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The “Rapid” Ferry

When we planned this vacation, Lake Garda's Simio Peninsula, Sirmione, and its Roman villa ruins became a magnet, and we scheduled a day trip back into history to visit an ancient vacation site of extremely wealthy Roman citizens.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - But We Choose the Ferry System

About 15 minutes from our hotel is the village of Saló, the location of the ferry service docks. The ferry system offers scenic lake steamers or the more time efficient hydrofoils; all

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The most sought-after tourist attraction in India after Taj Mahal, the Khajuraho group of temples is located in the Madhya Pradesh state of India, only about 620 km from the capital city of Delhi. It's a UNESCO World heritage site best known for its erotic art and sculptures, but the truth is that these only account for about 10% of the temple sculptures. Khajuraho is much more than just showcasing of erotica and art of lovemaking. These group of Hindu and Jain temples were originally 80 in num

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I love all of the Balearic islands for overlapping but different reasons, and there’s no question that the third-largest is definitely a change of pace from Majorca and certainly Ibiza. Not that there isn’t nightlife, as well as luxury and touches of glam here and there. But Minorca (aka Menorca, as they say in Catalan and Spanish) has managed to make its way into the 21st century with more of that laid-back, old-time island vibe blessedly intact (even despite the fact that tourism has certainl

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An A-Maze-Ing Palace in Crete


If you’ve got even a passing knowledge of history and/or Greek mythology, you’ve probably heard of the Minotaur, the monster with the body of a man and the head of a bull, imprisoned in a labyrinth by Minos, king of Greece's island of Crete, and fed human sacrifices. Obviously the bull-headed thing is a little bit of a stretch, but on this island  you can visit the spot where this legend may well have originated.  On Mount Kefala, a couple of miles outside Crete’s capital Heraklion, lie the ru

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Cancun’s Very Own Mayan Ruins

You’ve no doubt been to or at least have heard about the Yucatan Peninsula’s wondrous Maya archaeological sites like TulumChichen Itza, and Uxmal. But did you know that Mexico’s most famous beach resort, Cancun, boasts a mini-me version of these mighty sites? Las Ruinas del Rey ("the Ruins of the King") are easily accessible right off the hotel zone’s main drag, Boulevard Kukulkan, just south of the hotel zone on the way to/from the airport.

Dating to around 300 BC and now open daily during

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The capital of the island of Crete during the Neolithic era was Phaestos. But the small settlement of Gortyn grew and grew, until it eventually became a city that eclipsed Phaestos.  During the Roman era, in the first century, it became capital of Crete.  The remains of this time, the city’s apogee, can be seen and studied today in archaeological excavations that have led to some of the most important discoveries in Europe.

The excavations began in 1884, leaving the workers themselves amazed.

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Located in Ranakpur village in the Rajasthan district of Pali, Ranakpur Jain Temple Complex is one of the seven wonders of India, very famous among people of Jain communities and architecture lovers. Dedicated to Adinatha (also known as Rishabha, the founder of Jainism and the first of the 24 tirthankara. Considered to be the most spectacular of the Jain temples, because of its architectural brilliance the temple is extremely popular with tourists. The architectural beauty of the temple never f

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Belize, a Tiny Country With a Lot to It

When one thinks of Belize, most likely the first thought to come to mind is the fabled Blue Hole, and the world’s second largest barrier reef, second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia. But the tiny nation surrounded by its big brother to the north, Mexico and Guatemala to the west and south, is an eco-travelers, adventurer enthusiasts dream. Taking a closer look, there is more to Belize than meets the eye.

Belize - BLUE HOLE Helicopter Portofino

Scuba dive or take a helicopter ride over Belize’s stunning Blue Hole

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by Beverly Burmeier

sACbIGpICTURE.jpgFor many tourists, the city of Cuzco is little more than a stopping point on their way to Machu Picchu. Yes, they look at the churches, plaza, and cobbled lanes, but they wouldn’t really be visiting Cuzco (spelled Cusco in Peru itself) were it not the gateway to the most famous of Inca archaeological sites in the Andes. That’s why the impressive Inca ruins of Sacsayhuamán, just over a mile (2 km) north of the city, are still bypassed by many visitors. Fortunately, on my own r

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Xian was the start of the Silk Road and at one time the largest city in the world.  Today the city of eight million is booming, and still home home to the famous "Terracotta Warriors" and other great attractions. Here are its do-not-misses:.


1. The Terra Cotta Warriors: The sight of thousands of life-size terra cotta warriors in formation does not disappoint.  It is part of the tomb of Qin Shi Huang who, 2,220 years ago, united the various areas of China and named himself First Emperor of China.

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A Visit to Ephesus, Turkey




When I first visited Turkey, I did something I won’t be able to do again. I gave the coach driver a 2 million lira tip! Shortly after my visit, the revalued their currency, simply by deleting the word ‘million’. The Turk with the price of a packet of cigarettes in his pocket is no longer a millionaire!

But, we weren’t there to marvel at the currency. Most of the shopkeepers in the resort town of Kusadasi, where our cruise ship called on its tour around the Aegean Sea preferred to take Euros, an

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Where to Go in Luxor, Egypt

The city was regarded in the Ancient Egyptian texts as T-APT (meaning “the shrine”) and then, in a later period, the Greeks called it tea pie, which the Arabs later pronounced as Thebes. The importance of the city started as early as the 11th Dynasty by King Mento-hotep
The city of Thebes was the capital of the fourth Nome of Upper Egypt. The main local god was the God Amon Ra, who was worshipped with his wife, the Goddess Mutt, and their son, the God Khonsou, the God of the moon. Thebes was als

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Donkey Ride to valley of kings


Get the chance to try unique life experiences !

If you want different way of exploring Luxor , round trip along the Nile through palm gardens and sugar cane fields and see every day life of an Egyptian village, to visit The Necropolis of the Ancient City and the Burial place of The kings of Thebes .

Itinerary :

We start our Tour By Picking You up from Your Hotel or The Agreed place within Luxor City.
We drive from the East Bank of Luxor to the West Bank then ride our Donkey in all the way to visit t

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