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Pacific blue marlin is the fish that many fishermen look for in Costa Rica. To be honest Blue Marlin are the most looked for after of all the sea game fish in Costa Rica. A too solid and incredible billfish, blue marlin will contend energetically and run quick for a long time on end, particularly when you are snared to a huge marlin. They can all of a sudden plunge to profound water and can make wild hops like some sort of fish aerobatic. With amazing continuance, it isn't phenomenal to see a sn

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Will the Future of Boat Shows Be Virtual?

2020 was not an easy year. The entire world fell in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic that made life difficult for people globally. Almost every industry started finding ways to cope with the situation, and so was the yacht industry. Months of lockdown, social distancing, personal hygiene, and many other measures to control the spread of the virus made life even more challenging. However, while many business and industries found it hard to embrace the new normal, many found opportunities even am

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11 Things You Must Always Have on Your Boat


There are certain things the law requires you have on your boat and other items not mentioned by the law, but extremely necessary for an avid boater. I have had to learn many lessons over the years. On various occasions, I have been out on the lake, in my boat wishing I had a piece of equipment that was far away in the trunk of my car. To avoid events like this recurring, I developed a list of “must have” items that should always be on board.

Emergency Signal Flares

One of the essential rescue i

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Costa Rica fishing is known as the paradise for fishing lovers. Costa Rica's Pacific ports and shoreline offers the best ocean fishing opportunities. Fishermen could take the help of Quepos boats to find the best fishing trails and drifts. The North Atlantic Drift of Costa Rica offers a great opportunity for snook and tarpon fishing.


Billfishes are Costa Rica's major attraction. With sailfish and marlin at the core of the Pacific drift, it is a great retreat for the anglers. The blue waters of th

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You have got to go here...BCFerries - British Columbia, Canada.

Now this blog may throw you off a little bit as I want to encourage you to do something as opposed to just going somewhere.  You must ride on the BCFerries system!

I know a lot of people who have taken a ferry from Seattle to Victoria, B.C., but not a lot who have experienced the spectacular ride from Victoria to Vancouver, or to other Southern Gulf Islands in Canada - I am here to tell you it is a must do!

On a two-week road trip I w

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