Night Train To Zurich

I’ve woken up partially several times throughout the night, starting as we entered Austria and the ticket checker wanted to see tickets.  That must have been Villach.  That’s when the bozos got on and started reading something in German that must have been hilarious, since everybody was laughing so hard.  I don’t know why getting on a train means it’s party time.  I just wanted to sleep.  That’s not easy when the seats don’t lean back and all the lights are on.  Fortunately no one’s sitting next to me so I tie my scarf around my eyes and go for oblivion.  That’s AFTER taking my secret sleeping pill. 

If I want to pass out fast and hard I just start studying Arabic; puts me out like a light, every time.  I don’t know why.  I wake up drooling and my Arabic language book is on the floor somewhere.  Don’t try this with your laptop.  We’ve been stopped a while now.  I wonder where we are.  WE’RE IN FELDKIRCH!  That’s where I had originally planned to get off to go visit Lichtenstein until I found out that the train goes right through Lichtenstein already.  Sounds good to me.  But that means that I’ve slept the whole way through Austria!  Sure enough there’s a little glow on the horizon, meaning the sun’s starting to rise.  It all starts to make sense.

The train lurches to a start and I get my last chance for a glimpse of Austria; sho’ is purty.  Next thing I know we’re approaching another town but don’t slow down at the train station.  The sign whizzes by—“Schaan-Vaduz”—that’s Lichtenstein!  Then we cross a river and approach another town.  This time the train slows down and we pull to a stop at the station.  The sign says “Buchs, Switzerland;” so much for Austria and Lichtenstein.

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  • @David, it's on my list, definitely...

  • Funny. But you've gotta go back to Austria some time, especially western Austria in the Alps.

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