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It is not often that a toilet and a tea ceremony form perfect metaphors for the culture of a country, but so it is in Japan.

The toilet falls into the realm of delightful personal discoveries – albeit all of them in the hotel bathroom of the Kyoto Park Hotel. First, a warm toilet seat along with musical options with a variety of buttons that cleaned more areas with water spray than I have nether region body parts, a portion of the large bathroom mirror that remained perfectly clear even after a

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Train Simulator Guestroom at Fairfield Marriott Sapporo

Tobu Railway, the operator of the simulator cab (short for cabin), and Tobu Ryokuchi, the operator of the Fairfield by Marriott Sapporo, have opened a train simulator guestroom! From January 28, 2022 through February 28, 2022, guests and hotel visitors were able try out the simulator for a modest price per group - one group per day, up to three persons per group, for up to three hours. A separate use plan for staying guests only launched o

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In Japan's Nikko and Kinugawa-onsen areas, 2 Hours North of Tokyo along the Tobu Railway Nikko and Kinugawa Lines, Special Moon-Viewing Festivities with Autumn Light-ups will be held from September to November.

There is a Japanese expression Aki no Yonaga, which literally means "long autumn night." This year, despite Covid-19, two popular, annual, celebratory light-up events, illuminating the autumn night, will be held in the Nikko-Kinugawa area, along Tobu Railway's Nikko and Kinugawa Lines.


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Kanazawa is the capital of Japan's Ishikawa Prefecture, along the Japan Seacoast. Because of its rich cultural history and preserved art and architecture, it is often called the Jewel of the Hokuriku - Central Honshu - region.

Historically, Kanazawa was the headquarters of the Kaga Domain during the Edo Period (1603-1868). The Kaga Domain was Japan’s second most powerful, after the Tokugawa Shogunate, located in Eastern Honshu. 

The Maeda Clan, headquartered in Kanazawa, were the Kaga Domain's feu

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Japan is an incredible land and the experience we had cannot be altered. The land of sushi and bonsai welcomed us with its arms wide open. The 7 days we spent in the country was nothing less than an adventure. The greatest was the experience was visiting places like natural gardens, to feeding deers, learning about the tradition, playing casino, and so much more.  We were able to get a good referral offer from nihonlinecasino.com and it made our time even more memorable due to the information pr

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Successful Japanese Inventions


Japan is not only a country of the rising sun, kimonos, and sushi. This is the home of over 120 million amazing people. The Japanese have always been famous for their culture. And their ingenuity and responsibility helped the country become one of the most developed in the world. We present to your attention the most successful Japanese inventions.

  • The smart use of water

Washbasins in Japan are installed in such a way that tap water escapes into the drain tank. Reuse of water without any treatment

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The Land of Rising Sun. is endlessly fascinating, with its bamboo forests, serene temples, neon arcades, futuristic skyscrapers, and exquisite cuisine, not to mention ultra-polite people. A fascinating mix of highly traditional and cutting-edge modern, it's on many travelers' bucket lists. But with so much too see, where should you head to make the most out of your visit?


If you were had just one day in Japan for a destination of your choice, make it Kyoto. Famed for being in many ways th

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In today’s world the sharing economy or collaborative consumption is changing the way we do business and we socialize with others.

Some experts believe that this new trend is the next generation of the internet, which provides the social context for a peer-to-peer connections. The sharing economy is a revolution of underutilized time, space, skills and resources.

Today anyone can be a tour guide a car rental agency, a professor, offer his home as a hotel or offer other services. People can save

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