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Phu Quoc “Pearl Island” not only appeals tourists by white sand beaches, deep green coconut trees, magnificent mountains convolution coincides with gentle inhabitants class hospitality but also by its special flavor of Phu Quoc fish sauce and unique Sim wine. Here are the top 10 things to do and see on Phu Quoc island we recommended for you.


Long Beach

Located in Duong Dong town, Long beach stretches on the length of 20km with beautiful seashores, a chain of restaurants and resorts for tourists to

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In a previous post, New Media Travel  asked “Why Is Hotel Content So Boring?”
The point was that hotels, airlines, and often the entire travel industry, are inclined to present images of the perfect family: a leggy blonde mother, two gorgeous light-haired kids and a handsome, fit dad playing in the blue water.

Or, lest they offend anyone, their glossies and web images are full of empty hotel pools, empty dining rooms and empty lobbies.


Hotels report that showing a racially mixed family o

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Since 9/11 it’s pretty clear that the trend toward the bonding, memory-building kinds of family travel experience  is still strong.

And the Caribbean, with its mix of the sensual and the accessible, is still a perfect place for those tying the knot, again, but who are committed to sharing the event with their children and extended family.

The Caribbean Wedding Association  has been seeing a new kind of love and marriage lately.  Apparently people who are finding love later in life, who’ve done

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How One Family Learned to Give Up Electronics and  Love Aruba w/Video

Kim Orlando loves to travel. She should, she's the CEO of travelingmom.com and she especially loves to travel with her family.

When the idea of a family trip to Aruba came up, Orlando knew she wanted to go and, better still, take her family. But, she also knew that she wanted them to experience the  island's beauty, and detach from their electronics: phones, computers and tablets.

Challenging? You bet. Orlando's brood consi

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Loving Travel Almost as Much as Family


It's a bit startling to learn that our passion for travel is second only to our passion for our families.

I learned this from travel trade sites which often have more interesting things to say than consumer travel publications or sites.

The content on Travel Weekly and, say, Hotelmarketing.com is more readable , more useful  than many  travel consumer sites and publications that stretch for hyperbole when describing blue Caribbean waters or some village in Spain.

So when Hotelmarketing ran its list

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All-inclusive resorts make vacation planning easy. Everything you need – place to stay, meals, activities, entertainment – is included in one price. You don’t have to worry about the details, hidden extras or going over budget. Going to an all-inclusive resort is truly a no-worry vacation.

All-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica have been around for years, but the concept is booming. Major international hotel chains are now in the country, and almost all of Costa Rica’s all-inclusive resorts are loca

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Filial Piety - Being Away from My Family

I saw this at the Asian Civilization Museum in Singapore:


I sat there for a few moments, thinking about what this meant. Why do people like me, travelers, choose to be so far away from the people they love, first and foremost, our families? It seems like a cruel way to pay back those who helped raise us, helped us become the people we are today.

I rarely meet other travelers who keep in touch with their family as well as I do. Part of that is natural - I'm closer to my parents than most peopl

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My cousin is probably the most efficient family traveler I know. She has her work cut out for her with 2-year-old and 4-year-old girls. Like a well-oiled machine, she’s ready for every contingency as if preparing for a survival operation. Sticky hands or nowhere to wash before eating? She pulls packets of wet wipes from a handy pocket of her carry-all, akin to Mary Poppins’ bottomless carpetbag. Hungry? She keeps Ziploc bags of healthy snacks and small juices or waters at the ready. Cold? Hot? O

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Despite the flight disruptions caused by Hurricane Sandy, 75 travel professionals will convene at the second Family Travel Conference (FTCDallas) to be held at the Omni Dallas Hotel at the Convention Center Nov. 9-11, 2012. You may recall my New Media Travel post about FTC1, in which I raved, "This group of bright, engaged mothers (and some dads) who travel with their kids and run homes and blogs, now run the family travel market and drive some of the most exciting conversations on line."

The tw

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From From Kaleel
Travel Tip: The Stay At Home Vacation: Staycations

A weak economy drives families (and all travelers) to seek value-driven vacations, which now often means travel in one’s own back yard, a “Staycation,” a kind of travel that fosters a sense of community, lets people discover their own city, and saves money

We think the best way to enjoy a “Staycation” is with The CityPASS ticket booklet. Thinner than your iPod, and full of homegrown bargains and deals at a dozen or so top cities, l
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Sugar Cane Train Maui Steam

Releasing steam - photo credit: Stephany Wiestling

(reprinted from BestKidFriendlyTravel.com)

My 6 year old boy loves trains, much like any other boy his age, so we HAD to ride the Sugar Cane Train while in Maui.

Initially, our hotel concierge suggested we take the train to Lahaina and then walk to our whale watching tour spot.  However, upon talking to the gal at the Pacific Whale Foundation who said it’s about a 6 mile walk and too far for a little one, we did our train ride into Lahaina on a sig

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Flying the Family-Unfriendly Airports

Flying the Family Unfriendly Airports

Crying kids, stressed parents and unhappy families may not be exactly typical of families flying from our nation’s airports, but  the scene is all too familiar.

And it’s not the families’ faults.

Skyscanner,  the flight comparison site, asked 1000 family travelers what they thought about their airports, and, unsurprisingly, about two-thirds said airports are not family-friendly places, lacking facilities for families and doing nothing that caters to their needs
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