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Neck Pillows for the Ultimate Travel Comfort

Ever wondered what people are wearing around their necks as they wait for their plane, sitting in the lounge at the airports? What seems like a wide neck support is the very essential travel pillow. The comfort obtained from it, with the required rest in between of a long journey can make a journey seem less arduous.


What to buy?

A pillow can also be quite of a fashion accessory. Manufacturers make the pillows in every possible sizes, colors, shapes and features. The buyer’s responsibility remains

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Say Goodbye to Ear Buds When Traveling


I can't figure it out. The reality of having an endless stream of tunes via smart phone/iPod has been with us for years. Yet we cling to remarkably ubiquitous low tech ear buds. Reminds me of those build-your-own crystal radio set ear pieces I played around with as a kid. Tethered by wires, you can never seem to keep them comfortably planted in your ears. Way too high a price to pay for coolness at the expense of quality sound.

Bluetooth is finally making inroads with solid wireless sound via he

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Security concerns have been increasing around the world during the past decades, not only related to major terrorism in the skies (such as 9/11) or on land (such as the Mumbai Attack), but also related to personal safety concerns arising from a growing number of pickpocket and mugging incidents in tourist destinations everywhere. At the same time, the number as well as the value of items carried by many experienced travelers has continued to increase. Wearing a suitable travel vest and hidden ca

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Blowfish Soothes Travel Fatigue


I’m not much into excessive drinking anymore. The mornings after were just too punishing. But now my weakness is having a glass of wine or beer and then occasionally a snifter of cognac or whiskey as a night cap…which is a big no-no as well for avoiding hangover territory.

I’m always open to new ideas and remedies for easing the negative effects of alcohol consumption not only for this stated purpose but also for fighting similar symptoms associated with travel fatigue. Cutting through the foggy

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3 Innovative Travel Accessories


mujjo.jpg?width=171At first glance, it may seem that luggage tags, portable electronic device protectors, and smart phone stands don't warrant a spot on the latest must-have travel accessory list. But as travelers know, simpler is better and the devil is in the details. Is your smart phone protected from twisting and bumping? Is your neck pillow too bulky for stuffing in your carry-on? Can you quickly identify your luggage at baggage claim or are you one of the stragglers staring at the rotating sea of Samsonite

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Before you plan to visit ny trip in Himalayas please check the general equipment for your comfort holiday as given below,


Equipment List:


Head:                                                                   Accessories:

-Sun hat                                                               -Headlamp & spare batteries

-Fleece/Wool hat (to cover ears)                         -Hand touch & spare batteries

-Sunglasses & reading glasses                           -Dry packs

-Scarf to cover face (dus

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This is something I wrote for The Travel Doc:

 While traveling cross-country a few times last year, I experienced something I suspect that a lot of travelers out there can relate to. All of the travel pillows I tried were more uncomfortable than not wearing one at all.

I tried numerous travel pillows, and more often than not, I would arrive tired and with a sore neck that would last for hours or even days. My head and neck just weren’t being supported properly.

A little research helped me iden

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Hot New Travel Gadgets

The CES - Consumer Electronic Show - was held about two weeks ago in Las Vegas, Nevada and our friends from BudgetTravel visited with the only intention to find the coolest and newest travel gadgets. They came up with a list of ten very useful pieces of electronic devices created with the traveler in mind. From foldable tablets to jawbones and backpackes, these are some of the items they found, and of course we have our own gadget to add. ;)

The Sony P

This new foldable tablet will be ready to com

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9008668100?profile=originalThe popularity of family travel has caused parents, grandparents, and toy manufacturers to come up with creative ways to keep kids entertained and engaged en route to their destination.

One of the best ideas I’ve seen yet is the Trunki – a durable plastic suitcase that pre-schoolers can pack, ride-on, and pull along behind them.

Made by Melissa & Doug, the educational toy company, the Trunki comes in a variety of bright kid-friendly colors. My favorite is the red one that looks like a lady bug

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Picking the Best Travel Gadgets 2011

Writing the blog for one of the biggest online adventure travel companies is a great job. But when it comes to deciding the Top Travel Gadgets of 2011 and narrowing the contenders down to just ten, it wasn't easy!


As backpackers, travellers, and wanderers, we look for qualities not found in regular products. Durability, survivability, reliability and adaptability are just a few of the 'abilities' I considered.

In the end, I managed to mix some obvious big hitters with more obscure innovators in a

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Guard Your Goodies When You Travel


Smart travelers pack carefully for their vacations and take everything they need to stay healthy, and it's equally important to safeguard those items while you're on the road.

One precaution is to divide prescription meds and other critical health care supplies and carry them in two different places, such as a handbag and a carry-on suitcase (but never in checked luggage).

I also recommend using a travel lock to secure small items such as a purse, briefcase, or totebag to something large and awkw

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A Woman's Travel Necessity

With the cost of checked baggage being outrageous, a pashmina is a must to bring with you on a trip, even if you're going someplace hot. A pashmina has numerous uses, yet weigh almost nothing.

  • They look great just tied around your neck and shoulders, dressing up a very simple outfit.
  • Avoid those nasty blankets on the plane and cover up with your pashmina.
  • Impromptu picnic or beach blanket
  • Emergency towel
  • Roll it up for a neck pillow
  • Cover up a hotel window that doesn't have a curtain.
  • Smog or smoke mak
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