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Greece's capital, Athens, seamlessly interweaves ancient history with modernity. It is a city where ancient wonders mingle with the hum of modern life. Athens is a city where history whispers from every corner and modern energy pulses throughout. Vuelos a Atenas are more than just journeys to destinations; they are gateways to a mesmerizing world in which the past and present are interwoven.

Rich History and Culture

Athens is a city where the whispers of ancient history seamlessly blend with the

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5 of Spain´s Special New Year´s Traditions

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We Spaniards love to ring out the old and ring in the new as much as anyone else on the planet. And whilst we of course share many NYE practices with the rest of the world (at least the Western world, I guess), there are several which are fairly unique to our country – and here´s a quirky quintet of them:

Toasting with Bubbles - but with a Twist

Of course all of Spain raises a glass of cava (the méthode-Champegnoise sparkling wine – from sweet to dry – made in Catalonia) t

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8 Interesting, Off-the-Beaten-Path Corners of Rome

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My country´s capital famously boasts some of the world´s most legendary and inspiring tourist attractions, such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Spanish Steps, and Vatican City. But Rome is also overflowing with millennia worth of riches that get less attention from visitors intent on their “bucket lists”, and exploring these places off the usual tourist track can give you a deeper, more authentic, and more serene experience of the Eternal City – and by the way, avoid the cro

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What Not to Miss in Barcelona


There's a good reason Spain's second largest city after Madrid is one of Europe's (indeed, the world's) most popular cities - famous and beloved for its art, architecture, culture, cuisine, and nightlife ever since hosting the 1992 Summer Olympic Games. It's also the capital of the region of Catalonia, one of Spain's nations along with Galicia and Euskadi (aka the Basque Country), with its own distinct language and culture. Well, there's a lot to unpack here, so let's get to

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by Inka Piegsa-Quischotte

Dank chill, drizzle, and streetlamps shrouded in fog are bad weather? A bad time for touring? Depends! In fact, they were just perfect for a nocturnal outing I had in Barcelona last winter that was hair raising – in a good way. And what better day than Halloween to tell you about it?

Like most ancient cities, Catalonia’s capital is chock-full full of history, legends – and ghosts. And if that kind of thing gets your ecoplasm going, th

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5 Extra Cool Things to Do in Rome




Among the various cities I've traveled to in Europe, Rome is my favorite. The sites, history, construction and ancient buildings mark it as interesting reasons for millions of tourists to flock in each season. Being the key city in Italy, Rome is rich for its traditional and cultural ethics. Standing on the banks of Tiber River, its most outstanding aspect for me is its museums and galleries - this city of seven hills speaks out tradition and art. Thousands of Christians gather to attend ch

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Sailing the Aegean Sea in Greece


Almost since the dawn of recorded history, Man has been crossing the Aegean Sea by boat, and this remains the best way to do it. We could paraphrase the words of Jean-Jacques Rousseau: ‘If you just want to get there, you could fly, but to travel, you must take a boat’

There are boats of all description plying this sea, and I’ve sailed on a lot of them. The one that the island people themselves use, as well as the tourists, is the ferry. Most of these leave the Greek mainland from the port of Pi

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