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eBags Pushes Travel To Embrace Social Media

Charlene Li, co-author of the groundbreaking books, Groundswell, and Marketing in the Groundswell, (now CEO of Altimeter ) tells the story of Jim, a hard-traveling, hard-nosed computer security engineer whose key zipper on his laptop bag broke at a crucial meeting.

eBags replaced the bag, but they also listened to the review of the product Jim posted on their web site. They contacted him, and went on to improve the bag by getting the Hon
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HuffPost Travel Gets Flack From Travel Writers

HuffPost Travel, the newly launched travel vertical of the Huffington Post, recently ran into a blitz of criticism from professional travel writers.

In a wide-ranging interview with HuffPost Travel editor, Kate Auletta, writer Chris Gray Faust, of travel blog, Chris Around the World , asked Auletta a series of questions near and dear to the hearts of travel bloggers and journalists everywhere: Are you accepting submissions from travel b
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Going, Going, Gone! Bidding Luxury Vacations for a Buck

You won't hear the auctioneer's gavel drop, but if your winning bid is accepted, you could find yourself in luxury holiday digs in the US, Europe, Morocco, or wherever luxury properties are found and coveted.

Winning bid? One dollar.

And you won't even know where the place is until the auction is over, although there'll be plenty of visual and text clues to tease you along in the right direction.

It's a brilliant social networking marketing s
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A cool new resource for travelers

I recently stumbled upon and joined resortinterviews.com - where travelers share their first-person experiences through videos, photos and written reviews. It's not necessarily for travel professionals - but for anyone interested in learning and/or sharing anything travel-related. It's a new group - about a dozen or so members. But a very nice and helpful community. Here's another link that takes you to the Resort Interviews ning site. I think you can join from either one. Take a peek!
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Huffington Post Launches Travel Section

In saying that some of her happiest moments as well her most "enriching and enlightening moments have come through travel," Arianna Huffington, editor in chief of the Huffington Post, announced late last week that the Huffington Post launched a new travel section, HuffPost Travel.
The new on line feature will be headed by Kate Auletta, daughter of well-known New Yorker writer and author, Ken Auletta

The site is good, as far as it goes. It's ful
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