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Security concerns have been increasing around the world during the past decades, not only related to major terrorism in the skies (such as 9/11) or on land (such as the Mumbai Attack), but also related to personal safety concerns arising from a growing number of pickpocket and mugging incidents in tourist destinations everywhere. At the same time, the number as well as the value of items carried by many experienced travelers has continued to increase. Wearing a suitable travel vest and hidden ca

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While the rest of the northern surfing world is gearing up for snowboarding for the winter, Costa Rica is heating up for the 2012-2013 summer season. Sunny days, blue skies and dry trade winds are soon headed our way … ideal for surf vacations!

Look your best and get the most stoke with the latest in surf fashion and gear. Check it out!

Cool board shorts by Quiksilver are perfect for Costa Rica's waves
First, Costa Rica is positioned at approximately 9 degrees north latitude. That means our water is warm – averaging 26-30 C (79-85 F) all the time! No neoprene we

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