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Another Side of Lisbon: 4 Tours by Boat

Lisbon, the city of seven hills, cobbled streets, and stunning views over the Tagus River, offers some of the most enchanting boat tours you can find. If you're looking to add a splash of adventure to your trip, you’re in for a treat with the best boat tours in Lisbon, which you can book at From tranquil sunset cruises to exhilarating dolphin watching, there’s a boat tour for everyone. Here’s a rundown of the best boat tours in Lisbon that you won’t want to miss!

Lisbon Sunset C

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My trip upon the Lady Jane Shrimp Boat in Jekyll Island, Georgia, in which naturalist Jeffrey explains the whole process of commercial net trolling and the many water creatures they catch along the way — several of which became fast friends — is but one of the many adventures to be had on the American Cruise Line Historic South and Golden Isles Intra-Coastal Waterway Cruise from Amelia Island, Florida to Charleston, South Carolina.  
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 The exclusive dining experience on the Princess Discovery is unlike any other I have been a part of during my travels.

"360: An Extraordinary Experience" is dining immersion making one feel like you’re sitting in the Greek countryside with olive trees or smelling the fragrance of lavender in the south of France. Thanks to Princess Cruises, I savored this time with fellow bloggers.

I immediately became captivated with the experience when I heard beautiful music played by two violinists and f

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 12395835480?profile=RESIZE_930xCarnival Cruise Line

On their recent Carnival Cruise Lines vacation, every member of the Meyers family was busy enjoying their three-generation vacation getaway. Tom and Martha were playing their favorite sport of pickleball, which is a popular pastime among people in their advanced age group. Their son Ben and his wife Melissa were steering electric race cars along a winding two-level track (above and below), slowing to negotiate sharp hairpin turns. Meanwhile, grandchildren Tom and Betsy wer

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Time for Rostock, Germany

12373629686?profile=RESIZE_930xPhotos: Allan Kissam


Aboard the Viking Cruises Ship Jupiter, we crossed the Baltic Sea from Scandinavia to Rostock, Germany. Part of the magic of such travel for me are the historical events and life stories of the local area through the ages. Only recently, in the sense of a lifetime, was Rostock in Communist-run East Germany following World War II. The area was bombed by the Allies during World War II, but many of the original buildings survived the onslaughts. Today, it is a marvelous stop

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12223118086?profile=RESIZE_930xAmerican Cruise Lines

Our cabin on the American Symphony (top) rivaled those we have enjoyed in many an upscale hotel. The food and table settings were both five-star. The lengthy list of available activities in our temporary home away from home covered a wide diversity of interests. Oh yes, and there also were ample opportunities to explore inviting towns that provided deep dives into Civil War and other history, visit magnificent antibellum plantations and mansions with their lovely gardens

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I've been on several boat trips -- a barge cruise in France, a Danube River cruise, a sail along the Nile -- and always the accommodations have been lovely. Sometimes very lovely. But it took a Mississippi River Cruise from Memphis to New Orleans with American Cruise Lines to reach luxurious.
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Our planet's vast, remote, southernmost continent - larger than Europe - is a much-coveted "final frontier" for many travelers. And booking Antarctica vacation packages via cruise ship offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see frozen landscapes that can't be seen anywhere else along with a plethora of polar wildlife. With vacation packages typically ranging from one to three weeks, cruise ships departing from Argentina's Tierra del Fuego make the two-day crossing through the pow

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The Benefits of River & Canal Cruising

10227429296?profile=RESIZE_930xA French Country Waterways barge in France

One evening several years ago, my wife Fyllis and I savored a sumptuous four-course gourmet dinner accompanied by wines that had been produced nearby. 

More recently, we listened raptly to lectures by knowledgeable experts about a variety of issues, some controversial, in several Eastern European countries.

The settings for these experiences could have been a five-star hotel or resort - and indeed in atmosphere and attractiveness they deserved that rat

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My Bevy of Boat Trips


The poet William Wordsworth once said that the best way to view the hills of the English Lake District was from a boat on one of the lakes. I’d agree with that; when I was a kid, my holiday job was working on those boats on Lake Windermere.

A lot of time has passed since then, and I’ve amassed many more over the years. Cruises on lakes, river cruises, trips around the harbour, ferry crossings - the only thing I excluded from my list was ocean cruises.


River cruises fall into two categories. Th

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Touring Several of the World's Glaciers


Some folk describe glaciers as "rivers of ice", and in essence that’s just what they are. It starts with a snowfall, back in the Year Dot. If that snow doesn’t melt, there’s another snowfall next year, which just lies on top of it. Repeat this process for a few thousand years, and the snow is compressed into ice. Just the same as if you squeezed a snowball really tightly, you’ll finish up with an iceball.  Slowly but surely, the ice heads off downhill until it reaches a level where it can melt;

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Myanmar (aka Burma) is changing fast and is now one of the "gotta-visit" places before it is too late.  Tourism is now booming and things are changing fast.  One are that is still of the radar of most tourist is the Irrawaddy Delta. Only Pandaw cruises can provide a comprehensive tour of the area.

The delta, which comprises nine main tributaries and a capillary system of smaller creeks and waterways, stretches over 10,000 square miles. Heavily populated, this water-logged maze has played a major

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After writing scores of articles about ocean cruises, we decided to see what motivates vacationers to take European river cruises. We are glad we did.

So Much to Choose From

There are endless selections of river cruise itineraries on the internet, so we sought the guidance of three prominent river cruise companies in Europe – Amway, Uniworld, and Viking.

Viking River Cruises Comes Through

Viking River Cruises was most generous with their public relations department and customer service time, so we s

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Around the Horn of South America


We boarded our ship in Buenos Aires, and the cruise would take us right around South America around the famous … or infamous … Cape Horn to Valpariaso.

I thought of the old sea shanty ‘Paddy Lay Back’:

‘… for we’re bound for Valparaiso round the Horn’

Then I remembered more words of the same ditty:

‘ … half the crew were spewing o’er the ship’s side

And the other half were spewing over me’.

Happily, such conditions didn’t happen on this cruise. We called at Punta del Este, Puerto Madryn and Port S

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7 Ways to Improve your Cruise Experience

Many ToursByLocals travelers are avid cruisers. Knowing this, we have secured excellent guide-partners at virtually every major and minor port of call in the world, so that our travelers always have the option of booking private tours independent of the cruise line. In the spirit of celebrating the cruisers among you, today we’re highlighting seven tips to help make your next cruise a smooth one – whether you’re a newbie or an ocean veteran. photo
(click to enlarge)

1. Arrive a day early for your sail
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Our goal in taking a month-long cruise around Hawaii and Tahiti on the Golden Princess was to experience – and then write about – how a major cruise line like Princess caters to its suite passengers. It was one of our most enjoyable projects.


Suites for two

Over the past ten years, we have photographed and written about suites in B&Bs, hotels, resorts, and on cruise ships. It is our writing practice to always consider our subjects from a “couples” perspective. In that light, we have found many sui

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Pandaw River Expeditions has become the first Western operator to reach China’s Yunnan Province via the Mekong River, when the RV Champa Pandaw moored yesterday at Guanlei.

The Champa Pandaw, which has 14 teak-finished staterooms, was specially built to withstand the strong currents and challenging navigational conditions of the Upper Mekong and deliver Southeast Asia’s first ever “four country” river expedition.

Running from October through April, Pandaw’s 14-night cruise The Mekong: from Laos to

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