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Imagine planning a vacation by telling your smartphone, "I want to take a four-day trip to Los Angeles in June" and having it spit out a perfect itinerary. That future might not quite be here yet – but with the power of AI and software like ChatGPT, (GPT being short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer), a big step in that direction has definitely been indeed taken.

Hassle-Free Planning

ChatGPT, the two-year-old marquis product of San Francisco-based OpenAI, can analyze and

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Travel agents are essential in today's dynamic and linked world for ensuring seamless travel experiences for both people and organizations,  including solo travel. The tourism business does, however, have its fair share of dangers and difficulties. In order to ensure the security, safety, and general effectiveness of travel operations, this article examines the relevance of risk management in travel firms. Travel companies may safeguard their clients' interests while also improving their reputat

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Take Your Airline Business Mobile

There are currently mobile Apps for just about anything with new apps being developed every day! Take a good look around and chances are you will see someone looking at their Smartphone checking their email, Facebook page or sending a text. Today's handheld devices have become an integral part of today's culture as mobile phone use is now much higher than personal computers and more people are using Mobile Apps. Many people are addicted to their handheld devices and constantly check their device

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9008734686?profile=originalDid you know that booking a cruise with a cruise expert could save you time and money? I recently worked with Jamie Erdman and learned a lot about cruises from a real expert.

Jamie is the Brand Manager of, a website dedicated to cruise travel. She shared her knowledge and tips and told me that there's a cruise line and a cruise ship to suit almost everyone’s taste and budget. She also said that many travelers miss out on the best deals because they don’t utilize the services

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Consider the following:


>> Small companies operate the majority of business aircraft. Most companies with business aircraft have fewer than 500 employees.

>> Business aircraft users have a major presence in the business world. On average 92% are amongst the most innovative

>> Charter operators and general aviation serve over 5,000 airports in the USA. Commercial carriers serve about 400 which number is declining fast!

>> The business traveler saves up to three weeks per year by avoiding long lines

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There are, of course, various travel insurance companies out there. How as a travel agent can you best find a reputable provider and reassure your clients that the insurance they're purchasing is legitimate and that the insurance provider can meet its obligations to them? For any agent, knowing the answers to the questions below is a way to make absolutely sure they are working with the right kind of insurer.


9008639488?profile=originalHave you asked a few questions about the travel insurance provider?

Is the insurer licen

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Given Priceline's recent purchase of Kayak for $1.8 billion in a cash-and-stock deal, the question is either completely relevant or incredibly irrelevant.

But it's a fascinating question, and was bold enough to ask it.

Their disclaimer was that the question was probably "nonsensical," but their point is that Online Travel Agents (OTA), like the giants mentioned above, are under attack by airlines, hotels and car rental companies who simply don't want to share their booking rev

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Today’s travel agent is more akin to an advisor or consultant than the booking agent of the past.

Makes sense.

If you wanted to travel say to the mountain village of Chefchaouen, Morocco, in the Riff Mountains (enjoy the blue houses and weavers), then wanted to spend a few nights in Tunisia’s Sidi Bou Saidbefore heading for some Sahara Desert camping, which online sites would you use?

Probably none.

The smart thing would be to visit a travel agent with in-depth North African experience.

Are there any

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No, The Travel Agent is Not Dead


Reports to the contrary, the travel agent is alive and well.

A couple of blocks from where I live is a a storefront travel agency. Been there for quite a while, as long as I can remember, anyway.

The space is crammed with brochures, books, all kinds of magazines and old posters. It’s almost always full of people. Some come and sit on the uneven naugahyde chairs and chat with the owner and each other.
Others are actual paying customers booking one kind of trip or another.

Business gets done amid

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"I’ve been in the industry 20 years and used to be an agent. If someone with a disability came in, we used to run a mile," Wendy Takman TTGLive March 12th 2009

Now a training consultant for Good Access Guide, which provides access and disability-related training, marketing and consultancy services to the leisure and hospitality industry, Takman says little improvement has been made since she was selling holidays.

"It’s a sector that’s neglected across the board. There’s still a lack of training an

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India Travel Agents


It is not just geography or history. It is not only a nation, country or just part of the land. India has something more: It's a country with ineffable shades of colors, scents, subtle forms, vast geography & diversity of languages. Beautiful nature, ancient art, rich traditions and religious teachings. It's a metaphor, a poetry, something concealed yet can be touched and felt.

Religion & Culture

It is the only country in the world, where ancient cultural and religious traditions are still be

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To most, “travel agent” means the company on the corner with a couple of big glass windows, lots of fading brochures lying around and inside, a faint whiff of yesterday.

But the term “Travel Agent” also refers to giants like Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Thomas Cook, AAA and lots of others, referred to as OTA, or Online Travel Agents.

And while a recent survey by econsultancy, a digital marketing company, confirmed that 85% of travelers use the web or the Internet to research and book vacations, t
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Travel agents luck out

A new and exciting program has been launched by Timeshare Hot List to ease the work load of travel agents! When travel agents become an affiliate with Timeshare Hot List they will receive a complementary travel voucher of their choice, which may be worth up to $2,500 in value!

Timeshare Hot List has put a tremendous amount of time and thought into its clients and would like to do the same for yours. When you refer a client the company pays a 10% referral fee to all travel agents once the transact

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Meeting all the bloggers at the show and making so many connections made the time at the show worthwhile. Although my post did not win, it was fun to do it. Since it was a duplicate, I wanted to stop having it compete with post here and deleted it here and left it on my website

I will add unique post to this site in the future. Having never gone to a Travel Show before this was very exciting and busy gathering information and listening
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These allow clients currently traveling to include their comments on a travel agent's social media site, letting the agent know right away what is happening. This has a number of benefits that allow the travel agent to:

• Make any changes needed if it's a negative comment..
• Send the message to all viewers about the great experience the customer had if it's positive.

• Better know what their customers want.
An agent can improve customer service immediately and come out ahead of competitors who
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