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Living the life you dream of means some day you have to wake up. For a year I'd traveled the world, sipped vintage Champagne, ate at swanky restaurants and bedded down in suites at five-star hotels. Without opening my purse -- well, maybe twice I opened my purse -- I still paid. Journalism was my game.
          The last night of my last press trip was a Patagonian cruise from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas, navigating Tierra del Fuego's icy jigsaw puzzle of glaciers and barren islands. The route woul

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Why Is A Scam

When I came to the Netherlands with no work permit and no Dutch language skills, I realized I'd have to be creative in finding ways to earn money. Not long after the residence permit was thrust into my eager little paws, I started my own company and, to make a little extra money on the side, I began freelancing as a writer.

As with all things, when you first start out, you make some stupid mistakes that you learn from and move on and they help you grow. Well, I've made some mistakes in my writin
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How Not To Run A Travel Media Lunch



How Not To Run A Travel Media Lunch

It may be that I’m hypercritical, but I don’t think so.

After the umpteenth Travel Media/Press lunch,  I declined the last few simply because  they promised to be  photostatic copies of most every other press lunch held.

In spite of some web sites that offer advice most PR-driven media lunches still  mirror those held for travel content providers for years.

PR and Marketing firms who are members of  SATW, arguably the most important (or self-important)  associati

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If HuffPostTravel can declare that the "Old Travel Show is Dead, Long Live the New York Travel Festival," then we might be right in declaring that "Travel Destination Articles Are Dying, Long Live Social Media Travel Content."

So, when a senior editor at Technorati  told me that, going forward, all travel-related content had to have a social media spin, had to be presented via a Social/New Media filter, I knew the travel content game had changed. No more colorful destination pieces?

And then I

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Travel and Words,9296544882?profile=original the highly regarded Pacific Northwest conference that connects travel writers with destination specialists, announced today that early bird registration of $99 will continue through March 31. With the publicity resulting from an article in the March/April issue of Writer's Digest naming Travel & Words as a recommended conference for travel writers, chairperson Myrna Oakley is extending the discounted price to give more writers access to the conference at an excellent value. The
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In essence, travelers will create and share their own travel experience. They, not tourism officials or travel writers, will shape and determine the nature and quality of travel.

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis , Director of the eTourism Lab at Bounemouth University (UK) , tells us what we already intuit: the world "is going to be totally interactive, using personalization, context information and inter-connected devices" that will change the face of travel, already a dynamic, fragmented industry.

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Lost Angel Walkabout Brings home the Bronze

Lost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler’s Tales bagged the Bronze in the NorthAmerican Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) 2010 competition in the travelNarrative/Guidebook category! This awards competition, now in its 19th year, honorsthe “best of the best” in travel writing and photography.“We were extremely pleased with this year’s (500) entries; they were outstanding, bothin quality of work and range of coverage, “said Helen Hernandez, CEO of NATJA the second largest travel media association in
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The Traveling Eye Turns 6

The Traveling Eye Radio show (, the unique, 1 hr show all about travel will celebrate their 6th year on the air in August 2013. The Traveling Eye will promote, and host a Listener trip, video and series of LIVE and recorded shows from the Paradisus Punta Cana Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.


The Traveling Eye is on the air Nationally on Sirius/XM #141 HUR Voices and WVON Radio 1690 Chicago. The Traveling Eye started in August 2007 airing Sunday's on WVON Radio in

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9008744286?profile=originalFrom November 9 to 11, 2012, a trio of leading family travel "influencers" ushered in their annual Family Travel Conference,  a gathering of passionate, talented and savvy family travel bloggers and journalists from around the country. The venue was the huge, but responsive Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

This is a group with clout...and Klout. Together, the hundred or so attendees have become family travel's "thought leaders and influencers."  The FTC attend

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The New York Times thinks so.

In a wry and cutting article, “Vacations To Steam All Couch Potatoes", television columnist, Neil Genzlinger throws darts at The Travel Channel for programming that shows elite travelers having the kind of fun in places you and I can only dream going to, if that.

Genzlinger says instead of programs like “Xtreme Waterparks” or “Insane Coaster Wars” that focus on places like Fortaleza, Brazil , or death-defying coaster rides that no sane person would try, why not cr

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Featured travel writer on NATJA

9296549658?profile=originalI am very pleased to be the featured writer on the North American Travel Journalist Association home page. I have been a member of NATJA for over decade. It is a wonderful organization providing a platform and resources for expert, or budding travel writers alike. They help writers get their pieces placed and provide up to date information about what is happening in the travel world. Travel World International Magazine / began as the publishing arm of the organization
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Travel & Words Spring '11 conference offers opportunities to connect learn and write about sustainable, green and responsible travel and tourism for an early registration fee of $99.


9008607275?profile=originalTravel & Words Spring ‘11, recommended by Writer's Digest as a premier travel writers' conference, confirmed today a full agenda of industry speakers, destination specialists, and travel publishers and editors at the May 1-2 event. The conference focus is on sustainable, green and responsible travel and tourism.



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Social Media In Travel:Over-Hyped, Under-Hyped Or Who Knows

So began the  headline, more or less.

We’ve often chided the travel industry for not moving fast enough into the world of social media.

But we’ve been told that we’re mischaracterizing travel, and been pointed in the direction of Jet Blue’s successful Foursquare loyalty program.

And that’s true as far as it goes. JetBlue, Chicago and a handful of other travel brands like Royal Caribbean are effectively engaged in social
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Lost Angel has fun conversation with Yolanda Rene

Linda Ballou author


Linda Ballou shares highlights in her new book Lost Angel Walkabout filled with chills, spills, giggles, and squeaks, along with her secrets on "How to Make Travel Writing Work for You." Join her in this fun "Conversation with author Yolanda Renee on blog talk radio. Plug for Tripatini in here!

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Vote for me?


Vote for me. Doesn't that sound pathetic? But the truth is I just last week learned that I've been nominated in the Luxe Travel Writers category in a competition on The Luxury Hub website and, of course, I'd love the recognition of winning. In fact, just being nominated is an honor.

I've worked hard over the last couple of decades to help travelers have better trips - first by authoring guide books in the Frommer series, then as the Travel Editor of Ranch & Coast (which I still am), and for the l

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Foursquare Takes On Travel and Tourism

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Foursquare Takes On Travel and Tourism

I sat in on a Tweetchat (#lbschat) last week on how Location Based Services (LBS) affect Travel and Tourism.

I was of course impressed with the sharp, fast-thinking minds of the chatters, and especially impressed at how much of an impact LBS, especially Foursquare are having on the travel experience, and the entire Travel And Tourism industry.

I knew that Chicago’s Office of Tourism has a city-specific deal with Foursquare to get v
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HuffPost Travel Gets Flack From Travel Writers

HuffPost Travel, the newly launched travel vertical of the Huffington Post, recently ran into a blitz of criticism from professional travel writers.

In a wide-ranging interview with HuffPost Travel editor, Kate Auletta, writer Chris Gray Faust, of travel blog, Chris Around the World , asked Auletta a series of questions near and dear to the hearts of travel bloggers and journalists everywhere: Are you accepting submissions from travel b
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