Quepos (2)

Why Costa Rica is best for Sports fishing?

Over the years people have spent much of their time doing fishing because it really makes them stick around to an adventurous and eventful fishing. Fishing is always been an event full activity but these days people feel more joy and happiness doing the sports fishing which a new form if fishing that attract many people. Though there are various places for Sports fishing but perhaps the most popular place is the Costa Rica particularly Quepos which is s coastal town in the Latin American country

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Sports fishing are always a great thing especially when you do it in the Los Monos in Costa Rica. The thrill and excitement of the sports fishing is simply outstanding. Los Monos is situated in the neither part of the country and is a popular travel destination. Although, in any time of the year you could visit the Los Monos sports fishing, but the season for doing sports fishing is from April to August and from November to February.


In this time of the year you would more likely to find some of

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