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Are you planning a trip and want to Buy a Yacht? You could take a family trip and leave the land behind to go fishing with your kids. Even though it sounds great, a lot of parents have trouble with it. How can I ride safely with kids, steer the boat, and keep everyone happy and busy? This article explains how to sail with children even if you do not have a skilled crew.

Read on and explore all the important tips you need to keep in mind

Choose The Right Yacht For Fun Family Trips

If you want to

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For those with seemingly unlimited budgets searching for a floating palace to call their own, look no further than these multi-million dollar luxury yachts currently on the market. When money is no object, one can afford to cruise the seven seas in a personal floating mansion equipped with helipads, swimming pools, movie theatres, and more. Here are some of the most expensive, over-the-top luxury yachts for sale today.

Dubai(Yacht) - $400 Million 

Originally commissioned for Prince Jefri Bolkia

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A great experience like yachting with friends and family will live long in your mind. It's the ideal method for taking in the wonders of nature and spending quality time with loved ones. There are certain suggestions you should bear in mind if you're organizing a sailing trip with your loved ones in order to make it memorable and fun. Additionally, if you charter or buy a yacht or it makes sense to work with a yacht broker if you're there to assist you in efficiently planning your holiday. With

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The Golden State is a bonanza for lovers of nature and the great outdoors, and in addition to natural beauty, its most stunning freshwater reservoir lakes usually offer a plethora of activities and amenities - swimming, boating, fishing, and various other pursuits on the lands surrounding them. And here's a round-up of some of the state's most popular with visitors from near and far:

Big Bear Lake

Located at an altitude of more than 6,700 feet In the 824,000-acre San Bernardi

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11 Things You Must Always Have on Your Boat


There are certain things the law requires you have on your boat and other items not mentioned by the law, but extremely necessary for an avid boater. I have had to learn many lessons over the years. On various occasions, I have been out on the lake, in my boat wishing I had a piece of equipment that was far away in the trunk of my car. To avoid events like this recurring, I developed a list of “must have” items that should always be on board.

Emergency Signal Flares

One of the essential rescue i

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Disaster at Sea

By Allan D. Kissam and Richard W. Kissam

This is a true story of a death at sea. It is a story of weekend sailors and the US Coast Guard.

My father, Richard, was an experienced sailor. He studied sailing and boats, practiced maneuvers, and for years he sailed his sailboat around southern California. His long distance trips had included being crew on a Tahiti bound sailboat. He was better than most for seamanship skills.

He got the first boat in 1958, a 28-foot ketch that quickly became an obsession

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Top 10 Sailing Destinations in Europe

Europe is surrounded by sea on almost all sides, with a diverse coastline and of course fascinating culture and natural beauty. If you're thinking of a holiday on the continent that includes sailing, these ten destinations, are undoubtedly the highlights:

  1. Ionian islands, Greece – It is the most common charting place for travelers around the Mediterranean, a beautiful place to begin your sailing journey with, starting from Lefkada and winding through its seven large islands, passing through the s
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Ferry Tales From the Abacos

by Chelle Koster Walton

I watched tidily uniformed schoolkids climb aboard as the crew loaded sacks of flour, a boxed microwave, some spare luggage, and various other unidentifiable bundles onto the 50-foot fiberglass ferry boat. Despite the early hour, everyone was cheerful as they made their way to their wood benches, nodding good morning to fellow passengers whether they knew them or not. The captain crawled through the window, gunned the engine, and we began powering our way through the bra

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9296568863?profile=originalWith the beach facing west, the winds coming from behind pushed us away from shore until the beach was a distant white line. I was surprised that my sailing instructor had let us float that far out, so I said something about the first-ever sailing lesson at a Caribbean resort to terminate in Mexico. “Sailing lesson?” he said. “I thought you just wanted someone from the water sports desk to add weight to the boat. I don't know how to sail.”

Bummer. But it did reinforce my theory that you always l

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Wild & Wonderful Water Adventures in Croatia

Starting to thing about sun, sand and sea or action, adventure and adrenaline for next spring and summer? It might not be an easy choice, but luckily, some places have it all.


Croatia has long been a hidden gem for travellers. In recent years, it’s become one of the most popular destinations in Europe due to its fantastic climate, stunning scenery and gorgeous beaches. A private holiday home will allow you to enjoy the very best that Croatia has to offer. And if you’re looking for a more adrenali

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The White Birds of Windermere, England



William Wordsworth once said that the best way to view the mountains of England’s Lake District was from the surface of one of the lakes. Three of the sixteen lakes have large passenger boats cruising on them, so that view is still easily available to visitors.

When the railway first arrived at Windermere, there was already such a boat cruising on the lake of the same name … although it was some distance from the railway station. The railway actually terminated at a village called Birthwaite, bu

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Once again, I am on the road and looking for interesting things to do while participating in wine tasting (good activity) and less enjoyable shopping. I am in a sort of time warp of suburban Seattle across Lake Washington. This is Woodinville, next to Redmond where Microsoft lives. Back in the 80’s I lived around here. What a change, but life marches on and I just try to keep up these days.

Woodinville is getting big into wine tasting at traditional wineries and tasting rooms. The tasting rooms a

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Mostly modern in its architecture, New Zealand's biggest urban area (pop. 1.7 million), is set amid a gorgeous landscape and offers a cosmopolitan mix of culture, a spot of history, dining, shoppinardg, nightlife, and plenty of great attractions in the greater region, including vineyards, beaches, and adventure on its surrounding waters. If you're planning a visit here, you can be sure of dozens of activities to make it a memorable one. Here are seven of the most exciting when you visit the "Ci

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