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The travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors have experienced tremendous change in the current digital era, with technology being a key factor in improving consumer satisfaction and optimizing business processes. But the advantages of digital innovation also bring with them new difficulties, especially in the area of cybersecurity. These industries' firms are more susceptible to cyber risks including Ransomware attacks, phishing scams, and data breaches since they depend more on digital platform

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Travel agents are essential in today's dynamic and linked world for ensuring seamless travel experiences for both people and organizations,  including solo travel. The tourism business does, however, have its fair share of dangers and difficulties. In order to ensure the security, safety, and general effectiveness of travel operations, this article examines the relevance of risk management in travel firms. Travel companies may safeguard their clients' interests while also improving their reputat

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The multiple recent terrorist attacks in diverse places such as London, Istanbul, San Bernardino, Sharm El-Sheikh, and Tel Aviv, along with the major tourism threats in others like Ankara, Brussels, Munich, and New York City, ought to serve as a warning to the tourism industry that it is entering into a new and dangerous age.  

In the past, most tourism centers assumed that either they would not be targets of a terrorism attack or that the attack would be against a highly specific and well-k

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Protecting Tourism 'Soft Targets'

With the onset of the summer travel season in much of the world June is a good time to ask ourselves how well we are protecting our tourism sites.  Airlines and other forms of transportation have the advantage that they received government security.  Most other forms of tourism, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and major attractions such as theme parks receive little or no government security or protection.  In most cases, the tourism industry can depend on no one but itself.


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The tragic recent school shootings in the US have underlined once again the fact that too many people see police departments and other forms of security as adding nothing to the bottom line.  For example, from the perspective of too many tourism professionals, security people, be they public or private, are a necessary expense.  These tourism professionals often express the opinion that security agents do nothing to promote the locale and o

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Your bags are ready, items on your travel check list are all crossed off, and you're thinking: "If I forgot something, I won't miss it."

I hate to introduce doubt into your well laid plans but did you consider identity theft? These days it's not just pickpockets or online hackers you have to worry about. Thieves equipped with scanners are lying in wait for your most vulnerable moments.

RFID Theft

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), embedded in all U.S. passports issued after 2006 and now in most

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Security concerns have been increasing around the world during the past decades, not only related to major terrorism in the skies (such as 9/11) or on land (such as the Mumbai Attack), but also related to personal safety concerns arising from a growing number of pickpocket and mugging incidents in tourist destinations everywhere. At the same time, the number as well as the value of items carried by many experienced travelers has continued to increase. Wearing a suitable travel vest and hidden ca

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Traveling Safely in a Turbulent World

The year 2013 may be known as a year of travel insecurity. From airline crashes to cruise ships, international events and alerts around the world, along with terrorism threats should serve to remind all of us, that travel is never without risks.  Although no one can guarantee total safety, and the tourism industry continually works to improve its security, there is and there will always be an element of risk.  Furthermore, no matter how much security is provided, it is still the traveler's perso

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Security tips for caravan holidays

If you are planning on taking a caravanning holiday at some point, you may have some concerns about security. Obviously, when you are towing a caravan, you effectively have your accommodation attached to the back of your car and this can make some people feel a little uneasy.

Use your logic

Just because caravans may be tempting to thieves, you shouldn't automatically think yours is going to be stolen. If you think logically, there are lots of simple things you can do to ensure your caravan doesn't

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Costa Rica Strengthens Its Tourist Police

Tourism is big business in Costa Rica. Over the past 25 years, tourism has been the fastest growing economic sector in the country. Keeping tourists safe and informed while visiting Costa Rica is a vital commitment by the country’s government and national tourism organizations.

Costa Rican authorities have recently agreed to invest 350 million colones (approximately $700,000 USD) to strengthen the country’s tourist police force. The Ministry of Public Security and the Costa Rican Tourism Board (I

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I arrived in Cusco the day before the US embassy website posted the kidnapping advisory for US citizens in Cusco & Machu Picchu.

I spent the next week walking around the city of Cusco, often alone, and went to the village of Ollantaytambo for a hike to unknown ruins. 

I made a short video of my observations while in Cusco that I hope will address some of these questions . . .

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Tourism Security as a Marketing Tool

Tourism security professionals and managers often (and justly) complain that they are considered expendable due to the fact that the other parts of the tourism industry perceive them as adding nothing to the bottom line.  In fact often tourism officials believe that security is simply and added and required expense that must be accepted, be that expense a burden. This month's Tourism Tidbits focuses on the other side of the coin, and emphasizes that not only is tourism security not simply a nece

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May 2012

International Tourism Month and Tourism Security & Safety

The city of Las Vegas will hold its 19th conference on tourism security and safety during the month of May.  The choice of this month is not an accident as May is the international month for tourism, and the first rule of good hospitality is taking care of our guests.  All too often tourism professionals see themselves as marketers rather than hosts.  Realty is different however.  Visitors eventual

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What NOT to Do If Your Cruise Ship Is Sinking


Ray attending a lifeboat drill
Last Sunday night the Costa Concordia sank off the coast of the island of Giglio, enroute to Civitavecchia, a port I had visited many times working for Princess Cruises. I would like to say that in all my years at sea I never encountered a captain like Francesco Schettino. I considered all the captains kings of their ship, they were all very professional, attentive and if I have to admit it, a little bit scary.
While normally I am not one to comment on ship safety t
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Since medieval times, Egypt has always been a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world. The good weather, the many beaches of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and the diversity of monuments that the land of the pharos hosts always attracted travelers from different regions to come and visit Egypt.



However, with all the political events that started with the people's revolution against the government on the 25th of January 2011, and with many countries placing warnings to

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I have not had one “incident” in 35 years.       

This is a question I am often asked.

Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world. Fact. I really mean safe and that covers kids, young adults, single women, the elderly and just your average person.

We have in excess of 25,000 Police Officers in Hong Kong and they are very visible on our streets, they are competent and professional and the vast majority can communicate easily in English.

9008626485?profile=originalOne of the reasons why we would never leave Hong Kong i
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Is It Safe to Travel to Greece?

In the face of protests over the looming austerity bill that has been deemed "harsh" and "ineffective" by Greek citizens, many travelers are asking themselves whether it is safe to travel to Greece. And while some are deciding the answer is “no”, even more are going ahead with their travel plans. Indeed, Thomas Cook reported last week that summer bookings for Greece are 13% higher than a year ago. photo
(click to enlarge)

There is no pretending that the images and video footage coming out of Athens righ
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9008623078?profile=originalPlayground Safety on The Road This Summer

Summer time and the traveling’s easy.

And as any traveling family will do, at some point in their journey they’ll just opt to forget the big sights for the day, and  play in a playground.

If they don’t, they should.

Hanging out in playground is a great way to get to know the locals, the scenery and just enjoy each other as a family.

Often I found that a few hours relaxing and picnicking at a playground were more valuable to my family travels than time at a
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Guard Your Goodies When You Travel


Smart travelers pack carefully for their vacations and take everything they need to stay healthy, and it's equally important to safeguard those items while you're on the road.

One precaution is to divide prescription meds and other critical health care supplies and carry them in two different places, such as a handbag and a carry-on suitcase (but never in checked luggage).

I also recommend using a travel lock to secure small items such as a purse, briefcase, or totebag to something large and awkw

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Summertime and the living may be easy, but summertime is also prime time for identity theft, says security expert, Alan Wlasuk. He’s managing partner of 403 Web Security  a company committed to evaluating and eliminating website security risks.

Likely 140 million Americans will travel this summer, and Wlasuk’s company says while you’re away, thieves are on the prowl for personal information on unsecured wireless networks, at the gas pump, at hotels or in your mailbox.

Can’t happen to you? Thi

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