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7 of Austria´s Best Winter Resorts


by Felice Hardy

Did you know that you can ski in 274 countries - even including Hawaii and South Africa? The skiing countries of the world certainly do vary a lot, but if you're yearning for world-class winter sports outside cute, classic little chocolate-box villages with friendly family-run hotels and chalet-style architecture like the gingerbread house out of Hansel and Gretel - and perhaps cosy, gemütlich mountain eateries serving heart-warming comfort food - the Austrian Alps are yo

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Nestled amidst the Switzerland´s majestic Bernese Alps an hour´s drive from Bern and just under two from Zurich, this charming Alpine village with a permanent population of around 3,800 is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. With its breathtaking landscapes, exciting activities, and charming Swiss village ambiance, this destination offers an unforgettable experience. In this complete guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about Grindelwald-First.

The villag

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India may not immediately jump to mind when thinking of winter sports, but one of its northernmost states, Uttarakhand, at the foot of the Himalayas is known for its natural beauty and adventure opportunities, including skiing and snowboarding. Here are some of its top winter-sports destinations:



A tiny alpine town nestled in the Chamoli district about 13 kilometres from the city of Joshimath, this is ranked as India's top ski resort due to its well-maintained pistes at both low and high alt

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5 of the Best Places to Ski in Pennsylvania


The northeastern US stateof Pennsylvania is known for its diverse terrain, including forests, farmland, and perhaps most famously the rolling, beautiful Poconos mountains, with its lovely resorts and the state's best skiing. Here are my top five suggestions for the upcoming winter season: 


Blue Mountain Resort

Located in Palmerton, Blue Mountain is the best of the best ski spots in Pennsylvania. The resort offers the highest vertical peak and largest terrain of all of the ski areas in Pennsylvani

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9009083078?profile=originalphoto : DonLand

What, you say - skiing in New York? Well living there most of my life, I can tell you NY has some pretty good skiing. It's obviously hardly the Rockies or Alps, but it's pretty good.

New York’s climate gives us the perfect opportunity to ski and snowboard in various popular skiing destinations in the state, bounded by the snowy region of the Niagara frontier and its Southern Tier, the hilly, snowy areas near the border with Pennsylvania.

There are some wonderful ski resorts out

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About three hours north of Tokyo, via Japan Rail's Yamagata Shinkansen, is 
Zao Onsen in Yamagata prefecture, one of Japan's largest ski resorts. Here winter sports are king, thanks to the area's excellent powder conditions and wide range of courses covering a large area. However, what sets this ski resort apart from others in the world, are the  natural hot spring onsen baths and the mysterious, natural Juhyo or "Snow Monster" ice sculptures.


Because of Zao's unique weather conditions, trees be

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6 steps to plan your ultimate ski holiday


As with any holiday, a ski holiday involves an amount of planning that can seem overwhelming to the inexperienced. There’s a lot to consider and book including transport, accommodation, lift passes, gear hire and food. If you’re going with a large group this task gets even harder as you have to accommodate everyone’s needs and preferences. A pro-tip if you’re going with a group; hide in the background and get someone else to organise it all for you!


Unfortunately, latching onto a group and getti

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France's Top 6 Winter/Ski Resorts


by Felice Hardy

Why ski France? The resorts aren’t always the prettiest or most atmospheric compared to small postcard towns in Austria or Switzerland. But what France does have is a huge variety of skiing, ranging from some wide and gentle slopes around Courchevel to the rocky challenges of Chamonix.

This is also skiing at high altitude, which makes a handful of the French resorts some of the most snow-sure in the Alps. Val d’Isère, for example, has its new Snow Factory, which provides the mo

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My 4 Top Choices for My Europe Ski Trips in 2017


Europe has the ideal combination of tall mountains and lots of snow and that means it has plenty of great skiing destinations come winter.

Of course, you don’t want to waste your time hitting average ski resorts or slopes, we want the best there is. I will share my research on the top European ski resorts and what they offer. In preparation I went out and bought some new ski clothing and gear for the trip.

La Grave, France

If you want an ideal ski mountaineering location, you can’t do much better t

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6 Best Budget Ski Resorts in Europe


by Felice Hardy

Skiing in Italy
‘s fabulous Sella Ronda in the Dolomites recently, I was stunned by the low prices I found for food and drink. In cute little mountain restaurants I paid 1.10€ for coffee, 2€ for soft drinks, and 4€ for a pint (half a litre) of beer… and that’s just the drinks. I was bowled over by a 6.50€ bowl of soup and pasta for 8.50€. Quite a change from France’s Val d’Isère, where coffee ran anywhere from 2.90€ to 4€, soup (soup!) set me back 13€, and let’s not even talk ab

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9009017099?profile=originalThe Wildest Mountain Alive, a Mike Tierney painting that has been named the best representation of the spirit of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, captures the essence of this exciting winter resort, with its dollops of snow; peaks and steep walls; a 4,100-foot vertical; and mix of groomed and untamed terrain. My nephew won a Powder Magazine award for a riveting descent of the cliffs outside the resort boundaries and a month later he blew out his knee, but he still loves Jackson. My wife and I do, too.


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Winter Hot Spots When Visiting Down Under

While many feel Australia with its Barrier Reefs, Kangaroos and beaches is a great destination during the warm summer months, it also has a ton of great attractions and activities during the wintertime.

The “Land Down Under” experiences its winter between the months of June through August. During that time of year tourists from all over the world come to Australia for some incredible road trips.

One incredible place to visit during the winter is the Australia Outback center in heart of the steamin

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Incorporated in 1829, Waterville Valley is a New Hampshire village at the end of a winding scenic road just 15 miles off I-93, 2 hours from Boston surrounded by over 40,000 acres of White Mountain National Forest under a dramatic backdrop defined by 4000 foot mountain peaks.

You're as far as you want to be from anything resembling the hectic everyday world. The skies are dark enough at night to rediscover the constellations, a characteristic that served Curious George authors Margret and H.A. Rey

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JacksonXC-1024x768.jpg?width=491Here's a rule of thumb...just when you can no longer stand winter, skiing conditions are certain to be their best. Last minute powder dumps combined with melting crowds make for some of the season's top trail conditions.

In New Hampshire at Jackson Cross Country Ski Touring Center, it's a pretty safe bet you can count on this scenario until April. With an extensive network of trails totaling 93 miles (58 of which are groomed & double tracked daily), Jackson has the most extensive cross-country sk

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Spain Ski Resorts & Winter Sports


Spain has several superb ski resorts with outstanding slopes, excellent facilities and most importantly of all, really great snow. Here we’ll be taking you on a mini-tour of some of the best ski resorts in Spain – and there are quite a few to choose from – to help you make up your mind.


Granada is situated in eastern Andalusia in the Baetic System and at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The climate in this city is one of extremes: temperatures soar in

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With approximately 150 ski areas, suitable for all levels of the winter sports lovers, Switzerland has some of the best skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and sledging, not only in Europe – the country is undoubtedly at the center of the winter sports universe. The scenic beauty of the Swiss Alps, its perfect slopes and wide range of accommodation make this country a favorite among ski enthusiasts. For beginners, all Swiss resorts have high quality ski schools where you can just turn up and pay f

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Figuring out a way to get my kids to learn how to ski exhausted me.



It was mainly the tedious, multi-faceted preparation/research process that freaked me out, like deciding on a destination that was easily accessible from my home in northern New Jersey.  And choosing a resort that was appealing, well-reviewed, and as parent-friendly as it was kid-friendly.  And making sure that other activities were available to keep my 14 year-old son (Eddie) and 11 year-old daughter (Lee) occupied after their

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To be human is to live for adventure. Many of us will perhaps only visit a destination once in a lifetime. Others will go back to familiar places or seek out new dreams. Here are five adventures that you sure do not want to miss before you leave the planet. I picked five of my favorites: Playing a round of Golf in the birthplace of Golf at historic St. Andrews in Scotland, Scuba Diving in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea, Sky Diving over Moab in the U.S. state of Utah, River Rafting on Fu

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Ski in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a wonderful country which can offer to the visitor different types of tourism. From beach holidays, golf treats, spa breaks to ski and snowboard holidays. Winter season is in our door step, so ski lovers have to start looking for the best deals on-line. We are company offers holidays only in Bulgaria, we are determined to find most affordable places you can visit and enjoy your holiday without spending too much money, All hotels you can find are carefully selected to anyone expectati

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Tahoe Donner - Cross-Country Skiing Redux

I never thought I’d go cross-country skiing again, but I went this morning. I tried cross-country skiing years ago, not out of desire but because it was a story assignment for a Tahoe weekly paper I worked on. If I recall, I spent most of my time that day in the snow. Not on it. And my take on the whole idea of cross-country skiing? Tougher than downhill skiing. Painful. Not worth it. Not by a long shot.

For a downhill skier, which is how I identified myself at the time, wobbling along on skinn

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