, hamlets and hills of pine trees.

To turn Dalat into a convalescent paradise in Indochina, in 1908 the F

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map_of_monteverde-and-santa-elena.jpg?width=266The year was 1998. There was a very small flow of visitors coming to Costa Rica, about 100,000 according to the official numbers. A decade later, that number has increased up to 2 million tourists per year. This $1.9 billion industry is mainly based on Eco-tourism and has been driven by the green buzzword.

As congested beaches and theme parks continue to lose their novelty and decline into the inevitable "fad" categorization, the world's natural attractions are thrust into the spotlight, front an

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We had not been on a train in years, so when invited to experience a weekend getaway on the rails that was “drive free,” we jumped at the opportunity. The adventure entailed making our way to the Diridon Train Station in San Jose, California, and boarding the southbound Amtrak Coast Starlight train bound for Santa Barbara. Here’s how it all went:

Checking baggage


Coast Starlight passengers are allowed to check two bags each, with similar baggage restrictions to those of the airlines. However, our

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Norway's Otofen Railway


We didn’t stay very long in Narvik. No sooner had our cruise ship tied up, than we were on to a bus to the railway station. Our objective was a scenic ride on the Otofen Railway. . It doesn’t seem to receive as much publicity as other scenic routes in Norway, probably because it’s operated by Swedish Railways.

The port and the railway owe their existence to the discovery of iron ore in 1902 in Kiruna, in Sweden. It was a convenient port from which to ship the ore, rather than convey it all the wa

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Italian Train Encounters



Nithin Coca is a Freelance Writer and author whose traveled to over 44 countries. This is an excerpt from his first book, Traveling Softly and Quietly, now for sale on Amazon.

I looked up as a cute girl walked up and said something in Italian to the man in front of me and then put her bag on the rack above and sat down in our booth. With lightly tanned skin, medium-dark neck-length brown hair, well dressed in a beige suit that went down to her knees, she was very pretty. I wondered if she spoke

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In the post-war years, a new tram system was being born. Although tramways were being dismantled all over the United Kingdom, tram enthusiast Claude Lane, who owned a factory which made battery-electric milk floats, adapted his manufacturing techniques to build a scaled-down double-deck tram, to run on a 15-inch gauge track.

Lane’s miniature tram ran off batteries, and the minimum-gauge was easily portable. So, Lane was able to amortise some of the costs of building his miniature tram by exhibiti

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Train Holidays - A Unique Way to Explore Europe

Traversing Europe by train is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of experiencing the continent. It is extremely comfortable, leisurely and convenient, as well as being well-priced. InterRail, for example, is immensely popular with students (particularly travel bloggers) who are looking to explore Europe, from the beaches of Normandy to the vodka-ridden pubs of Eastern Europe, on a budget. In addition, many modern trains provide superb amenities and reasonably friendly service, often putt

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The romance of traveling by train never fades. Trains mean a journey. The feeling of travel while sitting on a train is unique. The scenery flows past in a way not like from an airplane or in a car – especially if you’re the one driving and you can’t sightsee, but also because a train crosses countryside instead of following busy roads.

Steam Trains evoke romance of travel

Steam trains especially conjure up romantic images of long black locomotives puffing their smoky way across vast plains in Africa, India or the North American pra

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As with anything, it begins with a story.

A small Central American nation yearning to grow from subsistence farming to being a world player with agricultural exports chooses to think big. Costa Rica is the country, and coffee is its most valuable commodity. The year is 1871.

This is the decade of enormous world industrial, urban and agricultural growth, expansionism and technological “miracles.”In these next years, the telephone, the light bulb, the phonograph and the steam drill will be invented

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Sugar Cane Train Maui Steam

Releasing steam - photo credit: Stephany Wiestling

(reprinted from

My 6 year old boy loves trains, much like any other boy his age, so we HAD to ride the Sugar Cane Train while in Maui.

Initially, our hotel concierge suggested we take the train to Lahaina and then walk to our whale watching tour spot.  However, upon talking to the gal at the Pacific Whale Foundation who said it’s about a 6 mile walk and too far for a little one, we did our train ride into Lahaina on a sig

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I can’t say I’ve really visited Tennant Creek. I only know from hearsay that it’s not the sort of place you take your mother for a Mothers’ Day treat. Nevertheless, our train did stop there for a considerable time in the ‘small hours’, while we slept soundly in our sleeper berths.

The reason was twofold; it ensured that passengers saw as much of the Australian landscape by daylight as possible, and that the train arrived in Alice Springs at a fairly civilised hour.

You see, you don’t take an Aust

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Sure, Costa Rica has plenty of gorgeous beaches, and they are a big draw for visitors. On the other hand, the country’s interior is bursting with amazing tropical landscape, sights to see and things not to miss.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

There are active volcanoes, towering rugged mountains, lush valleys, rushing rivers, waterfalls, and breathtaking rainforest and cloud forest.

One sight to see and definitely not to miss is the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Located in Costa Rica’s Central Highlands in the Tilaran Mountain Rang

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Night Train To Zurich

I’ve woken up partially several times throughout the night, starting as we entered Austria and the ticket checker wanted to see tickets.  That must have been Villach.  That’s when the bozos got on and started reading something in German that must have been hilarious, since everybody was laughing so hard.  I don’t know why getting on a train means it’s party time.  I just wanted to sleep.  That’s not easy when the seats don’t lean back and all the lights are on.  Fortunately no one’s sitting next

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9008611452?profile=originalDiscover the Rail Way. On May 7, 2011, the 4th will be a free coast-to-coast celebration.  Take the Amtrak Downeaster from Boston Mass. to Old Orchard Beach Maine, and enjoy your stay at the Atlantic Birches Inn, an elegant Southern Maine Bed and Breakfast.  Stay two nights during the week of May 7, 2011 show us your train stub at our Southern Maine Bed and Breakfast and we will pay for half your fare from Boston to our Old Orchard Beach Inn.  

Old Orchard Beach Maine trains are now traveling eig

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All Aboard the Fastest Train in India

We left our B&B so early this morning that we missed the second B. We got across Delhi with no traffic in sight until we got within a block of the train station. Then the throngs appeared. Tuk Tuks and taxis were moving in eight directions. Everyone was honking horns, and there were a thousand people carrying huge bags, balancing bags on their heads and pushing and swarming across the street all trying to be the first lemming into the train station. It took thirty minutes to cover the last block

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Amtrak's AutoTrain is wonderfully family friendly, and kids are utterly enamored with trains. At the Lorton,VA station - the northern terminus - there is even a playground.
The train goes to Sanford, FL, just outside Orlando © 2010 Karen

The idea of long-distance train travel invariably evokes a sense of romance and nostalgia for the golden years when trains were the high-tech way to travel.

That spirit is still alive here in the United States in perhaps the most une

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