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A Beautiful Bespoke Journey to Japan

1photo121.jpeg?comp=2&profile=RESIZE_710xPhotos: Linda Cooper

In Japan (or Nippon as the Japanese call it), broken objects are often repaired in gold, a practice known as Kintsugi.  As a philosophy, its flaw is seen as a unique piece of the object’s history, therefore celebrating its beauty rather than something to disguise. It’s this approach combined with a constant “nod” reflecting old and new blended so seamlessly into Japanese modern life that makes the Land of the Rising Sun one of the most travelworthy around the globe. 


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Bulgari - Library


Recently at the Castel Monastero, in the rolling hills of Tuscany’s Chianti region, the famed medieval, five-star one-of-a-kind hotel hosted a Bulgari art exhibit of famous actresses of the 50s and 60s. The famed Italian jewelry house, Bulgari has brought back a star-studded collection of esteemed precious stones worn by dynamic divas of the 50s and 60s. On screen goddesses who personified an era of elegance, style and taste. The Bulgari exhibit included photos of  Italian starlets Sophia Loren

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to join a group for a guided tour of the Pierre Cardin Museum, located in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Ouen. Organized by the Saint-Ouen tourist office, the visit represented an opportunity to take a peek into the world of high fashion.

The tour was given by Renée Taponier, who is not only conservator of the museum, but also the personal assistant of the great fashion designer himself. Her manner of presentation is informal and upbeat. Most importantly, she

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While the rest of the northern surfing world is gearing up for snowboarding for the winter, Costa Rica is heating up for the 2012-2013 summer season. Sunny days, blue skies and dry trade winds are soon headed our way … ideal for surf vacations!

Look your best and get the most stoke with the latest in surf fashion and gear. Check it out!

Cool board shorts by Quiksilver are perfect for Costa Rica's waves
First, Costa Rica is positioned at approximately 9 degrees north latitude. That means our water is warm – averaging 26-30 C (79-85 F) all the time! No neoprene we

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Drivers: Beware of Short Skirts and Bikini Tops

It’s summer.  So when  Insurance News, tells us that men get into more car accidents in the summer than any other time of year, you have to pay attention.
They get into more car crashes generally, but much more so in the summer, says Sheila’s Wheels, a British-based insurance company for women.

Because men are ogling women when they should be driving.
Summer brings out the short skirts, the low cut blouses and sexy bikini tops, and that apparent

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New Year's Eve packages!!!

Hi Fans!


Need a plan for New Year's Eve? Want to meet new people and have fun all night long!? We have 3 great packages in store for you!


-The first one includes a dinner party at Bond 45, a very nice restaurant near Times Square, where you get an open bar. After that, we goand see the Times Square Ball drop (we have a special spot reserved for us)without waiting in line to get a spot in the square. Then, we take a luxury busto the Marquee, one of the greatest night clubs in New York City. We ha

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by Samuel Cook


This past week, I took the opportunity to take my first real vacation since the summer of 2007. It is ironic that an executive of a travel company never gets to travel himself, but such is the reality of running a business - I have had to put my passion for traveling on the back burner as I have built a business around serving the needs of other travelers. My last vacation was a whirlwind trip around the United States to visit friends and family before I deployed on my secon
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