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Balloon Safaris.

Kenya Hot Air Balloon Safaris Adventure.

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Balloon Safaris.

Kenya Hot Air Balloon Safaris.

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Kenya Wildebeest Migration Safari.

The Great Wildebeest Migration Kenya Safari.

The Great Kenya Wildebeest Migration Safari, Book Now! 

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Book and enjoy an all inclusive Kenya annual wildebeest migration safari package, to world tourist wonder Masai Mara wildebeest migration in Masai Mara Kenya.

Wildebeest Migration Masai Mara Kenya.

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Kenya Hot Air Balloon Safaris.

Balloon Safaris Adventure in Masai Mara Kenya.

Hot Air Ballon Safaris-Hot Air Ballooning / Masai Mara Wildlife Safaris / Kenya Safaris.

Experience Unforgettable Breathtaking Views Over The Maasai Mara From The Hot Air Balloon Safari

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Kenya Budget Safari / Kenya Budget Adventure Camping Safari / Travelling in Kenya / Kenya Budget Adventure Safaris/Kenya Budget Travel /Kenya Safaris.
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Budget Adventure Safari Travel Holidays in Kenya,Kenya Safaris.


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Ballooning Over Africa


Approaching storm - Kenya

We almost didn’t go. The thought of getting up at dawn didn’t sound very appealing at the moment and my daughter and I debated whether it would really be worth it. We had scheduled an early morning balloon ride but we’d had a couple of very full days on our safari and now we were tired. We had seen so much – lions hunting, hippos bathing in the river right outside our tents, stately giraffes sauntering across the landscape, the wildebeest crossing – how much better coul

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Ballooning in Tuscany!

So you are in Tuscany and you've had enough food and wine. What to do?


Well, there is several companies in the region that offer balloon rides. If you need a little more excitement, it's a pretty good time.  I visited Tuscany in September, which is the end of ballooning season (apparently) due to the conditions.  Its not way too expensive, but its not exactly cheap.  Its priced about right, and offers a great view of the tuscany landscape.  Its romantic for you lovers out there, and pretty exciti

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Ballooning the Rio Grande Gorge

As I stand at the top of the Rio Grande Gorge in the wild lands outside of Taos, New Mexico, I peer down into a 900-foot tunnel of sandstone-brown with a thin string of color – the Rio Grande – at the bottom. It has taken millions of years for this spot to look this way. And it takes only seconds to

take my breath away.

When you realize you’re about to go down into the Gorge, it takes your breath away, as well. You can climb down into it, as some do. Or you can do as I’ve done, starting at the bot

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