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Because they provide an authentic Moroccan experience, best riads in Fez Morocco are fantastic. Traditional Moroccan riads are world-renowned for their ornate design and craftsmanship. The exquisite, hand-laid tile work commonly associated with Morocco is visible everywhere. Traditional designs of riads offer a lively yet peaceful ambience, perfect for unwinding. You won't find better service or cuisine than this at any hotel you've stayed at. A riad is where you have your favorite Moroccan din

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5 Fabulous Sites of Classical Antiquity in Libya

12238952290?profile=RESIZE_930xLuca Galuzzi -

The territory of what is today Libya, along with Algeria and Tunisia, was once part of ancient Rome´s second most prosperous region after Italy itself, beginning with the Roman Republic´s conquest of Carthage and the rest of the Punic Empire in 146 BCE and lasting until 439, when it was in turn conquered by Germanic Vandals. Its legacy (as well as that of ancient Greece, which had its own colonies along this coast) lives on today in some extraordinary archaeologic

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When was the Philae temple in Aswan built?

In the same place as the current Philae temple, King Nakht-Nepf in the fourth century BC built a huge temple, and after him in the same place, king Ptolemy Philadelphia in the third century BC built his great temple. As he wanted the Egyptian people to love him like in the Egyptian pharaonic civilization, so he showed them that he believes in their great gods. As many kings made the same and pretend to be the son of the Ancient Egyptian gods as Ancient

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A Tranquil Paradise Awaits at Marseilia Beach 5 North Coast Village


Welcome to Village Marseilia Beach 5 North Coast, a captivating coastal destination developed by Marseilia Group. Nestled within the picturesque region of Ras Al Hikma in Egypt's North Coast, Marseilia Beach 5 offers a golden opportunity to own a unit in this exquisite village. With its remarkable villas and chalets, Marseilia Beach 5 North Coast Village provides an idyllic setting for an unforgettable vacation or a lucrative i

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Venturing into Morocco's Sahara Desert

10972318069?profile=RESIZE_930xphotos | David Paul Appell

When good friends asked my husband and me to join them to spend New Year’s Eve in Morocco’s Sahara Desert, it was hard to say no. We’d visited this country many years ago and had been utterly entranced by its culture, architecture, food, and people – yet we’d not yet gotten to the vast dunes of its northeast. And quite a trip it turned out to be..


Flying into Marrakesh, we spent a couple of days exploring its exotic, labyrinthine medina; its expansive Jamaa El-F

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by Felice Hardy

I daresay snow sport will come to no one's mind when contemplating the fascinating North African country of Morocco. But more adventurous types might know that the high, craggy Atlas Mountains sweep across a goodly swath of this country, giving rise not just to a robust trekking and climbing scene, but even some pretty good skiing and snowboarding, with the season running January to early April - and what's more, even within convenient distance of Marr

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4 Fabulous Highlights of Cairo


Al-Muizz Street

In addition to its bustling shops, cafés, restaurants, and street life, this street is also home to the greatest concentration of medieval treasures in the Islamic world and one of Egypt's greatest Islamic open museum. The charming Muizz street was built by 969 AD and holds many castles and mosques the features the masterful architecture design of the Ayubid, Mamluk and Ottoman dynasties.

Old Cairo Nightlife

During the daytime, Cairo offers countless number of monuments and ar

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Algeria's 2nd City Oran and Its Raï Music

 11071920861?profile=RESIZE_930xOguz Dikbakan


In the West these days, we rarely if ever spare a thought for North Africa's largest and second-most populous country, but as this blog has reported several times, Algeria is an underrated gem, from the history and culture of capital city Algiers to ecotourism to ancient Roman ruins to amazing ecotourism. The world was much more aware of it during the middle decades of the 20th century, though, thanks to the works of Paul Bowles and French Nobel-prize-winning writer Albert Camus

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