Pacific blue marlin is the fish that many fishermen look for in Costa Rica. To be honest Blue Marlin are the most looked for after of all the sea game fish in Costa Rica. A too solid and incredible billfish, blue marlin will contend energetically and run quick for a long time on end, particularly when you are snared to a huge marlin. They can all of a sudden plunge to profound water and can make wild hops like some sort of fish aerobatic. With amazing continuance, it isn't phenomenal to see a snared fish make to at least 40 stupendous bounces. This fish can be a touch trial of a fishermen remote ocean fishing abilities.


Blue marlin can be found in a tropical and warm mild waters in Quepos Costa Rica. Apart from Costa Rica they are mostly found in the most part of Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. The Quepos boats will take you to those spots where you could easily catch Blue Marlin. It is the most tropical of the billfish and is frequently found in waters close to the equator. In eastern Pacific waters, they can be found in a zone by and large from southern California along the shoreline of Mexico to Peru in South America.

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